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Trump’s Worst Collusion Isn’t With Russia — It’s With Corporations


Trump’s Worst Collusion Isn’t With Russia — It’s With Corporations

Peter Certo

I’ve always been a little skeptical that there’d be a smoking gun about the Trump campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia. The latest news about Donald Trump, Jr., however, is tantalizingly close.

The short version of the story, revealed by emails the New York Times obtained, is that the president’s eldest son was offered “some official documents and information that would incriminate Hillary” and “would be very useful to your father.”


it must be remembered that trump is not the only sleeze bag in bed with corporate greed and corrupt influence or has played dirty with foreign agents in elections trying to destroy an adversary to win - that other sleeze bag (among countless others of greater or lesser import, is the Red Queen Hillary Clinton. With all the filth the trump regime is responsible for we fous almost exclusively on "Russia-Gate" - the trump regime and all its operatives including family members are evil and destructive, and in service to corporate greed and profits above all else, so please a little focus on some less than sensational scandal and deregulation of critical import to the American people and the world - like say the crimes against humanity committed in Yemen by the Saudi swine that we arm, aid, and support! War crimes? Hey par for the course - nothing to see....move along, move along...


I am surprised at you. Tell me, which song and dance would the Trumpers advocate? Nailing their asses to the wall with tenacious determination or not making such a big deal about anything that could nail their asses to the wall?

I keep hearing so called progressives and liberals who rant and rave about how bad Trump is and yet they want to cut him some slack anyway. I hear pundits go on about "Aw gee, where was the crime?" Or "Junior says there was no info, so what then is the big deal?" Plus other excuses amounting to saying " C'mon give the guy a break, he's new and his son is new too."

A president of the USA has worked in secret behind the scenes with a foreign power to subvert our elections in his favor, in effect giving them unknown access to our government and is perhaps already compromised himself. He and his advisors have repeatedly lied under oath about their own contacts on his behalf!


If We the People stop "them", We then get a third party in the debates. We take back the "shit hole" being dug right now for us. Then we have to deal with "them". When "they" are imprisoned in our public, humane prisons, we will be a Jahmin' family, going forward!.


Are you kiddin me? Please don't think my comment in any way was meant to cut trump or anyone in his regime or family any frackin slack - apologies if it came off like that - and I don;t really see how - you should know I hold the highest contempt for trump, his R'Con backers, and his family.......as well as corporate-whore warmonger Dems. C'mon Wereflea, you know me better than that don't ya? Jeeze Louise......When have I ever given that MoFo any slack?!


Certo writes: "... the politicians leading the charge [on Russiagate] don’t have a snowball’s chance of redeeming our democracy unless they’re willing to take on the corporate conspirators much closer to home."

Absolutely true. Also tragically true, "the politicians leading the charge" are by and large in collusion with those corporate conspirators against democracy.


Peter Certo, sshhhh! You'll offend the few "soft liberals" who prefer to think that the Russian preference for (the less overtly threatening) Trump is the greatest threat to America and the "democracy" that we once had...before partisans from both sides of the aisle sold it out while colluding with those corporations.




This is why I hardly care about russiagate. Sure hillary would have colluded with corporations too but I'm not so sure she would have gone to the extreme levels of self-interest that rump has. While rump's collusions with corporations may technically be legal according to how the laws are written today, I cannot say that rump has been very ethical.


Sock Puppet Trump continues the Game, begun long ago, and followed by all Approved Presidents.

As Scion Vulture Romney dared once to remonstrate a Citizen : "Corporations are People, my friend!"

To which all Sane Citizens must return a resounding : "Fuck You!"


Exactly right.


Well said. Besides the resounding "Fuck You", sane citizens can do a lot more to build democracy. If you're in the neighborhood, attend the Democracy Convention in Minneapolis August 2 - 6. It's really affordable and where else will you find so many democracy advocates, activists, and organizers in one place, discussing the democratization of everything from the Constitution to the economy and the environment to the media.

Conjure up your American Revolutionary DNA and connect it to the expanding democracy movement!


Collusion begins at home


Let's get real. Both political parties and their elected officials have been colluding with corporations for a very long time. Trump is the result of a system designed to allow this outcome, because if we had real checks and balances in our Constitution, an unhinged, functionally illiterate, billionaire CEO with multitudinous conflicts of interest, who gropes women just because, could not have become president.


Case in point, net neutrality. B(r)ought to you by Verizon.


There are a lot of false equivalences and both sides do it above. No, both sides do NOT do it. To say that they do is like saying both a candle and the sun are hot.