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Trump’s Values Voter Speech is the End Result of Fundamentalist and Capitalist Education


Trump’s Values Voter Speech is the End Result of Fundamentalist and Capitalist Education

Jason Cervone

Market and religious fundamentalisms convene under Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos.

Public school supporters rally in Milwaukee in 2013. (Photo: Joe Brusky/flickr/cc)


Conservative Christian Capitalism is a monstrosity. Our choice is socialism or barbarism.


Thanks Mr. Cervone, Excellent, albeit chilling and depressing, assessment of our current situation. And no, these people - who more than any other demographic brought Trump to power - would not have voted for Bernie Sanders. I am left with the only hope that this whole movement will be generational (mostly over 40 years of age) and may be at the peak of their power right now under this monstrous president and fanatical reactionary congress, and their decline is coming. Becasue, the millennial generation - even the ones emerging from these extremist, ignorance-embracing, home-schooled suburban and rural environments, are moving to the cities and being gently de-programmed by the intellectual, cultural and racial/ethnic diversity and vibrancy of the cities. All we need now is for them to organize into a potent political force. This is our only hope right now.


Terrific introductory article in that it raises as many questions as it identifies.

There are also countless families homeschooling, not because they are Christian fundamentalists, but because the scope of public education might not meet the needs of the student. In a meta narrative, the former are both arguably and demonstrably a distorted political tool (witness DeVos machinations).

Public education is in many states a product of property tax patterns. Ironic that these poor folks take spiritual guideposts that were originally intended to clarify the individual capacity to articulate the beauty of the creation BY FIRST LIVING AS INTEGRAL PART OF IT, and contorting the fundamental message in repetition of the manipulations of the Roman emperor Constantine - who absorbed Christianity for his family empire. Worth noting is that history has yet to produce an empire capable of upholding the altruistic and essential core BORN OF the struggle of spiritual integrity against the inevitable abuses of forms of empire.

There also seems to be an embedded death wish in the neo-liberal/fundamentalist rhetoric that claims to be Christian. There is a bizarre disjuncture between the absolutist claim to power by specific knowledge and not recognizing the limitations on knowing the future. To know prophesy and hear prophets is a matter of individual practice that still must engage with living with others in the full spectrum of extremes of differing stages of personal development - and still live in community. It seems that understanding this is fundamental to the Christian commandment “Thou shalt not kill.”

In that the Secretary of Education has not condemned the actions of her brother, Eric Prince, as a mercenary who is documented as a leader of groups trained to kill, it would seem that as a self-proclaimed “Christian” she shrugs off a snide unspoken deal with the ‘devil’ to wangle power with a ‘first-above-the-law’ pass on the 6th Commandment of her Lord and God. It might very well also be argued that Eric Prince breaks the 6th commandment in order to serve his masters in breaking the … well come to think of it, just about every other commandment of these self-proclaimed “Christians”. Consideration and contemplation of the Decalogue linked above might be timely.

To coin an all too familiar admonition: “That dog don’t hunt”. Or if it does, it may very well be one of the hounds of hell

edit: come to think of it, perhaps with such ‘hounds’ the bark IS the bite, the rhetoric is the sword, the war is that of words.


Why is it being labeled “CONSERVATIVE Christian Capitalism” when it is actually radical, extremist Christian Capitalism ?

We don’t call Muslim extremists conservative Muslims, and we should not be understating the threat to democracy that ANY religious extremists anywhere in the world present.


The trouble is, when people home-school - or more often in my city, send them to private or Catholic schools, they are falling right into the trap that right-wing dismantlers of everything public have set for them. When they do this, they are solidifying the public attitude that education is a privilege one privately buy’s for oneself rather than it being a public responsibility and a vital institution in a democracy. One sees this elsewhere - buying bottled water becasue they don’t trust the public water supply - or buying expensive organic food at the local Food Co-Op or Whole Foods rather than Aldi - once again solidifying the attitude that healthy food and water is a privilege one buys rather than a right. Can’t afford a good education or safe food or water? Tough luck.


My only gripe about this otherwise excellent assessment of fundamentalist and capitalist education is the claim that the U.S. is still a democracy. It has been an oligarchy for many decades, as Wall St., War St., and corporations control politicians, who then ignore the needs of the 90% of us who cannot legally bribe those politicians as Wall St., War St., and corporations are allowed to do by corrupt laws and a corporate-friendly Supreme Court.


Your argument seems to speak more to taxpayer funded ‘voucher’ systems for private and religious schools… and if so I’d have to agree. I feel very fortunate to have benefited from the tail end of a robust public school system in NJ. The breakdowns were already underway with what I tend to view as widespread but sort of deep slow-motion backlash against Brown V Board of Education - and that was around the year of the invasion of Cambodia. There isn’t much conversation around that period and the context of the issues - one profoundly needed corrections in civil rights and the other silo papered over with false flag, literally insane militarism and what was manipulated from the chaos.


