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Trump’s Victory is Not the Last Word – We Are Not Defeated


Trump’s Victory is Not the Last Word – We Are Not Defeated

People's Action

WASHINGTON - This statement was issued by People's Action co-directors LeeAnn Hall and George Goehl in response to the election of Donald J, Trump as president of the United States:

Donald Trump’s election to the presidency is nothing short of a disaster for America. He is a racist, misogynist, and xenophobe. And we, like many of you, fear for our families, our neighbors, our country and the planet. But now is not the time to bury our heads in the sand. There is no time mourn, we must prepare for what may well be the fight of our lives.



Yeah, we are defeated. At least I am. The only way I got through the horrific Bush presidency was on the promise that I would live to see the day when all the damage he did would be reversed. But we have just elected Adolf Hitler.

I've joined #calexit, and I'm checking on which countries are easiest to immigrate to. Failing either of those options, I have an entire bowl of castor bean seeds.


You are clearly a victim of the politically correct cultural relativists ignorant media who had defamed Donald Trump to cover up REAL crimes and treason of the Clinton syndicate and B. Hussein Obama and their Muslim Brotherhood supporters.

Donald trump will be a great US President who will turn US Titanic away from the course toward an iceberg of politically correct cultural relativism and jihad.


why don't you go for a permanent Hajj to Saudi Arabia?!


Please consider against it. In these coming times we need as many progressive people as possible.


To be very blunt, our better-off have been oblivious to much that has been happening. To try to put it all into a nutshell:

The Reagan Democrats of the 1980s moved to the right to merge with the Clinton wing in the 1990s. The Clinton wing sold the neoliberal agenda to the beat of a rock and roll song. This has enabled them to reverse much of a century of socioeconomic progress. Bill Clinton ended actual welfare aid, and had enough time to take the first steps to similarly "reform" Social Security (targeting the disabled). Our liberal media responded by launching a boisterous pep rally for the middle class, ignoring the consequences of the Clinton agenda. We have a poverty crisis, and there is no public will to legitimately address it. (For the record, President Obama was able to get Congress to restore disability benefits. Congress, however, Dems included, soon enough resumed targeting them again.)

The middle class is now feeling the anxiety that the poor began experiencing in the 1980s. It's a legitimate reaction. You'll adjust, because one really doesn't have a choice. What can we do? What are we willing to do? Before you begin contemplating those questions, come to terms with the fact that we're only more deeply divided by class and race than we were a decade ago.




Most of us can't afford to move anywhere. Canada has been OK with the better-off moving there.


First time encountering a real, live Trumpster?