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Trump’s Toxic Wake: 10 Ways the EPA Has Made Life More Hazardous

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/21/trumps-toxic-wake-10-ways-epa-has-made-life-more-hazardous


Virtually all of these examples date back to before Trump was President. Yes Trump has made it worse but why was there no action on this during the Obama years?

As example Obama was President for 8 years yet a number of the incidents listed detail the proposal to ban a number of Chemicals “In the last days of the Obama Presidency”. Why did Obama wait to act until the last days of his Presidency?

The PFAs listed were known health risks since 1998. Why are they still allowed?

In 2015 the Animas river in Colorado was turned into a toxic dump when the EPA discharged mining wastes into the same.

Yes Trump acts to accelerate the process but this “toxic wake” (see Flint Michigan) is bipartisan and is a consequence of the system we call Capitalism. We have the same Toxic wakes up here in Canada.


Yes, these substances were known to be toxic back in the 1950, so why didn’t Kennedy ban them?

I work for the US government, while you are not a USAn at all. Trust me - Trump has been an utter catastrophe for the environment compared to any Democrat. If the Democrats are so bad, why do industrial interests so vehemently despise Democrats and throw all their support behind Trump?

Why don’t you worry about Canadian affairs a little more?

I mentioned Canada in the post. This topic was not On Canada.

You know when there was mention of Australia you chimed in. When there was mention of Syria you chimed in. When there mention of Russia you chime in.

90 percent of the articles here are about the USA. When Canada mentioned I speak to virtually every such article.

You are a typical “:exceptional American”. You have the right to talk about any other Country but when yours talked about by a non American you whine like a little baby. No matter which other Country was talked about where you commented, I never once claimed you should just worry about the USA more.

This is a forum for progressives to speak on progressive issues.

Your response is both pathetic and very Trumpian.

Why don’t worry a little more of what is in a post and not the nationality of the person making it?

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Oh in case you were not aware, It was Nixon who implemented the EPA

I found an article that may help with the PFAS chemicals:

This makeup ingredient could destroy 99% of ‘forever chemicals’


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The use and acceptance of deadly chemicals in our world, made, defended as “safe” (until proven as killers!), and pushed on different sectors, most especially agriculture are the products of the chemical conglomerate - the Monsatan, Bayer AG, and others less central.

The chemical/Oil conglomerate must be smashed or strictly controlled if we and our animal cousins are to survive!: Health and a future, NOT profits and death!

The Bayer-Monsatan group is the central node of commercial evil and death by chemical exposure of workers, farmers, families, especially children, air, soil, water (aquifer) quality/health, contaminated by largely untested chamicals and NOT overseen by so-called “regulatory agencies” that are agents for the industry, NOT the public, environment, or sustainable future!

The bottom-line is what is called the “economy” as allowed to evolve, has based itself on substances and producte that are deadly and if banned as ehey should be - MUST be - the entire house of cards of wealth, exploitation and greed will crash - and that the supposed representatives of the people will mnot allow; manipulated and corrupted by lobbyists, revolving-door between industry and government, and the massive “contribution” bribery by the producers and end users of the toxins that are threatening all life on earth and the health of nations and billions of people, animals and habitat. from the highest mountain to the deepest seas, the pollution of our Mother earth - Gaia - is attacked by chemical poisons and condoned/accepted by complicit politicians and government “regulators” - we ignore those crimes at our grave peril!

We must get back to the warnings of Rachel Carson to strictly control and/or destroy the poisoners!




~https://www.motherjones.com/environment/2012/06/pesticides-farm-workers-poison-epa/ - *Farm workers and the poor are most likely to be poisoned and die or suffer diseases caused by the chemical poison conglomerate, ut no one is safe from their greed and depraved indifference!