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Trump’s Whistleblowers—Why Pardoning Manning and Snowden Makes Sense Now


Trump’s Whistleblowers—Why Pardoning Manning and Snowden Makes Sense Now

Ryan Goodman, Samuel Moyn

Whatever you might have previously thought about the notion of President Barack Obama pardoning Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden, the election of Donald Trump changes everything. The stunning new reality, and the threat it poses to Americans and non-Americans, shifts and strengthens the case for Obama to take this extraordinary step before he departs: pardoning these two most visible critics for their illegal disclosures. The rationale: to empower and embolden whistleblowers over the next four years and beyond.


I agree that President Obama should pardon Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden. He should also pardon Leonard Peltier, Oscar Lopez Rivera, Mumia Abu Jamal and the other Black revolutionaries jailed for their political beliefs decades ago. It is unquestionable certain that President Obama will.

President Obama can also empty out Guantanamo and leave it essentially shuttered. It is also clear that he will not do this either.

On the contrary, President Obama failure to act on these injustices will ensure that these unjustly imprisoned individuals remain imprisoned throughout Trump's terms in office.


Yes, Obama SHOULD pardon these people & many others, & I wish he would.

But most likely he won't, because he chased Snowden to the ends of the earth & quietly approved while the Army tortured Manning.

That's thing...fascism has been here at least since 2001, & rather than trying to push it back, Obama & the Democrats normalized & expanded it.

And the War on Terror, also normalized & expanded by Obama, dehumanized the whole Muslim world in the hearts & minds of Americans...making them non-persons, suitable for bombing or droning.

You can't have a national policy like that without poisoning minds on a massive scale.

Obama & the Dems are deeply complicit in the new national nightmare. And don't forget it, no matter how we try to cope with it.


Let's hope that Obama pardons Snowden before leaving, otherwise, on January 20, at exactly 12:01PM, the goons of Trump's friend Putin will be frog-walking him into a waiting CIA plane bound to the USA.

It is reminiscent of the way they had to use a split screen for the TV coverage of Reagan's inauguration on January 20, 1981, in order to show the embassy hostages in Tehran being filed onto the homeward-bound plane at the precise time Reagan lifted his hand back off the bible.

It's quid-pro-quo time again - except that Snowden's fate will be exactly the opposite of that of the hostages!


Evidently Obama doesn't mind going down in history as a secrecy tyrant almost, if not, as bad and as entitled as the Clintons after promising to be one of the most transparent administrations in history.

It is unconscionable too that Snowden, Assange and Manning are in hiding or behind bars. These men and the others listed in other posts should be released poste haste. No excuses. No delays. The public deserves a transparent government and they will have it one way or another.


In the article at the bottom of this post:

When asked if he would pardon Edward Snowden, Obama said, “I can’t pardon somebody who hasn’t gone before a court and presented themselves, so that’s not something that I would comment on at this point.”

Wonderful news (not for Snowden)! - I'm now so relieved that we can we be absolutely certain that Obama won't pardon Clinton, until she has gone before a court and presented herself; and, by that time, he should be out of office; and, no longer able to pardon anyone. -- Furthermore, what's there to pardon? She hasn't been charged with anything.

It's going to be interesting to see how Obama is going to finagle this. Can a President absolve someone for any wrong they might ever have done? I doubt it. Of course, Obama could always become a priest; and, give her absolution. (-:

Obama says he ‘can’t pardon’ Snowden unless whistleblower goes to court