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Trump’s Terrifying Pitch: It Was Better Than You Think


Trump’s Terrifying Pitch: It Was Better Than You Think

Richard Eskow

The Gettysburg address, it wasn’t. Donald Trump’s acceptance speech clocked in at one hour and 15 minutes, and that’s not counting the time dilation effect demagoguery can produce in some observers.

Lincoln’s speech lasted less than two minutes.


"That’s Demagoguery 101: Terrify, then reassure. Threaten people with destruction, then reassure them with the warm embrace of your fatherly arms. "

Yep. Terrify then reassure. Kinda like: "Jesus Christ, Trump's gonna kill us all!-----unless you vote for Clinton!"

Yeah, that sounds like a reasonable definition of demagoguery.


The Trump campaign rhetoric will resonate with many Americans; it hit many buttons directed toward the average guy and gal regardless whether he/they mean any of it - absent specific proposals on how exactly, it's all BS anyway. "Down-ticket" R'Cons will be dragged along, and are a great threat, supporting/representing the fascist extremism exemplified by Herr Giuliani and FB Christie.

The DLC corporate whore establishment Dems have chosen their (and our!) path and it is a very dangerous one, with defeat a very real potential - Clinton is hated and despised for her lack of integrity, manner and official record. The refusal to really give to the progressive Dem base and support their/our issues while openly catering to banker/corporate big-money, war-machine/conflict-as-policy interests is alienating younger voters, making independents sick, as well as many older voters not in thrall to "Dems" as a brand - they see how corrupt the party has become under Clinton I, Obama, & Clinton II, and who it/they serve, and its NOT the average guy and gal!

Arrogance and corruption and pathological hubris can easily hand this pathetic "election" charade, the presidency and down-ticket R'Con candidates, to the Trump camp.

Bernie and Jill should have gotten together to forge an alliance and winning alternative to the Tweedle Dee - Tweedle Dumb criminal/clown show.................

http://www.jill2016.com/press_releases - Jill Stein press releases


Eskow sez: "'You Can’t Always Get What You Want'? Of all the songs the Rolling Stones ever recorded, why pick that one? Maybe 'Under My Thumb' wasn’t available."

Can't You Hear Me Knocking also seems apropos in this context.


Demagoguery? Maybe, but it sounded like a good, old-fashioned fire and brimstone Christian sermon to me. Scare the shit out of people and then offer them salvation. Age-old formula. Works every time.


"(The space between the “Yes, we can” of Obama’s 2008 supporters and the “Yes, you will” of Trump’s followers is, arguably, the distance between democracy and authoritarianism.)"

Good point. But lets give credit for "Yes, we can" (an English/translation/rephrasing of "Si, se puede") to its original author - Cesar Chavez and the UFWA.

Which brings up another thing - for all his crocodile tears for the US worker, where was Trump's mention of unions and the crushing of their right to organize?


In the event of a Trump presidency, his supporters will, in many ways, be disappointed. The "corporations" lining up behind Hillary are the banks on Wall Street. He won't touch them. Where do we think he keeps his money, some little Federal Savings in Hometown, USA? The trade deals, he won't touch them. That would be attacking the entwined Wall Street interests. Foreign wars? Sorry but the empire is on the march and won't stop until it gets all the Russian oil, gas, titanium mines, all the oil in the South China Sea. all the resources in Africa, etc. and turns them into investment tranches to be sold on Wall Street. Bring back good manufacturing jobs? It just is never going to happen (we could actually do some of that with a massive program focused on renewable energy but not in a Trump administration). Trump will no doubt try to dispose of the minimum wage making some of his core constituents even poorer.
All this is just talk and if Trump doesn't already know it, after the election, he'll be pulled into a room with the big guys in the club and told he can make some cosmetic changes but that's all or he will be JFK'ed.
Some Trump supporters will be happy with his domestic program which will be to let the mobs lynch some Muslim women for their practice of hijab and letting the police go all out on shooting black men. Then just like the blowback in Dallas and Baton Rouge, things will spiral out of control.
Don't take Trump seriously about anything but his bigotry and narcissism. He is a greedy cartoonish Mussolini nothing more.



I found Trumps strange facial expressions, glowering at the audience, and bizarre poses throughout the speech to be the most frightening aspect of the guy. What was that strange turning 90 degrees and silently standing in profile-view at the podium for nearly a full minute (just before Medea Benjamin's protest action) about?

Yes, for the first time, I am genuinely frightened, rather than just disgusted, by a politician.


