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Trump’s Travel Ban: The View from One Permanently on US Immigration’s Watch List


Trump’s Travel Ban: The View from One Permanently on US Immigration’s Watch List

Walden Bello

As a citizen of the Philippines who’s been detained and subjected to questioning and “secondary screening” almost every time I’ve entered the United States, I feel much sympathy for those whose freedom of movement has been violated by Donald Trump.

There’s a difference in our situations though. While my being temporarily detained on almost every occasion probably stems from my long record of arrests from leading protests in the United States against the Marcos dictatorship in the 1970s and 1980s, Trump’s controversial travel ban has nothing to do with vetting visitors.


Thanks for bluntly telling it like it is, and all your past work fighting the oppressive thugs, Mr. Bello.


Reversing the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, which has been a prime factor in the diversification of the American populace since its' passage, is a goal of many of the Dumpsters (Jeff Sessions amongst them). It would not be a surprise if the list of excluded countries grows to any non-WASP locale.


Actually, that 'posit' is off. Diversity is an economic and cultural strength in a 21st Century globalized world (two of the USA's particularly successful export sectors, tech & show biz, were largely founded by and preponderantly still immigrant or second generation). And the countries of final destination: USA, Germany, UK, etc., are already quite diverse places. Most immigrants leave their country of origin for economic & / or political reasons (that was the case with those WASP's whom 'colonized' [stole from the Native Americans] the original Thirteen British colonies). Today's refugees are fleeing their countries for the same reasons, with the added causation of civil wars and persecution of minorities. And history has shown time and again that walls, China's Great one & Hadrian's, for example (and Dump's will not be up to that level as he has a history of chintzing on materials and labor), ultimately fail.


Actually, the number of countries one can travel is dependent upon what sort of passport one holds...and no passport allows for visa free travel to all 194 countries.


A good question. My experience, in discussing the topic with people overseas who say they really want to come to America, is two-fold, one is they know others who depend on money sent from the USA to get by and two, they believe the movies and TV. Everyone in America is rich, healthy, eats well, has a home with good furnishings and drives fast cars. Beyond this, they have little idea. The USA has the best PR and it has soaked in well. Nothing will dissuade them.


I might add they are also fleeing, or will soon be fleeing, the effects of global warming.


Absolutely, as the Syrian Civil War was significantly brought on when the Assad regime imported their wheat crop even though the country was going through a climate change aggravated drought.
And just wait once Pacific Islanders start fleeing their home islands being submerged beneath rising ocean levels and have nowhere to go.