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Trump’s War on Voters Has a Long History: We Need a Grassroots Voting-Rights Movement to Fight Back


Trump’s War on Voters Has a Long History: We Need a Grassroots Voting-Rights Movement to Fight Back

John Atlas, Peter Dreier

Donald Trump’s war on voting rights, like much of his behavior, is rooted in revenge. After the November election, Trump tweeted that he lost the popular vote because 3 million to 5 million “illegals” fraudulently voted for Hillary Clinton. According to Trump, an unprecedented and truly astonishing amount of fraud was committed in the 2016 election — and no officials noticed. Without any evidence, he’s repeated accusations that nefarious groups organized non-citizens, dead people, and citizens registered in multiple states to engage in a huge voting scandal.


I am worried about what this commission is going to recommend and perhaps get passed through a republican dominated congress. Remember, during the 2016 campaign Mike Pence, then still Governor of Indiana, had a secret squad of the Indiana state police raid the offices of a group that was registering voters in the state, claiming they might be registering some illegal voters. In the raid, the police seized all of the office and personal computers and phones of the people working there. Is this the type of police state repression they are trying to bring upon the US?


“We need a new wave of grassroots organizing to protect democracy’s core principle – the right to vote.”


Seems obvious, the answer that is. First of all we need a Congress that actually governs. A useful Congress is actually one where the oath of office is taken seriously, Protect and Defend, not the ocean shores, but Protect and Defend the Constitution. Second we need the Congress to pass a bill that dictates rules for every Federal Election, the one that comes around every two years in November. The new rule is that it becomes a Federal Felony for any person to hinder registration, remove from the registration list, give out incorrect false information to any votes who is qualified to vote by being a United States Citizen. The correct penalty will be a fine of 1,500 for each qualified voter who was restricted from participation iin the election. Moreover that fine is also assessed on any person instructing or encouraging another person to participate in the felony. Therefore, a person who incorrectly removes 1,000 voters from a voter registration list is required to pay 1.5 M as a fine. If five people are in an administrative chain, say a Senator, a Party leader, a Party officer, a county clerk, an assistant to the county clerk, etc., the total fine would be $ 7.5M. People who tamper with voting results, such as not reporting correct numbers, are also committing such a felony, with similar punishment. Those who cannot or will not pay the fine will have their assets seized, up to 100% of their net wealth. Simple. The FBI is chartered to be the enforcement arm of this Congressional action.



The attacks on voter rights is an Republicon thing and has been going on long before 45 arrived on the scene. Attacking voter rights is also an ALEC thing, a Koch Inc thing, a righty wing think tank thing as well.
Yeah, plenty of minions, yup.


Donald Trump is so unpopular that he would have to disenfranchise 50% of eligible voters in order to be reelected. Sorry, Sleaze-in-Chief, you are outmatched!


It took less than 90 minutes for American hackers to hack our currently used Election machines at a recent IT show. We have been saying how important our voting issues are since 2000 and the hanging chads yet NOTHING has been done except more supression.
At least make it so all votes have a paper print and one that the voter can look at before leaving . It would be difficult for the GOP to say no to something so simple and transparent.
Also,There is something wrong with the electoral system when the loser has 3 million more votes than the winner.


If you look at the underlying causes of our dysfunctional political system, the hijacking of our voting machines, cross check, and other forms of voter suppression, including jerrymandering, you’ll want to sign on to this grassroots’ movement. If we can legitimize the voting process, we’ll be in a position to attack the toxic source of inequality, climate change, etc. The source is of course money. Reducing the toxic influence of money in our political economic systems is critical, which we can only do if we have a fair electoral process. Strategically it requires two steps.


Kindly explain your rather opaque comment?