Is the correct term ‘swinish’ or ‘swiney’ little fuhrer? Trump’s speech might be the most frightening political spectacle to take place anywhere on the face of the earth in my lifetime. It would be inaccurate to say he is a caricature of himself, as there is no ‘self’. He is a complete sociopath, a one dimensional cartoon representing nothing.

It would seem that his chances of attaining the highest office in the land would be nonexistent. Surely, no sane society could elect this person. No one could be taken in by such an idiot, such a charlatan, such a clown. But that was the overwhelming conventional wisdom when ‘W’ ran, and was elected - TWICE. Our society can no longer be considered rational or sane. Over 300 million people have been conditioned so thoroughly for so long to respond to fear-mongering. We need stockpiles of guns in every home to protect ourselves from our own fears. We need to bomb and invade other countries, murder millions of their innocent civilians to protect our ‘interests’. We need paramilitary weaponized police forces in every town. We need to sacrifice our constitution and our democracy in order to succumb to an all-invasive police state, for our own ‘protection’. None of this occurred by accident, it was planned, orchestrated and executed by those whose lust for power knows no bounds. One question before us is “can we be saved from ourselves?”, but the more disturbing one is “do we any longer deserve to be?”


This has been an interesting "spring training" election season. The country is at a critical point in its history. There are enormous problems facing us and few candidates describing them and suggesting solutions. Climate change may eliminate our coasts in a relatively short time [50 years]. Before that happens automation is causing significant job loss but not talked about even
though unemployment is projected to be 50% in the next 20 years. No candidate in either major party discusses these things. November 9th is going to be here before we know it and the public will be, as always, the big loser if a major party wins the election. For the sake of our children it's our responsibility to safeguard their future which is a changing future. We need politicians who will meaningfully work with these issues so that our children will have a better world than their parents had. Neither major party has yet to offer anything.


Well, Harry Truman, before being elected to congress, owned a haberdashery. No political experience there. He was quite racist and very vocal about it, using vulgar language. And then there is the issue of the two bombs he dropped and the wonderful legacy that lives on to this day because of that action. Let's keep the evil mongering in check. If we compare, in real time, at this very moment, Trump's actions and the consequences of his actions vs Hitlary's, she is, hands down, a woman who can stand by and legitimize the slaughtering of defenseless women and children in winless wars because their dispensibilty "is worth it." These are the facts. Not apologetics.


From the article:

"He was both a firebrand populist and a rock-ribbed Republican. He was an enemy of big business, and he swore to deregulate industry. He was compassionate toward all people – but he’ll build a wall to keep millions of people out."

Perhaps it's because those born under the sign of Gemini's twins are "gifted" with a capacity to speak out of both sides of their mouth (with each twin meaning it... that is, the opposite of the "other one's" articulation) and that there have been some significant U.S. Gemini "statesmen," that so much of the nation reflects this same cognitive dissonance.

After all, millions flock to churches that in theory, preach Jesus' doctrine of peace, forgiveness, and compassion. And yet far too often, it's this body that most fervently supports war.

Trump, Henry Kissinger, George Bush, Sr. and Bob Hope are several influential "twins" that come to mind.

Trump makes duplicity look honest because as a Gemini, he believes what comes out of both twins' mouths.

From the article:

"The speech may have seemed self-evidently absurd to liberal listeners. But it’s likely to resonate very well among the white, largely male demographic his campaign has targeted. They’ve been decimated by job loss, wage stagnation, and a related rise in deaths from alcoholism, overdose and suicide. They are desperate and frightened and looking for answers."

I'll play Helen Thomas here to pose the preponderant "Why"?

What's left out of the above observation is that white males are very angry at women, Blacks, and Hispanics because for generations, white males held a greater status than everyone else. So even if they had a lousy job, they could still act as the family breadwinner and feel a sense of authority IN the home.

They blame women for that lack of authority and the power that goes with it. That explains why so much porn is based on denigrating, desecrating, and devaluing females.

Few recognize that the same empowered interests that represent Trump's rich man's club designed the economic paradigm that forced wives and mothers to enter the workforce.

And too few have the empathy to identify with Black men who are kept out of jobs and have far more struggles to negotiate in trying to feed their families.

Ditto: Mexicans and Latinos.

It's much easier to blame the fellow worker who appears to be "competing for your job" in a jobless "recovery." It's harder to look at the genuine causative agents, and most of Trump's fans are conditioned to the Celebrity Culture and this guy has been crowned a Celebrity for a long time. It sure worked for Reagan and Schwarzenegger and Jessie Ventura, too. This ilk does NOT read books and with Fox its "news" source, we're talking about millions of pretty clueless white males.


