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Trump’s United States of Oilmen


Trump’s United States of Oilmen

Kieran Suckling

Even as seas and temperatures continue their unprecedented rise, President-elect Trump’s disastrous choice of ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State would put one the chief architects of the climate crisis in a position to expand the senseless plundering of fossil fuels across the planet.

Tillerson and the image-builders at ExxonMobil have worked hard to promote the myth that he accepts the reality of human-driven climate change—a fable the media has gladly promoted.


Thanks for this comment and all the great work you do Kieran!

Yes, the Trump regime will make their-own, and the connected, filthy rich, continuing the poisoning of Mother Earth, to feed the greed-machine of which Trump & Co will only be the latest iteration & figureheads - RepubliCons and Democrats both represent, feed on, and profit from the status quo of Vulture Capitalism. Trump is an extreme example, but Bill Clinton and Obama also represented the 1% and corporate profits above all else.

There must be a real awakening to the fact the D & R "good-cop, bad-cop" is a scam and betrayal of our collective future to worship Mammon and profits uber alles, the open return to the days of anything goes to make a buck, not quietly like Obama's sellout tenure.
"Deregulation" and further gutting of "regulatory" agencies, already a joke under "revolving-door" subversion of their ostensible mission. More oil spills, America even more criss-crossed by polluting/deadly fossil-fuel infrastructure, marine degradation, clean air & water, rivers and lakes, threatened & polluted, our vanishing Wild "opened" & destroyed forever, our diverse animal species large and small exterminated and soon extinct forever...........on and on and on. Not much to cheer-for or look forward to it seems, just keep the faith and keep fighting the evil.


Of all the Trump picks for the wrecking crew that is his cabinet, the choice of Tillerson is the only one in which I see any kind of bright light.
Tillerson's business connections to Russia, and especially his seemingly good relationship to Putin, are being broadcast all over the mainstream media airways as the major reason to stop the Tillerson appointment as Secretary of State. But I, for one, see that as a positive thing... something that might prevent the war with Russia that Hillary Clinton seemed to want to march us into if she had become President.
I'm not downplaying the negative effect on the environment that such climate deniers can bring in 4 years.....but compared to nuclear war??


Suckling encourages "U.S. senators from both sides of the aisle must step up and refuse to confirm Trump’s outrageous vote for short-term profits over the health of the planet" but misses the point that almost every single Congressman and Senator have sold out to corporate interests. A simple look at AIPAC donations (The Israeli lobby group that demands blind allegiance to Israel in return for cash donations) shows that it is rare for any politician not to sell out to special interest groups.
It will require nothing short of expelling the entire Congress and Senate and replacing them with people of high moral character to reverse this serious undermining of the public interest at every turn. Americans are incredibly ignorant as to the cause and effect of choosing corporate sycophants to run Washington. Instead corporate media has been very effective at mass distraction and funneling American attention to such diversions as sports, celebrity worship and endless consumerism. Our last bastion of hope to instill some form of sanity to our younger generations, is quickly evaporating as the corporate take over of public and private education is near completion. The result is we have ended up with corporate America's dream team replacing a government who is suppose to represent all of us.
I'm not sure what the solution is because to replace the existing cabal of special interest groups, we need to have a viable alternative in which most Americans are onboard with. This 'viable alternative' can never rely on media to introduce and educate the public on what life could be like if 'we the people' were in charge, therefore getting the message out will prove extremely challenging. After all, it took a world war until Germany finally realized that Nazism wasn't all that it was cracked up to be.


It seems all of Trumps picks have a bone to pick with America. Exxon is in a law suit to prove they knew about climate change twenty or more years ago and decided to cover it up. Tillerson is probably chomping at the bit to hit back.
Trump is a vengeful person and I don't doubt the other picks are too. I fear they will be able to and have gone after individuals that have hurt them financially.
This could be a civil war before it's over.


Pick your poison, war or global warming extinction. War is still left to choice, global warming at this stage, not so much.


It's quite obvious at this point that the only consideration Trump has ever had in regard to Russia, has to do with some grand business deal he has in mind, which apparently has something to do with oil.

He's such a peacenik, that Trump.


Making money is not a philosophy, pinhead; it's simply a conventional outcome of certain kinds of economic exchange.