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Trump’s Velvet Coup: Kavanaugh Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg


Trump’s Velvet Coup: Kavanaugh Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Gordon Adams

The Brett Kavanaugh battle is just the tip of the iceberg. I am watching my country going through a slow motion disintegration into civil war, conflict, and the rise of authoritarianism. It’s a velvet coup d’état that controls the means of enforcement: the police, the courts, the political assemblies, the reins of corporate power, advertising and public relations.


It’s time for the "People’s Coup."

If Trump and his ilk want to shred our Constitution, I say we throw all of them out of office.

We the People need about 1% of the population to take to the streets. That’s 3 million Americans, in front of the Capitol, Congress, White House, Statehouses, Court Houses, demanding resignations or prison terms for the lot of them.

What say you all?


“People’s Coup” indeed. The country was founded by a pack of rich, white landowning, slave owning men, who despite their faults, held a higher vision of themselves and the general population, and started a long process of achieving those goals. While women didn’t get the vote until 1920, and minority voting equality is still a working project, they gave us the Constitutional means to pursue the goals of a larger society. The changes taking place now, morally as well as politically, have their roots in the 1930s, as the 1%, back then, fought against the reforms brought on by the FDR administration. They even thought about a coup, themselves, and offering the Presidency the Smedley Butler, who immediately ratted them out. Oh, no, not at all, the hard right said, make the two-time Medal of Honor honoree look like an idiot. Be careful what you wish for. If we throw them all out, we get some 535 rank amateurs in Congress. Keep your eyes on the long game, the way the hard right has done. They took the time to do what they did, and look at the results they’ve gotten. Take the time to do it right(left).


The whole ethos that has arisen in this century(21st) is what I call, “The Gaslighting of America”. We’re fed constant lies and misinformation posing as truth. No wonder folks are so lost these days. That’s how
‘they’ want it. ‘They’ want to keep most of the population entertained with media, video games,( a subset of media), posting selfies, worthless Twitter chatter, all in an effort to stay in complete power and entwined with the government doing their bidding. The average citizen gets little, if any representivism, any more. We are left to fend for ourselves as social programs are dismantled piece by piece until charity will the only dismal means of support. A nation or even an Empire won’t function very long without support of most of the citizenry, we are losing more and more of the support systems as neoliberal economics continues to destroy the world. Without highly regulated capitalist systems; banks, energy corporations, toxic waste, toxic crop production, etc, the system will implode. These coups over the last half century will eventually make the great depression look like the little depression as the system collapses. Trouble is voting will really not change things enough to matter in time.


Keep the Bill of Rights intact. Scrap the parts of the Constitution that don’t work for the little guy and make some major reforms in some areas. Like reworking the massive military and tax structures to affect change enough to mitigate global warming. Start there and go forward with progressive agendas in the future. Of course these, most likely, won’t happen in my lifetime.


From the article:

“The latest version of this unreality is the myth that young white men, that privilege itself, are now under siege.”

Privilege hasn’t been under siege in the US since the 1930s, and young white men—whether they know it or not—are only slightly less under siege than those who they’ve been led to believe are besieging them (women, blacks, immigrants, Muslims, and the poor in general).

Today’s propaganda system in this country, and increasingly the world, would make Josef Goebbels green with envy, and would make Edward Bernays beam with pride.


From the article:

“It is a semi-visible, gradual coup d’état that’s well on its way to success.”

It has been starkly visible to me since i was a child, and i have been watching it slowly unfold to this point of ripeness since my adolescence. Trump is just the ripeness, the fruition, of a broad process of intentional degradation of politics, media, work life, mass society, and the ultimate target, personal consciousness. Bullying and lies rule, at so many key levels of society, and in no way did this process start with Trump.

Glimpse at Kavanaugh, who is the top of the pyramid of a forty-plus year planned project to take over the US courts with fundamentalist pro-corporate racist sexist fucks. That’s just one area of operation. School board take-overs were actually an early focus, starting back in the 1970s, of this “semi-visible, gradual coup d’état.” The gross diminishment of public education has been no “failure,” it has been a horrific success, and fills a key role in what is now transpiring under Trump.

Olhippy’s reference to “The Gaslighting of America” is spot-on.

And with apologies to @smipypr above, @Olhippy is correct: “…voting will really not change things enough to matter in time.” Yes we need a “long game” but we need deeper resistance that is aware that this crisis is deeper than Trump, that is prepared to respond to gross outrages, and that is able to support communities. We need to build resistance from the kinds of community gatherings and conversations (and withdrawal from media mouthpieces of lying) that the author Gordon Adams is calling for. We need to spread a culture of resistance that sees through the lies, bullying, and gaslighting, and thinks about what to fight for.


