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Trump’s War on the Truth Tellers


Trump’s War on the Truth Tellers

Robert Reich

Trump and his White House don’t argue on the merits. They attack the credibility of the institutions that come up with facts and arguments they don’t like.

They even do it preemptively. Last week, White House press secretary Sean Spicer warned that the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office couldn’t be trusted to come up with accurate numbers about the costs and coverage of the Republicans' replacement for the Affordable Care Act.


"Trump is actively destroying the truth-telling institutions our democracy depends on."

No kidding. For many of us democracy is a top priority but many American apparently feel differently. They seem to race and culture as being top priorities and are not that concerned about authoritarianism. The same type of thinking seems to be taking place in Europe. If democracy means multiculturalism and a shrinking percentage of whites then democracy seems to be a failure to those people.


Trump remains at a distance whether to people in general, his being a multibillionaire limiting his peer group at best. At a distance from employees and their humanity, here is a billionaire who emceed a show where the idea was to fire people. At a distance from government whom he bribed and corrupted with contributions and such.

Trump is a man at a distance from everyone for Trump expects to look down on everyone as his due.

The truth is owed to others out of ethics and respect but a personality like the Royal Trump never feels like he owes anyone respect. He decides whether he will show them a degree of respect or as he has boasted that he will disrespect them by grabbing their genitals (women) and breasts out of his sheer arrogance ... and a lack of respect for societal rules of decency. A 'royal' arrogance of impunity.

Why would such a person care about the truth? For him the truth is mainly irrelevant unless it agrees with what he wants. It isn't so much as the the 'royal' Trump is making war on the truth tellers...

...it is that Trump is making war on our truth tellers. They were immaterial to him. They were of no use to him unless they agree with him. For the 'royal' Trump, the truth is mainly an inconvenience that might interfere with his doing what he wants to do at any one point in time. The same attitude seems to be at play towards democracy in Trump's mind.

He is acting like he was given a crown and not elected to a public office.


And he was only "elected" by the Electoral College", not by the majority of PEOPLE who voted!

I think he is a sociopath. I suspect that most of his appointments/nominees are sociopaths. I'm pretty sure House and Senate leadership are mostly sociopathic to some degree.

We are headed for a cliff! These clowns are driving the car, and they are accelerating!


Must read: What Steve Bannon Really Wants:


Trump goes way beyond "war on the truth TELLERS".

Congruent with Goebbels' playbook, in order to keep his base from defecting, Trump needs to constantly be adding new enemies to his list of enemies that only he can save his followers from. Facts, truth and logic were added to Trump's list of enemies early in his campaign. The CBO is just the latest addition on Trump's list of enemies that provide the daily ration of raw meat to Trump's base needed to keep them loyal.


The longer the public tolerates this man the more they deserve him.


The dems and pundits need a real strategy to inform the Trump voters. This is just singing to the choir and for the last 27 years it just keeps getting worst. Why?

Dems have known what they are up against since 1992 but keep trying to work with repug thugs to no avail (yes I know that doesn't help by calling them names but I know they aren't listening to me or you).

They've known it is the messaging, they should of known their message is not resonating with the people and if they want to win elections they need to get rid of the Clintonites (can't remember the label used to describe these repug light dems).


Best "nutshell" summation of DT I've yet read, Wf, thanks for that nice shot in the arm.


My mistake then Mr. Drumpf. I thought your campaign was "one of the biggest hoaxes in American modern politics” and that your presidency is “the biggest joke there is."


"...and they are accelerating..."directly towards the spike strips that are us, the American people.

We possess the power to stop them in their tracks. It's going to take unity, and persistence.

We have something they don't have. The truth. And like the saying goes, it will set us free.


I'm with you on this, PonyBoy! Hopefully we will prevail. We have no other choice.


Stay positive Nighthawk. Truth will prevail.

I've only been in a couple fights in my life, and I was fortunate to be able to make a pre-emptive strike in each, which led to the diffusing of the aggression. I'm in my senior years but this old man is ready to go if they bring the fight to us.

And I'd bet there's millions of my fellow Americans that are willing to stand with me.


