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Trump’s Tax Plan Is An Act Of Political Domination By The Rich


Trump’s Tax Plan Is An Act Of Political Domination By The Rich

We can have a political system that respects its citizens as political equals, or we can have a society dominated by the arbitrary interests of unaccountable wealth. Trump, like Obama before him, has chosen the latter.
Zach Carter, Huff Post

But at least we don’t have to pretend it isn’t.


Well, the social constructions of wealth and deservedness go back to our barbarian roots. As long as the poor scramble to get higher by pushing their fellows down, and material goods are the altar at which they worship, those who have accumulated the most will always be the dominant group. Seems to be difficult to understand the power of community and sharing, at least to those steeped in western European culture and ideologies. Moral reciprocity? Whazzat!?


Great line in a great article!


The arguments laid out in this article bring to mind the reason the guillotine was so popular in late 18th century France. Hm?!


The list of DC politicians’ actions during the past three decades that were NOT “an act of political domination by the rich” would easily fit on the back of a napkin, and all of those actions addressed social issues, costing the 1% nothing.


The beneficiaries of these tax cuts will flood the media with their mouthpieces which claim entitlements are responsible for the federal budget deficit. Only Bernie Sanders will challenge this and be characterized as a pie in the sky radical leftist.


Political domination via financial usury/slavery of the 99% along with among other atrocities including corporate personhood and money equals free speech!


“The oldest exercise in moral philosophy is the search for a justification for greed.”
—John Kenneth Galbraith


Not on a napkin, but a postage stamp.


I’ve been waiting for Ivanka to tell the unwashed masses to “eat cake!”


The author of this article is a smart man – he realizes (as I have for more than a year now) that Obama and his actions as president are a big part of the reason we now have the prictator-retard/dotard.