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Trump’s Unprecedented Attack on Iran and the Rule of Law

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/16/trumps-unprecedented-attack-iran-and-rule-law

Ohhhh, The RUE of Law seems to be America’s Rule of Law. Although, if someone has a natural resource, which America wants, like Saudi Arabia, then that nation can and will continue to get away with murder. It is intriguing , however, that in South America, different rules apply altogether, and even most of the major American media lies so often that truthiness is a lot art in journalism.
Since WW 1 Europe and America have often made life unlivable in the Middle East.But now that America is infecting so many nations negatively, that America seems well on its way to becoming the Great Satan. Sadly, “Make America GREAT Again,” does have a dark underbelly too.When War is our most exported product----the entire planet pays. : (


Speaking of Satan, I hear that Satan’s made a whole new level of Hell reserved for all of Trump’s swamp creatures and their enablers.

Yeah, and Trump is in the center of that level where the heat is so extreme, that when Trump goes to sit down on the gold plated toilet seat that Satan put in special just for Trump, the temperature of the toilet seat is equal to that of the Sun and it burns his ass until he explodes in flames and burns him to a crisp. And this will his destiny to live out, over and over, and over for eternity.

Can’t wait for them to start their stint in Hell.

Hi PonyBoy:
Wow, that is a visual. An eternal, and flaming Trump. And, I bet in hell that there is a golf course, where every his swing becomes a missed ball. So— along with flaming him up, he would surely got crazy with his suddenly poor golf skills.