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Trump’s Tear-Gassing of Migrants Is the Next Step in a Cruel Dehumanization Campaign

Trump’s Tear-Gassing of Migrants Is the Next Step in a Cruel Dehumanization Campaign

Sonali Kolhatkar

The Trump administration’s use of tear gas at the U.S. border with Mexico over the weekend has rightfully generated outrage.

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That mother, dragging her two young daughters away from the gas is truly a horrifying picture.

If allowed to continue, when will Trump replace the Tear Gas with something poisonous?

This criminal elite must be stopped.

He’s been given the keys to our kingdom.

Hell, is the only kingdom he deserves a place in.

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We knew these people were coming. As a matter of fact it suspected some time ago. Our border patrol are housed, well clothed, well feed, and sheltered, but even with advance knowledge we didn’t set up a temporary refugee facility (camp). Could be jointly funded by the U.S. and Mexico. Great again my ass.

The USA has been creating its own Gaza Strip since the days of Reagan. We’ve been destabilizing nations all over central and South America, creating a permanent class of refugees that wander the countryside looking for safe haven somewhere, any where, from the fascist death squads and their proxy drug gangs and cartels.
I fear the US/Mexico border area is being turned into a sprawling no man’s land where Hispanic “untouchables” will become a refugee community that will rival any in world. And from that squalid landscape will spring all manner of organized crime and violent gangs, and thus become the self fulfilling prophesy of the USA being flooded with violent young Hispanics looking for a little pay back.
Isreal has been creating enemies in Gaza and the West Bank for decades, all in an effort to keep their military industrial complex in control of their fearful nation. It seems we have been running the same playbook. And with the USA deciding to turn inward we must make sure that their will always be enemies at the gate in order to justify the new American police state.


Considering his helping Mitch fast track young right wing judicial appointments and supporting the border wall Chuck Schumer’s middle name is Vichy.

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I was horrified by that picture as well. What sort of woman would subject her own children to that level of danger? As despicable as the Rape Ape in Chief and his minions are there is a huge need for everybody to think and act like Spock, not McCoy. Fortunately, according to breaking reports, many of the caravan members have abandoned their ludicrous plans and are returning to where they belong. Hopefully a cooling off period will allow cooler heads to prevail.

The real horror for those of us who were not participants in this inexcusable attack against innocent, unarmed, and families is that some imbeciles actually followed the orders to use the tear gas on these poor souls. Those individuals ARE criminals for following such a order and should be prosecuted individually to fullest extent possible under what remains of law in the former USA.

Perhaps it is time we bring back shunning on a more universal level and make the foot soldiers of the elite pay the price for being weak, malicious, and conscience free tools of our oppressors.

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As someone that has lived and worked in Mexico, I can tell you the average person has no conception of the abject poverty and fear that this Mother and her children have been subjected to! And while subjecting her children to tear gas was not right, it is nothing compared to their future suffering by leaving them in Mexico. Besides, I doubt that she had much choice and probably was surprised.

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The greater question is, “what sort of head of state would subject innocent women and children to the sort of treatment that the migrants are facing at the U.S. border?”