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Trump’s Syria Attack Trampled Many Laws


Trump’s Syria Attack Trampled Many Laws

Marjorie Cohn

With 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles, each armed with over 1,000 pounds of explosives, Donald Trump went from scoundrel-in-chief to national hero, virtually overnight. The corporate media, the neoconservatives and most of Congress hailed Trump as strong and presidential for lobbing bombs into Syria, reportedly killing seven civilians and wounding nine.

“The instant elevation of Trump into a serious and respected war leader was palpable,” wrote Glenn Greenwald. This sends Trump a frightening message: bombing makes you popular.


Well it looks like those who want Trump impeached have a golden opportunity here? Laws have been broken.

Only one problem. Many of those who are clamoring for impeachment are also very much pro-war.

What's a Democrat to do?


Please when referring to media call them what they are "corporate media" the owners our on the boards of many conglomerate corporation and vise versa. Their income depends on these corporate corrupt conglomerate spend big bucks with all of them. They are one.


This was just a Trump wag the dog and he knew despite the hang wringing amongst the 50% nothing would come of it, and nothing will. Watch the American public get dragged into another Iraq in Syria by buying into the excuse that al-Assad has been a naughty boy and he needs to be punished just like Hussein before they bring democracy to Syria. Why would you believe such obvious ignorant drivel? Because for whatever your particular hateful reason, you want to

"What's a Democrat to do?" Well for starters, half of them could have been bothered to vote in the last election instead of sitting on their thumbs letting the rest of us do the work.


The United States has always thumbed its nose at the UN and previously at the League of Nations. Any efforts to sanction the administration for illegal unilateral aggression against a sovereign nation not directly threatening us will be jeered at, because we have the bigliest baddest bunch of guns and macho men in the world. So Trump will get away with it while people wring their hands.


Trumps action in Syria clearly illegal, even if he had obtained senate approval.
His action was motivated, incredible as it may seem, to silence domestic criticism on a number of fronts such as " soft on Putin".
I am truly fearful of what Trump will do next, I hope to CHRIST that Putin stays cool and realises he is dealing with a child.


That is true Marjorie, but this popularity with his political enemies will be fleeting.
There is absolute outrage in his political support base at this action which, I suspect, has possibly already doomed him to be a one termer, (if he survives that long. )


This is a good article. I cringe when a writer speaks in opposites; incorporating satire into a serious subject. The example here is 'like a true humanitarian'. My concern is that those whose primary language is not English, or are otherwise not accustomed to the use of speaking in opposites, may be confused by it. In some instances they may interpret the meaning literally. It's not a problem here, but can be, sometimes. There are many of us, in the USA, [particularly progressives, independents, & those who are not party hardliners like neoconservative or neoliberal] who abhor such foreign policy as that conducted by our new commander in chief. We want to know what we can do to improve international diplomacy & adherence to treaty & council. Many feel helpless in the wake of overwhelming overturn of our own treaties, environmental regulatory standards, safety concerns in infrastructure, rights to education & healthcare; as well as interracial relations. We are, however, still working hard, volunteering our time to amend these trying situations. We want the citizens of other countries to know that we wish for peace & cooperative collaboration with them. Many think it absurd that our mainstream media outlets are so repetitive with lies. I do not think Russians interfered with our election; & if anything, this country has meddled with theirs, in the past. We should not have contributed to suffering in Syria. We must not be supportive of oppressive regimes. [Israel & Saudi Arabia come to mind] Our leader should not be threatening those of other countries. We will not re~elect him. His support base knows they have been lied to; & the 1 per cent who condone such policies are not enough to do so. We are replacing a number of politicians by 2018; & the electoral process will be much more closely scrutinized, because many people are becoming informed of its problems & stand ready to implement control over every aspect of the process. As an ex~Democrat who leans toward the Green Party; I have promoted Senator Bernie Sanders for the office of president from the start. Now, still an avid fan, I am an editor of news in a large online group of his followers. I also promote Tulsi Gabbard because she is a practical & insightful senator who is an activist for so many of the causes we hold dear; including indigenous peoples & the country of Syria. Although a military veteran medic, she proclaims truth & peaceable relations, with appropriate diplomacy.