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Trump Says Covid-19 Is 'Going to Sort of Just Disappear, I Hope' on Same Day New US Cases Topped 50,000 for First Time

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/02/trump-says-covid-19-going-sort-just-disappear-i-hope-same-day-new-us-cases-topped


Who’s running this pop-stand anyway?


He also said he looked like the “lone ranger” with his black face mask on.


Sorry to be this guy, but more proof is coming of the old phrase “figures lie, and liars figure.” For example
Last month the government claimed the US economy added a record number of jobs for one month, over two million. However, in reality land, all that number meant was that 2 million people who were furloughed at the beginning of Covid were called back to work. It didn’t take into account that nearly 40 million had lost their jobs, so it’s actually still a goddamn enormous net loss.
They reported quietly yesterday that retail sales went up by a record number in June. Of course that’s only when it’s compared to May, one of the worst declines in sales in US history. And of course the level of spending when compared to say, last June, a true statistical comparison, was awful. At the end of the day, this June’s sales were way lower than last June’s.
And of course the reported coronavirus testing and mortality rates are so misrepresented as to be laughable lies. We of course know that mortality rates have been under reported since Covids inception, as many states (like mine, PA) never instituted testing of corpses by coroners and morticians as per emergency guidelines. Most states reported dramatic rises in mortality rates in Feb, March and April, yet they were not reporting Covid deaths (however, Florida in April and May reported a record number of “pneumonia” deaths.) And now that two of our most populous states, Florida and Texas, are finally beginning to do extensive testing, the daily number of reported cases has grown to over 50 thousand. That alone proves that in all likelihood, the case number has been dramatically higher than reported the first three months of this pandemic.
In truth, all levels of government, from federal all the way down to small town councils, have done everything in their power to downplay the extent of this virus. That’s why it’s getting worse.


Thanks again for that one. I said “oh my Godzilla” out loud as I cooked on the grill last weekend, and my 13 year old niece heard me. She has been using it ever since.
Apparently it may have staying power among the teeniebopper crowd :slight_smile:


I believe many countries have downplayed the extent of the virus.

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Inquiring minds want to know: How does our endemic (of endemics) end, anyhow? It’s such an awful question, nobody wants to ask or answer it thoroughly. We have to assume one of these vaccines will be effective (not just safe: it also has to work) – but these stalwart facts stand in the way of practical hopes for a vaccine:

  • No vaccine for any coronavirus has ever been developed.
  • Other viruses (notably HIV) plague humanity with no vaccine in sight after years.
  • SARS2 (the virus behind COVID-19) appears to be a microbial team-player like HIV, leveraging any immune-system hollows it can find, with complicated implications.

So no vaccine, imho. (Their bar is pretty low, incidentally: 50% effective is supposedly enough to call it a “vaccine.”) People working on a vaccine are already absurdly speaking of better immunity than one gets from the disease itself. They talk this way because it becomes more obvious that natural immunity from catching it only lasts a few weeks, if that. As happened with a couple dozen Teddy Roosevelt sailors: You can catch it again right after recovering and testing negative (twice). Very little immunity to be had, natural or artificial. That’s the current situation, likely to continue.

Some countries which messed up might find it possible to clean up. Sweden and UK are probably beyond the pale because the bug has taken hold of entire communities. California’s Imperial County, on the border of both Mexico and Arizona, shows 23% positive for tests of the general population. Community infection like that will not stay put. I haven’t even seen the back-of-the-envelope best-case slash worst-case for where this goes from here. It’s getting way too horrible to contemplate.


I am reading the same data you are.
I think the idea of a truly protective vaccine is fantasy as well.
Imagine being a youngish and healthy person getting COVID19 once, recovering with some minor lung damage then getting it again with maybe some more lung damage and then again And again until you finally wear out and succumb to one of the multitudinous side effects.

