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Trump’s Trickle-Down Ticket


Trump’s Trickle-Down Ticket

Josh Hoxie

It was easy to get caught up in the circus that was the Republican National Convention. Rousing speeches (plagiarized and original) and raucous floor votes make for great television and funny internet memes.

Unfortunately, as we’ve come to expect from events organized by Donald Trump, the convention was decidedly light on substance. For an inkling of what a Trump administration might actually do, we have to look elsewhere.

Let’s start with Mike Pence, the newcomer to the ticket and a relative unknown to most voters.


Mike Pence is a Kochroach.


There's close to ZERO honest media coverage (in print, radio, or TV) on what this would mean:

“Getting our tax system right,” it goes on, “will be the most important factor in driving the entire economy back to prosperity.” What Trump and Pence consider “getting it right” is massive tax cuts for the ultra wealthy."

The average Trump supporter thinks their own taxes will be cut. They have no idea that tax policies that had once been far more Progressive have instead come to favor the rich little by little over recent decades to create a circumstance where, as Warren Buffet explained, he pays less proportionally than does his secretary.

It's sad that the C.D. forum's pro-Trump voices seem oblivious to what these further tax cuts--beneficial to the 1%--will mean; or that those demanding them (as excuse to cut back on Medicare, Medicaid, Aid to Families with Children, Food Stamps, etc.) would NEVER consider any fiscal cut to the War Machine.


End taxation. The rich make the tax laws anyway and they are not about to tax themselves. Redistribute wealth direct democratically.


Essentially, this article states that, other than bad hair days, there is little difference between the two contenders for the gilded throne of wealthy influence.
Gosh and golly!
The way things are going on our little biosphere it doesn't really amount to anything beyond lobbying who will sit at the captain's table as the Titanic starts sink.
Would that it was water instead of the fiery demise we are all facing, thanks to the greedy fossil-fuel calamity facing us all.
I am 66 this year and will likely die naturally unlike the younger generations who will face hard decisions in thirty years or so. Whether to incinerate or self-terminate. Hell of a choice.


At the ever accelerating rate at which wealth transfer from the 99% to the 1% is progressing, the "hard decision" time frame will be far less than 30 years from now.


It's actually a trickle down doom ticket and theory.


Jill Stein will not win, she polls at 3% and isn't on the ballot in many states. Is she in the debates? Get used to President Trump who will appoint the most right wing court ever. As bad as Bill Clinton was, he appointed Ginsberg and Breyer. Just my 2 cents worth. You should vote as your conscience dictates.