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Trump’s Tax Plan Is a Confidence Scam


Trump’s Tax Plan Is a Confidence Scam

Robert Borosage

Donald Trump traveled to Springfield, Missouri to kick off the administration’s next big initiative: cutting taxes. Here was the essential Trump, the confidence man, peddling a plan that does not yet exist on paper. Populist bluster was deployed to cover for what will be a one-percenter’s elixir.

Each of the four principles Trump claims will inform what he calls “tax reform” is actually mocked in the plans the administration is cooking up behind closed doors.


We should call 45 “Conald” from now on.


Every measure available to the masses to change this pattern that has been ongoing for thirty seven years has gradually been taken away.

Your vote means next to nothing- thanks to redistricting and stringent voting laws. The choices available on the ballot belong exclusively to the same oligarchy.
Your money means nothing thanks to Inflation being disguised by new obfuscation techniques in representing economic data.
Your ability to protest is being removed by violence from a combination of pro fascist cops and pro fascist counter protestors.

There is very little I feel we can do.

Money has to be reintroduced to being a true representation of our social contract.

Otherwise, uhm sure - Taxes and other monetary devices out of your control, and in imagination of the 1% can be used to beat you down.


Trump is the (ahem) man who, as Harvey (and I’m not talking wabbits - though Shakespeare himself queried ’ whats in a name’ …) approached, appoints Kirstjen Neilson, who failed to prepare for Katrina, deputy chief of staff.

from the Intercept:
“Nielsen is known in the Beltway for her close relationship with Kelly; a Washington Post story recently stated that administration officials “usually work through Nielsen, and she funnels information to Kelly, who decides what to show the president.” Less known, however, is her history as a key figure singled out by two 2006 congressional reports highlighting members of former President George W. Bush’s administration who were warned about Hurricane Katrina and failed to act.”
“Nielsen, like many Bush homeland security officials, ended up in the for-profit security industry — in Nielsen’s case, at a company called Civitas Group LLC. Civitas, which describes itself as a “strategic advisory and investment firm serving the homeland and national security markets,” was founded by Republican lobbyist Charles Black and Samuel Berger, a former national security adviser to former President Bill Clinton.”


Here we go again with the 2 step trickle down economic plan that gave us massive inequality and eliminated the great middle class. They sell the idea by telling people the money will “trickle down” to us. Since it has NEVER trickled down there must be a problem with that step. Why don’t we skip the 1st step (lowering corporate taxes so the “people” will get the benefits) and go right to Step 2. Take the money from corporate tax cuts and give workers the money DIRECTLY. We will then consume the products and services of the corporations and the money is back in their hands. This way both groups win. We can call it Reverse Trickle Down or Trickle Up.


“… homeland and national security markets,”-----Think about this for a moment. Our “homeland security” and our “national security” are “markets” in which a for-profit security industry
and its investors makes profits off of your tax money while ostensibly making us “secure”. What a load of crap! What a den of thieves is the D.C. in-crowd!
Lets ask the people in SE Texas how secure they feel right now. In spite of the trillions spent over the last 16 years for so-called “security”, are we really any more secure? Have we done much of anything except to further enrich already rich parasites.

“Security”, be it “Homeland” or “National”, is essentially now a convenient catch-all term used to dress up schemes to fool us and steal from us. It’s hardly ever questioned. The same goes for “jobs” and “job creators”, which sounds good to a lot of people. Unfortunately the “J-word” seems to always really mean tax breaks for the wealthy, and/or deregulation of safety, environmental protection, or any other impediment to corporate profit. It is never good for jobs, people or the planet (see Houston).


It certainly is a con, but so are all the other plans in circulation promoted by any and every politician.
I can’t say how wilful it is but they all sing from the same song sheet. Trump did momentarily break ranks when he admitted the Fed can never run out of money. The Fed has this unique ability to not be able to go bankrupt without Congress deliberately making it law.

Then all this rubbish over taxes is also a con. Federal taxes are not used to supply revenue for spending. Tax has many uses but providing revenue is not one of them. Whatever debts the government causes can be paid for by the Fed simply adding numbers in accounts held in the Federal reserve. Ben Bernanke has admitted it so some are aware of this fact. The huge GFC bailout was done without using a single taxpayer penny. Did we notice? Will we notice when the Fed hands out cash to the flood ravaged peoples in Texas? They will not be using taxes to fund it. They never do.

It’s time to start undoing the incredible damage being done to people by all these lies. The author is as ignorant as the rest. He cannot contribute by repeating the nostrums that politicians use about the economy!