It certainly seems like that, and what is more is that Dump a man who makes fun of the disabled and of women and anybody who is not like him is their mascot!


That’s right except when Reagan of all people was in office, banksters ( although too few of them) actually went to jail!


Where did this attitude come from? I do not remember it being so against even a middle class as today


Or even non-voucher. A co-worker of mine is a millennial mother of two children. Both she and her husband bought a house in the city becasue they liked the cultural vibrancy and amenities of the city. But now they are in a quandary. Thanks to the incredibly dysfunctional system of RE-tax-funded fragmented school districts, and the greatly under-assessed house values in spite of explosive gentrification (suddenly raising assessments of houses that were worth $30,000 10 years ago, now $400,000, would be catastrophic to the long-time residents), Pittsburgh City schools are (anecdotally among the young yuppies flocking to the city - I’m skeptical) regarded as crap. So, they are faced with moving to the suburbs or finding the money to send their kids to the “Shadyside Academy” or the “Winchester-Thurston School” (really its name) or the Catholic schools.

Me, I’m just glad I never had any kids so I have not had to compromise my principles…


There is an old school in the Bloomfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh (Woolsayer Elementary - built in the late 1890’s with funds from steel-boss Carnegie’s philanthropy), which most of the liberal yuppies flocking to this “newly-hip” part of Pittsburgh would never send their kids today. It has a now-barely legible inscription on the sandstone lintel over the entrance:

“This School is Dedicated to the Cause of Public Education - A Cornerstone of Democracy”

That this statement, written at the peak of the robber-baron era for crying out loud(!) would now be considered “socialist extremist” by today’s “conservatives” tells me all I need to know.

I keep trying to remind myself to bring a camera to take a picture of this inscription before it weathers away altogether…


Yes, I think that is a good idea. Plus, possibly band with others to say to your statehouse that public ed needs to be strengthened. That is what we did in MA to the chagrin of our tea party govenor who won;t be getting back into office. Why won’t newly “hip” yuppies send their little snots to this school?


Thanks! The US media and punditocracy have warped the word “conservative” until it’s become virtually its opposite. The word “conservative” gives many people a positive impression that the “conservatives” don’t merit.

The US establishment labels as conservative people who want to introduce GMOs into the environment, destroy endangered species, tear down the wall between church and state, overturn laws on the books for decades like Roe v Wade, overturn precidents as the (so-called “conservative”) Supreme Court did with the 2nd Amendment,…

As you point out, these folks are “radical,” a fair word, although I like “reactionary” better. Reactionaries what to turn back the clock, like our so-called President, who wants to make America great again.

It’s the Democrats who are today’s conservatives. They strive to preserve Social Security, Medicare, the environment, endangered species. Yet our corrupt media insist on labeling these views “liberal.”


Well, I don’t know if its something lost out on or a source of relief - but we share the life of not having had children. Many of my friends did have kids and the sharing of their woes at times has been part of my education - which hopefully will never end.


Plus the public is supporting with their taxes a school system that has worked for almost two hundred years I think . Another mark of “priveledge” to say that one is “too good” for the system. Then when these types go out into the real world they become dysfunctional like Dump.


I didn’t have any either well do have the four legged kind! I support population connection formerly known as zpg! I would be skeptical of these young yuppies also. A school is only not only as good as the students,and teachers but as good as the parents and others who support them also.


Conservative used to mean I think " in moderation" like to live simply and not over spend etc. Now, it’s another term for downright mean and crazy. Hey, when you have a Dump throwing paper towels at citizens of PR who went through a cat 5 hurricane something is desperately wrong in looneyville. Sometimes people seem to forget who we are- we are all people who have the same basic needs. Being a bully, denying people and our wonderful animals basic rights is just being mean, petty and putting power and money before all else. Plus we have a MSM that seems to actually like publicizing all the crazies. They are addicted to publicity.


The fundies distrust " goo goo good gov’t types " but embrace religious leaders and people as clearly distasteful and degraded as Trump. The embrace is grounded on Predestination: the oldest hoodwinkery in America where 5% of the population, with a pecker of course, gets to tell the other 95% they’re not worthy of being saved and of a dog’s grace and blessings. Oh, and really shouldn’t have the vote or own property, either.
Can’t we just say that these deplorables, like their Trumpenstein Monster, are just nuttier than fresh squeezed squirrel shit. And, leave it at that.
And, any of the 95% of the UnPredestined who give these mouth breathing morons and dotards a moment’s thought, deserve everything they don’t get in this life. Because you’re a sucker, that’s why.
" The only real god in America is money ". Malcolm X. Still the most relavatory statement on these treasonous pagans in the last 60 years.