That’s the easy part. The hard part will be deciding whom to fight, and how to fight them.

With that said, you’re right about the urgent need to build and strengthen communities.

“The flow of energy through a system tends to organize that system.”
–R. Buckminster Fuller


As i’ve been writing here lately, i think:

  • the “what” is eco-socialism: end the investor-owned, limited-liability, profit-seeking corporation; redistribute and democratize wealth and ownership; and make humanity and ecology trump profit;
  • the “who” we fight is ultimately the “owners” of the world, inheritors of the plunder of colonialism, genocide, enslavement, and capitalism; we also fight the mindset of so many deluded by the gaslighting, but we seek to spread understanding, not multiply “enemies”; we also face the hired guns of the ultimate owners, but we recognize in whose ultimate interests these systems actually operate;
  • the “how” is with non-violent revolution: purposeful, intentional, organized mass action.

i like your Bucky Fuller quote.


Problem is, we are out of time. Literally. We are looking at a hundred different possible extinction events playing out right before our eyes, and to even begin addressing any of them we need to remove all psychopaths from power immediately.


I am sorry, but if you want to wear your “Question Authority” pin, then you have to get a special permit, provide portable toilets, and traveling medical teams.
This is all for your continued protection, of course.

We are from the Government, and are here to help.


I think that maybe the only thing that will save us now is a massive depression ala 1929. That mobilized almost all people to DO SOMETHING like form unions, join Socialist or Communist orgs and so on. Until the fat assed, lazy, under-educated people of this country feel some real pain. I don’t expect anything other than what we now have, a Fascist country.


My dad described Amerika to me as “a Korpocracy” — and IIRC that was in the early 1970’s . . .

Kavanaugh didn’t clean up his act – at least the visible part of it – until around 2004, when he married and adopted a “respectable” veneer.  This was all part of the scheme to get him on the Kourt of Appeals long en­ough to make him “eligible” for the Sub-Prime Court.  Before that, he was John Yoo’s right-hand-man helping
to make torture – including “Waterboarding” – an acceptable part of Amerika’s ‘Enhanced Interrogation’ tech­niques “necessitated by the urgency of the ‘War on Terror’.”




You know, I really hate this right and left shit, just more terms to divide us.

Why don’t we all talk in terms of honest or corrupt?

Or even, For the Masses or For the top 1%.

It’s so disgusting that politicians lie openly and repeatedly, and people buy that shit.

I suppose it all comes back to the individual, and their own sense of morals or values that they have, if they have any at all.


I’m with you. Sooner the better. I’ll skip my vacation for that.

Chris Hedges says we only need 1% of the population in the streets to start.

We cannot wait till 2020, however, we should draft Chris Hedges and Cornell West for the President /VP ticket next year.


Another crash far worse than 2008 is on its way. It is due within the next 2 years. It is potentially worse than the 1930’s too because we are no longer an agrarian society that can produce food locally, let alone deal with all the other necessities of life. It won’t be welcome, but it certainly will put this planetary destroying capitalist juggernaut on it’s back foot.


This is writing effectively encourages participation in the resistance against the current uprise in authoritarian rule around the globe It is followed by many useful comments by the CD community. It is regretful that many disavow the power of voting. The corrupt system of voting made more complicated by individual states frequent and sometimes effective attempts to void voters voices validates that opinion. However voting along with massive dissent of protests is the only means that we have to effect any change.

So while I will be in the with the 3 million humans “in front of the Capitol, Congress, White House, Statehouses, Court Houses, demanding resignations or prison terms for the lot of them” in the meantime I will vote for which ever candidate makes the best “promises”. Because voting in this country is a duty not a right. We will lose the right to vote if we do not exercise it. Why are the Powerful taking so much effort to deny the people the right to vote? Post election let us hold the candidates to their “promises”.


From Rebel_Farmer, post:16
“Another crash far worse than 2008 is on its way. It is due within the next 2 years.”

Interesting premise heard from a variety of sources.

" It is potentially worse than the 1930’s too because we are no longer an agrarian society that can produce food locally, let alone deal with all the other necessities of life. It won’t be welcome, but it certainly will put this planetary destroying capitalist juggernaut on it’s back foot."

Hunger was the final ingredient which sparked the French Revolution. Community gardens have been steadily growing in this country and although they will not solve massive crop failure they are part of a revolution of resistance. Do you know how many community gardens exist?


You and Pony are reminding me of the movement to refuse paying income taxes. With prisons and “detention centers,” aka concentration camps, overflowing, what could “they” do with millions of us who refuse to pay?


Web, just a question out of curiosity: how come you don’t use the words ‘American fascism’ or ‘neo-Nazis’ which is exactly what DHS and ICE are?