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Trump’s Tax Plan: A Billion or Three for Guys Like Him


Trump’s Tax Plan: A Billion or Three for Guys Like Him

Bob Lord

What’s the largest personal stake a U.S. president has ever had in legislation he signed into law? Whatever it was, it’ll be dwarfed by what Donald Trump’s signature will be worth — to himself — if Congress passes his proposed tax plan and puts it on his desk.

If that happens, Trump will be effectively cutting himself a check from the U.S. Treasury for several billion dollars.


In layman’s terms for everybody including all you Trump voters:

Trump is cutting his taxes so the you can pay more.


1922, 1954 and 1986 tax “reform” all resulted in the 99% paying more tax while cutting taxes for the 1%. Why would Trump’s tax “reform” be any different ?


Well, Trump did say, or rather brag, throughout his presidential campaign that “he understands business” and could turn the U.S. economy around because of his experience and knowledge. He just didn’t bother telling voters that his “business acumen” also included taking advantage of every tax break, every tax shelter, and every loophole available to more or less cheat the IRA!


Actually that’s not true. I distinctly remember him, I think it was during one of those “debates,” saying something to the effect that only stupid people pay taxes. Meaning of course that he was not stupid, paid as little tax as he could get away with, and by the way that he was and is, and will always be - the greatest.