Like you, I'm in my senior years too. Old enough to remember when this country, and its people, were better than this, albeit far from perfect. The level of callousness and mean-spiritedness is something
I don't ever recall as being this bad. I think one main reason is the normalization of forever war.


So the Republican controlled CBO is now the good guy? Will this Trump induced re-normalization ever end? Soon, Karl Rove will be hosting the Oscars.

I would remind readers that it was only a few years ago the CBO got busted inflating the impact Social Security will have on our national debt to facilitate the Obama team's right wing attempts to cut entitlements.

I can't wait to see Robert Reich in a Jeb Bush administration.


I think you are giving Americans too much credit here. Segregation in the South was not that long ago. Listen to Neil Young's Southern Man to jog your memory. What about blacklisting and McCarthyism. Maybe going back a little further than that the reaction to dropping two nuclear bombs on Japan perhaps should be questioned. Then going forward again what about the violent reaction to people protesting the Vietnam War. There were the hard hat construction workers physically attacking protestors. And what was called the police riots at the Democratic Convention in 1968. And of course the shooting of students at Kent State (prompting another song Neil Young). Of course during that period John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King were assassinated. Something new I think is intolerance on the left. The Bernie Bros were bad news. Students on campus who didn't support Bernie had to live in fear of being attacked with verbal abuse and I think in some cases of being attacked phyically. And there is now an intolerance of speakers who dare to question the views of the left-leaning students. See the link.


I was in the last all-white segregated graduating class of my high school (1964). In November of 1963, they put the news from Dallas on our P.A. system, and I heard Walter Cronkite say, with trembling
voice, that President Kennedy had died. I saw Ruby shoot Oswald on live television, as it happened. I will not defend segregation. I was always against it. But I know that the South desegregated more
quickly than many Northern areas did. Even MLK acknowledged the fact that "de facto" segregation in the Chicago area, and others,was a greater challenge for him.

Much was changing for the better 1963-1973. So much, that it created fear, and a backlash effect, which was cynically used by politicians, from Wallace and Nixon, continuing with Reagan, and persisting
today, as part of the Trump phenomenon. This all began in 1968, which saw two of our brightest lights of positive change extinguished-----King and RFK.

And yet, with all of that going on, and with the Vietnam war quickly losing support, there was, in the hearts of everyday people, more tolerance, more willingness to cooperate, more empathy, than I see now. People were able to change their minds, if it became obvious that they were wrong. There was hope in the air, especially for the young. There was a sense of possibilities. There were even good
politicians, like McGovern, Gene McCarthy, Dirksen, Udall, Shirley Chisholm, Barbara Jordan and many others. I started to see this rapidly decline in the Eighties, as the "Christian Right" became a
force in Republican politics, and Right-wing think tanks became so influential in policy-making. I'm not imagining all this. I've lived through it and observed it!


This reminds me of a certain Labor Secretary of Bill Clinton's when shown evidence that NAFTA was going to decimate US jobs said:

"Labor Leaders are just plain wrong." And then made the preposterous lie that US jobs would actually increase under NAFTA since cheap labor in Mexico would allow more people to afford cars.

I can provide the links of RR's lies if anyone is interested.

(He's the author of "SuperCapitalism" defending globalization, and claiming that corporations should not be taxed at all.)


Apples to oranges comparison. When Clinton was elected in 1992, he was the first Democrat elected to the presidency in 12 years. Two Republican presidents in a row bested left-of-center Democratic nominees, including one who was an old-school labor-backed Democrat (the kind Democrats supposedly ditched). Notably, when the latter happened, it was by an incumbent president who publicly and proudly broke a labor strike and stacked the NLRB with anti-union appointees. This same Democratic nominee was nearly brought down in a three way primary by that year's Bernie Sanders, Gary Hart, who got the youth vote and more delegates than Sanders by running on what we'd term a neoliberal platform.

You just can't compare what was going on then to now and say it was Democrat's fault. The country and its voters had changed, a process started by Nixon and near-complete under Reagan. The Democrats have moved to the left now--the ACA never would've been passed in 1984 or 1988--and we are in the process of pushing them to move more.


Actually, Clinton was the first Democrat to be elected in 16 years, 1976-1992.