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Trump’s Velvet Coup: Kavanaugh Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg


:-). I’d put Jill in there.


“The gross diminishment of public education has been no “failure,” it has been a horrific success, and fills a key role in what is now transpiring under Trump.”

I have a photo of a Florence evacuation centre - it was a High School gym - and there are 4 large posters on the wall reading “Girl’s Tennis”, “Girl’s Cross Country”, Girl’s Volleyball" and “Girl’s Basketball” with pictures of the winning teams.


You’re exactly right. But so many people have succumbed to the brainwashing. What do we do???


The “defense” budget (the “make contractors and corporations rich beyond the dreams of avarice” budget) is BANKRUPTING the country and the latest HUGE giveaway to the 1% will make it much worse. An excuse to cut everything that benefits working Americans and the poor. Yet so many people refuse to see it. Voting being compromised and hacked. How do we fight back???


This article is about fascism and the fact that we are now completely there. We just saw a farce of a judicial appointment hearing in which the nominee blatantly perjured himself many times. The response was “doesn’t matter - - we’re the ones in power.”

We have to address the media’s role in this as well as the attitude of certain democrats whose “play nice” policy allows the fascists to grab more power and break more rules, supposedly so some of those voters who are fascists on the fence might vote D next time.


We hit the streets, demand resignations from the criminals stealing our futures, our kid’s futures, and their kid’s futures.

If we get 3 million out in the streets nationwide, another 3 million will join, and so on.

There are not enough jails to hold all of us that want to put all of them in.


The media mouthpieces must be given a choice as well, resign or join the Revolution.

Democrats playing nice must choose sides as well, corporations or the common working man/woman.

When the shit hits the fan, there’ll be no going back.


That would be the majority of American citizens!


It has already happened! When Bush, the younger, said: “THE CONSTITUTION IS JUST A DAMN PIECE OF PAPER” he should have been tried for treason, but of course, being a fascist, war criminal the fact was never mentioned.


Scrap the parts of the Constitution that no longer work, period:

  1. give up on the illusion of providing substantive checks and balances between three equal and independent branches of government and seek alternative checks on power
  2. vanquish two senators allotted per state regardless of great differences in population sizes among states
  3. abolish the Electoral College altogether as gross misrepresentation
  4. remove the cap on the fixed number of members assigned to the House of Representatives
  5. drastically scale back the massive overreach of executive power, including its interference in Congress’ right to declare war/send any and all troops
  6. demilitarize the police and place strong checks on police power; make cops sued for brutality financially responsible for all restitution; criminalize frame-ups by police and D.A.’s
  7. halt all profit-making activities of government related to citizen loans
  8. tax all personal wealth over $1 million at 100%, including redistribution of all billionaire wealth over this million dollar mark, which proceeds would be used in part to provide all driving citizens with free electric cars
  9. totally free health care; free health club membership; free public university education; free Internet access as public utility
  10. breakup of all media monopolies; free access to public airways in all electoral contests; public funding of all campaigns for public offices on an equal basis
  11. term limits for all judges and S.C. justices
  12. prevent profiteering by weapons manufacturers via nationalizing industry; prevent weapons sales to any foreign governments; destroy all nuclear weapons in concert with all countries in possession of same
  13. freeze defense budget until verifiable audit is performed; halt all purposeless warring and military missions
  14. massive Manhattan-scale Project to transition away from all fossil fuels to sustainable energies
  15. nationalize all energy companies
  16. nationalize all too-big-to-fail banks and establish public banking throughout the states
  17. transition away from consumer capitalist society based on perpetual growth
    for starters . . . .


The rest-of-us ought not be so smug as to watch the United States fold in on itself and decay in isolation. So much of world leadership is also of the underworld that there is a strong sense and smell of it coming closer to us with each broadcast of another mastermind of mafia-like atrocity. Canada already has a strong hint of it on our doorstep with those of this ilk who saw their chance to take over government in Ontario and we know there are others in back rooms gearing up for future elections.


There are some very interesting aspects of this case regarding how victims of sexual assault are treated and reproductive rights. However, unfortunately every word said or printed about those aspects draws attention away from the fact that the 1982 diary/calendar proves that Ford has identified the correct people.

If the FBI had heard Ford’s story during a background check, and if the FBI had obtained his 1982 diary/calendar, the only issue would be whether he would be allowed to resign his Federal judge position quietly or not so quietly. Now the truth will eventually come out and it will be much worse for Kavanaugh.

Once Ford’s account included three people she said were there and his calendar had them all at Tim’s house on July 1, 1982, the only way that Kavanaugh is not lying is either: Ford somehow obtained access to his 1982 diary/calendar, or Ford has a time machine or Ford stalked Kavanaugh in 1982 and planned to do this, if and when he was nominated to the Supreme Court.

In any normal case where BOTH the victim and the defendant’s calendar unambiguously put defendant and three people the victim identified as being there, the defendant would not dispute that he was there, but rather he would argue it was consensual. That train has left already for Kavanaugh.

Possibly the curious slack that the media is giving Kavenaugh, given the overwhelming evidence that he is lying, could be due to sympathy for his plight as a repressed homosexual. Once Ford’s account included three people she said were there AND his calendar had them all at Tim’s house on July 1, 1982, Ford’s description of the interior of Gaudette’s house in Rockville, MD exactly matches.

Kavanaugh is a classic textbook case of a repressed homosexual. The incident at Tim Gaudette’s house in Rockville, MD on July 1, 1982, where Kavanaugh and Mark Judge attempted to “have sex together” in the same bed as Christine Ford, was typical repressed homosexual behaviour. Some heterosexual men fantasize or even obess with having sex with two women at the same time. In contrast, many repressed homosexual men fantasize or even obess with having sex with another man with a women at the same time as a conduit. This is the “devil’s triangle” that Kavanaugh has in his yearbook.

Kavanaugh was probably being truthful when he claimed that he did not have intercourse with a woman until much later in life than would be normal, given the opportunities available in the 1980s and 1990s for a star school athlete and wealthy Yale attendee. Some men born homosexual into socially conservative households and environments, where they feel they must repress what nature selected for them turn to alcohol. Some blame their unfortunate plight on women and exhibit hostile behavior or attitudes towards women. Mark Judge’s year book tellingly contains the quote “women should be struck regularly, like gongs”. The Both Kavanaugh and Mark Judge have been described by many as exhibiting aggressive hostile behavior towards women especially when drunk.