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Trump Said Some Stuff About Rudy Giuliani, Stormy Daniels, How Great Everything Is, and "Witch Hunts"


Trump Said Some Stuff About Rudy Giuliani, Stormy Daniels, How Great Everything Is, and "Witch Hunts"

Common Dreams staff

President Donald Trump was on his way out of town on Friday, but wanted to say a few things before heading off to the NRA's national convention in Texas for a speech later in the day.

First he said some stuff outside the White House:

President Trump: "Rudy knows it’s a witch hunt. He started yesterday. He'll get his facts straight. He's a great guy." pic.twitter.com/zkWrwZsRqD


Just asking: why is Trump saying Rudy needs to get his facts straight instead of calling it fake news?


…as soon as we decide what the facts need to be…

With apologies to John Kennedy Toole, what a confederacy of dunces!


I love how this story is panning out. Nobody seems to have the slightest clue what they’re trying to say any more. This week the new Republican (save Trump) narrative has concentrated on emphasising how the money Trump now admits to paying Cohen was wasn’t campaign funds.

Is anyone bothered any more that Trump had sex sessions with a porn actress whilst his wife was nursing a baby and then paid her to shut up about it?

And then - Trump spends a couple of days trying to convince the world that he’s got the support of the evangelicals! You couldn’t make it up…

How much further does America have toi sink before it finds a shred of self respect and removes this man from office before he makes your country look any more ridiculous than he’s already done.


Yes, as soon as we decide what the alternate facts are!


Rudy is a senile Cheshire Cat.


Jeepers, look at all those adoring goobers in the second pic. No wonder this country is so f****ed up. “OMIGOSH, A CELEBRITY! That’s why I voted for him, yaknow!”


Unfortunately John, he does have the support of evangelicals. What does that say about them ?


We can now clearly see what FOX is. A propaganda generator of the third world kind. It doesn’t deserve the protection of Free speech. It creates bent truth on its way to feeding the frenzy of the Fascist in our society. That basket of deplorable Mrs. Clinton spoke of. To capitalize on this rage, to a quasi-degree justified, with false facts is dangerous. Example: the poor and less wealthy are going to suffer a massive financial punishment with a trade war.