If nothing changes I am leaning towards this possibly being the sad, pathetic way humanity ends… probably with some people with ‘super genes‘ left as remnants of course …


That’s what I don’t want to say out loud, friend. I keep searching for a thread of refutation to hang onto. We don’t even have hardly any of those “youngish and healthy” persons around – I haven’t plumbed for an assay of all the elaborate chemistry my own body has imbibed, but if I’m nobody special (which I find highly likely) then my body is a chemical stew like everyone else’s.

You speak of destruction on personal and general levels. For the intermediate social scenario of countries where containment totally fails, one cannot imagine military or economic vigor persisting.

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2.7 million infected in a country of 330 million. 128,000 deaths. How many of those infected recover or have mild to no symptoms?

Do the math.

Close the economy down?

We have a Health Care crisis, for sure; and should have treated it as such. A toll order for sure with our lousy, for profit, healthcare system.

But now we have a huge economic crisis which will be felt by those who can least afford it for who knows how long.

Nobody knows for sure. My guess: From now on, friend. Forever.

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Trump seems perpetually bound under the spell of Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power of Positive Thinking. It may be the one genuine instinct he has–sort of like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz clicking her heels together–he really “prays” by envisioning getting his way, much like a toddler. Yes, it is juvenile, but perhaps the most genuine club in his bag. At golf, he still has to cheat on the front nine and the back nine from what we hear. He has certainly screwed up our front four, so let’s be sure to kick him off of the course on 3 November. ByeDon 2020!


He mistakenly wears an eye mask over his mouth, so I can see the comparison.
And all of the sycophants around him said, “yes, Mr. President, the Lone Ranger.”

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"Their bar is pretty low, incidentally: 50% effective is supposedly enough to call it a “vaccine.”)

I read the other day that flu vaccines are only 50% effective. So that ties in with your statement. But this kind of scenario is a bit worrying too:


Bubonic plague anyone? LOL

The SARS-COV-2 pandemic has two possible outcomes. It can become endemic, as in, you can get it a second time. That’s what we now know. If it’s endemic then you can be healthy and rather young one week and have lifetime respiratory damage the next week, or you can have lifetime diabetes the next week, or you can have a heart infarction. Or, we can get rid of the pandemic rather quickly.

My state-oriented stats have been updated daily since March 22 at ~http://quakerworks.net/statecoronavirusstatistics.htm

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Actually, with other corona viruses, immunity tends to temporarily mitigate both chances for reinfection and the severity of symptoms in reinfections. How long that limited immunity lasts is not clear and varies widely. Of course, in the case of Sars-CoV-2, all bets are off. Every microbial infection is unique, respiratory infections especially so.

And Trump waxing optimistic about a vaccine is par for the course – he lives in a fantasy.
But Dr Fauci tends to offer false hopes too.


In contrast to Arizona, the governments of Florida and Texas appear all too ready to go down with Trump’s ship, and appear more than willing to take significant chunks of their populations with them. Both states are currently enduring horrific spikes in infections, and their hospitals are on the verge of a lethal and all too familiar crisis as they struggle to treat the flood of new patients.

As COVID Burns Through the South and West, Trump Fans the Flames
by William Rivers Pitt

I’m no Trump fan at all, but the math is quite simple and on his side: the more tests conducted will reveal more infections.

I’ve thought all along (from what I see amongst friends) that the infection rate is very high. The low rate of testing at first, especially considering the highly unreliable tests, did not allow us to quantify the infection rate.

Even as the number of known cases rise, the deaths have been declining for weeks.

The Covid Apocalypse is a creation of the mainstream media. The financial incentives to pad the numbers is very real, and that is proved by the numbers of dissenters who have been censored by the powers that be.


Sorry to break the news to you, but we have had an economic crisis for decades now in the USA. Unless you are in the 1% wages have stagnated (factoring in inflation) since the 1970’s. Half the country is one paycheck away from disaster. And this has been going on long before the pandemic. A UBI program along with taxing the hell out of the very rich would be a good start to mending an economic system that has been increasingly implemented by the rich with the help of their paid political whores to fuck over the rest of us.


Trump and his minions are stuck in the magical thinking world of a two-year old. What could go wrong?