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Trump’s Wars: More to Come


Trump’s Wars: More to Come

Paul Rogers

A series of accelerating and interlocking security crises, from the Middle East and southwest Asia to North Korea, makes the first months of 2017 an especially perilous time. Increasing the dangers is the way that domestic politics in the United States are coming to shape the Trump’s administration's global military adventurism.


Eternal occupations and wars sustain eternal revenue for the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) of which Trump and his cronies are deeply embedded.

How can we continue funding domestic programs like Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare when MIMIC needs that money to enable them to buy more politicians in the US and abroad ?


" More to come."

Trump is the ultimate leader and war monger for America's, fascist, world wide empire. And I fervently hope I am wrong, but I would argue, we have not seen anything yet compared to the next 4/8 years!

Trump reminds me of that Woody Guthrie song: Big Muddy.


Pete Seeger?


Yes, Pete Seeger. Thanks for the correction. Woody sang it but Pete wrote it.


Don't blame the wars on Trump. He understands full well that his popularity will rise if he starts more wars. The perversity and degeneracy of American society is to blame and until there is a wholesale change in the demented attitudes of Americans, he will continue to destroy and kill overseas!