Forget Trump & Co as the only focus - there seems to be a black-out on Clinton and her machinations to gain the presidency. We need to keep her "platform promises", overt deceit, and record as public official in the spotlight. The Dem Convention will no doubt lead to a surfeit of mindless blather soon enough.

Clinton's demonstrated servitude to banker/wall street and other financial and corporate parasites tells the story of her potential presidency and where we all will be taken (no pun intended, but accurate).
Where are the Goldman transcripts? How accurate is her role in the destruction of Libyan society and security? Her record on support for wars of choice and connections to the MICC war-machine?

The DLC cabal of Bill, Hill, and Obama, et al has destroyed the integrity (what was still left) of the Democratic Party of FDR & Eleanor, Adlai, Wellstone, the Kennedy's and others - that destruction is a de facto theft from the people to benefit/profit those perps including especially at this critical time Hillary!

The Dem Party establishment conspirators are snatching defeat (and contempt) from the jaws of honorable victory with Bernie Sanders.


Dynamite analogy:

"A good con man mixes truth with lies for the same reason an assassin mixes sugar with strychnine: The poison goes down easier that way."

The above recipe also reflects the "alchemy" of disinformation.

Great stuff here, Mr. Eskow!

The human mind is designed to latch onto the truth and discard the rest.

After all, if "some of it is obviously true," must not it all be?

That's the canard that has finessed so many lies into U.S. media and manifested major malfeasance in foreign (and domestic) policies.

Fascinating, isn't it, that all those "Progressives" and purported freedom-loving revolutionaries posting on C.D. readily bow down on this:


"And the ultimate strongman’s line: “There can be no prosperity without law and order.”

With respect to this analogy, it would prove far more viable had the Dem.not sold out--entirely!

"(The space between the “Yes, we can” of Obama’s 2008 supporters and the “Yes, you will” of Trump’s followers is, arguably, the distance between democracy and authoritarianism.)"


In this moment of anomalies, maybe it can still happen. Here's why--If Mr. Sanders was sincere in STOPPING Trump (as his main objective), and polls show Hillary seriously lagging behind, maybe he will jump ship and get on-board the Jill Stein Green Express?

That's a ticket I would vote for. And if it got any media attention at all... or if there was time for this dynamic duo to hit key states and speak in open forums (as Sanders so successfully did prior to the great DLC shut-down)... the 40% of independents and all the young people who know they do NOT have a future when duopoly candidates continue to cater to Big Business and Big War interests would also be apt to jump aboard.

Shit, step aside! Shift Happens!


I suppose we can't expect a fair hearing from dedicated Dem Party cheerleaders. Among all the bombastic reporting about Trump, some of his saner comments have fallen through the cracks. Is it just coincidence that these saner comments deal with substantive issues that directly oppose Hillary Clinton’s policies? I don’t think so. The establishment neocons are scared to death that Trump will up-end their lock on the US imperialist economy and their regime change political wars. Trump is many things, but he’s no neocon or neoliberal imperialist (as his “America First” isolationist rhetoric proves). But his saner statements go against everything the establishment has worked so hard for decades to impose on America and the world.

  1. Health Care. Trump wants: a) to keep Obamacare’s prohibition on insurers denying coverage to individuals with pre-existing medical conditions; b) to strike the individual mandate; c) to expand tax breaks for health savings accounts in order to broaden their use.

  2. Banks. Bill Clinton precipitated the 2008 crash with his repeal of Glass-Steagall, and Obama bailed out the banks at the expense of the taxpayers. Trump wants to restore Glass-Steagall so there won’t be a repeat of the Bush-Obama Wall Street bailout.

  3. TPP – Trump is opposed to the Trans-Pacific Partnership that Clinton had her platform committee leave in the Dem platform.

  4. NATO and Regime Change Wars. Trump has expressed his unwillingness to enter into new wars in the Middle East or anywhere else. Trump wants: a) to end NATO's pledge to automatically defend all alliance members; b) to reduce the US financial share in NATO; c) to stop using NATO for regime change wars (“We’re getting out of the nation-building business”). Neocon Reuel Marc Gerecht laments that: “Trump is probably the most anti-interventionist presidential candidate since Eugene V. Debs, the indefatigable socialist, in 1912.”

  5. Russia and China. Trump, in contrast to Clinton, has stated that he will talk to Putin and improve relations with Russia and China.

