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Trump’s USDA Does Bidding of Meatpackers, Turns Back on Farmers & Ranchers


Trump’s USDA Does Bidding of Meatpackers, Turns Back on Farmers & Ranchers

Ben Lilliston

The agency's rejection of a proposed regulation abandons independent meat producers


Would anyone expect him to do anything other?


Every week, we learn of another positive regulatory change that the Obama administration put in place. These are often those mundane “under the radar” things that got little if any press. Nevertheless, the aggregate effect of many of these was in a more positive and, yes, progressive direction.

We are learning about them now because it is obvious that one of Trump’s top priorities is to undo anything and everything that Obama did that was positive. He continues to take the negative things that Obama did, and enhance them. It’s all the positive things that were designed to help people that
he is reversing.


Trump does almost everything out of spite or hubris. The $$$ is important, but he loves payback, too. He’s the sickest and most despicable public figure in modern American political history.
He will experience real blowback, and he’s accelerating that timeline daily, by his utterly sick vindictiveness.
" Revenge is a dish best served cold " and this p.o.s. ( that’s really all he is and has ever really been ),
and his enablers are first in line at the payback buffet. If the Dimocrats would only get out of the way, that is.


…and you can imagine the horrors that these feeling, sentient beings, cows, lambs, chickens,
pigs, the absolute hell on earth they are suffering through…
it is beyond comprehension…very sad…
and yes, I care about humans …
by the way, what happened to the so-called “Resistance”???
all I see is people complaining, for the most part, and do absolutely nothing or next to nothing to fight back…
except carry a few funny signs and wear pink…
I did that and gave up when only 20 people would show up…
particulary after the dropping of the “mother of all bombs”…
that seems to have been completely forgotten, hasn’t it?
…has anyone stopped to ask: what are we doing in Niger, in the first place (on another topic)??has the mainstream media?
no, we just go along and accept it, it appears, by keeping silent, for the most part…and here we are…
1984, indeed.