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Trump’s Wall an Ugly Scar Across Hot Zone of Biological Diversity

Trump’s Wall an Ugly Scar Across Hot Zone of Biological Diversity

Juan Cole

Trump’s Wall, like most Trump fantasies, is more symbolic than real, which is why he can never remember what its shape would be or what to call it. The fact is that it is just a projection of his racist anxieties, something standing between him and the rapists, murderers, and drug dealers he believes seep into his life from the south, just his worst subconscious impulses seep up to make him rape and launder money and commit other enormities. Trump’s Wall is a mirror for his unfaced dark side, which he projects on the Mexican Other.


If any think this article on biological diversity and the impact the wall will have on the species we share this world with , will have any effect on those that support Herr trump…

These are people who believed a Hurricane that moved through Mexico while that caravan of migrants was moving north , was send by God to defend the USA.


In for a penny, in for a pound. The Republican’s complicity in this wall farce, spells the Abuse of Power by many, implying an even greater awakening to the wholesale level of corruption within our governing bodies that must be addressed and persecuted.

The Democrat’s inaction is frighteningly complicit in appearance.

If the Democratic Party Establishment fails to begin impeachment trials of Trump, and all those who are conspiring to abuse their power for the sole reason of maintaining power, they too, show their complicity.


The “ugly scar” across our republic and entire planet is the trumpenfuhrer himself and his cabinet of mental illness and greed…a malignant arrogant, un-educated racist POS leads them!

And if Mueller has the goods on Trump and is holding back on giving us the skinny, we have wasted millions of worms to catch a stringer of small fries.

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Mueller will release both barrells in the end.


Now that was a cheeky one.

Impeaching just Trump will not solve a thing. The whole admin needs to be gone from top down. Most of republican politicians along with their corporate democrats support a lot of this power grab.

The negative environmental effects of the wall is to me the real reason for being against it.
I’m glad to see this article to keep that awareness out there.