  6. Trump’s administration and the neocons. Obama hired neocon advisors, and Clinton will surely recycle the same people whose policies have caused the world so much damage. Trump says he will put together a fresh team of foreign policy experts, rather than relying on establishment pundits who have contributed to the current state of affairs.

Finally, The focus on Trump’s racist rhetoric is obsessive and one-sided, considering that the entire US foreign policy is a racist attack on Muslims in the Middle East. This is how Islamophobia in America originated, and these wars keep it alive. Anyone concerned about Trump’s rhetoric towards Muslims ought to be at least a little worried about how many more Muslims Clinton will actually kill – she’s not just talk. And if progressives are concened that Trump will build a wall to keep out Mexican immigrants, they should know that Bush and Obama have beat him to it—the wall exists, and Bush, Obama and the US Congress built it after passing the Secure Fence Act in 2006. This commentary is not an endorsement of Trump, just an attempt to cut through the blindness and superficiality that plagues the left, and the irresponsible media “reporting” that has plagued this election cycle.


Except it doesn't work on heretics, agnostics, and assorted mystics.


Your post starts out incisive enough; but then it falls back on a staple of disinformation: Convince the CROWD that they voted for Bush.

Did they?

The majority actually voted for Gore.

Guess you forgot the machinations that went on in Florida, the only state conveniently under Bush's brother's dominion.

Forgot about Katherine Harris' little paid entourage that swept the voting rolls clean of LOTS of legal Black Voters under the guise that they were felons (or had names "sounding like" felons).

And forgot that it was not the public but the Supreme Court that placed Bush into office in 2000.

Similar dishonesty worked in Ohio, one of those important "it could go either way" states. Its own governor--went on RECORD stating that he'd give Ohio to Bush; and indeed, touch screen computer generated "voter" outcomes were entirely manipulated to produce THAT outcome... as promised.

In my view, it's disinformation (which Mr. Eskow explained is always a mix between what's true and what's not)... to on the one hand, expose Trump but then resort to the LIE that the public voted for Bush twice.

I am so tired of this forum's dis-info AGENTS! It has become an unpaid full time job refuting their devious claims and assorted deceptions that they repeat here (and no doubt on other Progressive websites) daily!

Always identifiable is the loose way that they traffic in the WE frame, a frame that purports that it's the citizenry, not those in power who elect and institute these objectives. As if everyone is on-board with the Mars Rules view of this world and all in it:

Go phuck yourself!

This is bull-shit! The ULTIMATE lie repeated (here) often:

"We need stockpiles of guns in every home to protect ourselves from our own fears. We need to bomb and invade other countries, murder millions of their innocent civilians to protect our ‘interests’. We need paramilitary weaponized police forces in every town."

Read the Page and Gilens Study, you plant!

WE don't stockpile guns, the NRA does.

We don't bomb and invade: The Neocons and their paid legions of MIC warriors do.

We don't put paramilitary weapons into police departments: The Homeland Security State (a merger between foreign wars of Terror and bringing that terrifying version of "Law and Order" home) does so.

Those in UNIFORM and those committed to the agenda of power are not representative of WE, The People. And LOTS of polls, active protests, and protest votes prove this.


Anyone who would take Trump at his word on these items is a fool.

Do you think a party that's supported by the Right Wing fanatics and deep pocket energy polluters like the Koch Brothers is going to seriously thwart "free" trade? It's the latter that wrote the playbook!

The reason why the Middle East policy is racist (as you stated) is because the money interests need the oil (and the hegemonic power of the U.S. petro-dollar), the MIC needs a continuous stream of wars to justify its gargantuan "allowance," and the right wing lunatics think these objectives comport with one god winning the "god contest" in the battle to end all battles (End Times) destined for the "holy land." (This last item serving as a reliable recruiting tool for all those "true believers" deceived by a right wing church which in my view fits the very definition of "The Anti-Christ.")

Evidently you didn't read the article to its conclusion or conveniently skipped this:

"Trump wisely saved the Republican hackery to the end of the speech, when even his most devoted followers must have been numb with fatigue. It was there just the same. He promised to deregulate industry, unleash the energy industry (was that worked out in backroom negotiations with the Koch brothers?) and cut taxes for the wealthy."

A real "man of The People," jackbooted uniformed "All Law and Order All the Time" nice guy that he is.


From your mouth to the Goddess' ears SR! What a contrast in honesty, humility and integrity would such a ticket be.....One can only hope....something actually worth voting for.......