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Trump’s Threats Towards Iran Aren’t Working. Here’s Why.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/18/trumps-threats-towards-iran-arent-working-heres-why


trump is dangerous, and, ridiculous “thing”, and, it surrounds itself with similar, evil types! their humanity=non existent! their greed and hubris=un-calculable, to me, they are just like invasive, obnoxious, vile stinky weeds! solution? uproot and throw in the trash(no recycling these types)!!

I don’t know why Stephen Zunes thinks that the U.S. seeks “Diplomacy” with Iran? The sanctions are illegal and are an act of war. Diplomacy would begin with the single act of ending the war of aggression against Iran. Neither Party has supported this except for a tiny faction of progressives.
As for the “extremists” within Iran, they have an excellent argument for being “extremists” as the U.S. has been led by “extremists” since Reagan. Until the U.S gives Iran a reason not to view the U.S. as the ‘Great Satan’, the Iranian attitude won’t change.


" . . . Saudi Arabia is arguably worse . . . "

And Israel is without argument far worse.


“Trumps Threats Towards Ian Aren’t Working”
Iran is diplomatically running circles around Trumps team of dumbasses and warmongers. I predict it wont be long before they have a solid way of trading with Europe, then you will see the beginning of the end for the US empire around the world. But fear not, before that happens, MSM will do it’s part to distort the truth to the American people.


I’m reading Manufactured Crisis: The Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare by Gareth Porter. I can confirm everything you stated in your comment to be true and I’m only on page 35.


It pisses me off that we’re being manipulated by Netanyahu who claims “credit” for getting Trump to cancel the Iran deal - a no win step for the U.S.


Let’s keep it real: A war with Iran will involve at least six other countries overtly or covertly.

Trump is a mental midget but even he can see a disaster of epic proportions. Sure, he’ll distract with tough tweets and bullshit threats but he’s a paper tiger.


Hi Swagman:
I read that an American citizen, Jonathan Pollard, stole and then sold nuclear information to Israel.He was in jail, but apparently Obama let him go.
So this is extremely weird—Pollard sold nuke secrets for money and he gets to go home—while Julian Assange punished truths about America and he’s locked up and tortured by America. and the UK, and Sweden.
This is why it’s extremely difficult to believe anytime that either America or Israel says,
although it looks like whatever Israel wants—America will comply : (
With nations like America and Israel, its easy to understand and support Iran because Iran makes agreements and plays fair when they do!

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This sort of smacks of stereotypes, 'regional power for two ‘millenia.’ Never mind, if a war goes down it will be John Bolton’s and his decades and decades of pushing for a war with Iran. Anyone notice he ran to Netanyahu right away after Iran shot down the drone and sent back the second plane with military service members? Barely any coverage or mention of the second plane, and what the hell Bolton was thinking to put service people in that predicament. Trump was his naive tool for the setup calamity and to get his/Netanyahu’s war.
I’m sorry to say, I believe the racist comments recently are also a distraction. They have everyone consumed with this hate and buffoonery that people can’t talk about two things at once. Tabloid politics.
Wake up minorities. How many of you are in the service? These psychos have probably attacked your ancestral/shared countries in the last forty years. Stop the wars and being a the tool of the Bolton’s and Netanyahu’s of the scumbag world. Dissent. Take a knee. Be an American. Be independent of these liars and murderers. Stop paying attention to Trump. He’s a tool. Pay attention to whom you are asked to fight for and on which behalf? Israel? Saudi Arabia? Those that support Al Qaeda and did 911 . . . have you seen the Youtube, ‘Dancing Israelis’ news footage? What was ever done about that? The high-jackers were nearly all Saudis. Then we attacked Afghanistan? Iraq? Now . . . Iran??? Is that not enough on your conscience?


Trump seems to use Iran as a foil whenever he wants to lead the narrative away from one of his many scandals.
I think we can expect an attack on American soil if we have the ignorance to invade Iran, beyond sanctions that is.

“Voldemort”, the name not to be spoken. It would be my hope that the MSM would stop putting trump up as their main story of the day.
Every day trump gets his name into the news cycle and squeezes out the whole democratic group of candidates. MSM, let trump rot on the vine with no fanfare.

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I’m with you!

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The only difference is Saudi Arabia and Israel are Fascist, Amerika’s fellow,fascist thugs.

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