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Trump’s Voter Suppression Team is Playing the Long Game


Trump’s Voter Suppression Team is Playing the Long Game

John Light

Earlier this week, the ACLU and the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law each filed separate lawsuits against the Trump administration, alleging that its Commission on Election Integrity is violating federal law.


Do these two nimrods in the picture look like used car salesmen, or what?


Apologies to used car salesmen.


Jonathan Brater sez: “Unfortunately, we have lots of examples of bad purges. Most notorious were those in Florida in 2000, when eligible voters were confused with ineligible individuals.”

Brater seems charitable with his verb. Florida’s election that year was run by a) George W. Bush’s brother and b) George W. Bush’s campaign co-chair. Those two were not confused in the slightest.


Unfortunately, even Bernie Sanders was far too airy about this looming long term threat from the GOP who know full well that low turnout unrepresentative elections favor them.


You’re right Chicken.

Apologies to Used Car Salesmen.


I don’t know… Hasn’t the political parties’ efforts to restrict the vote and to render voters’ choices useless been going on for some 230 years?

To quote that Wiki article: The United States is alone among major countries in that self-interested politicians govern the redistricting process.