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Trump Says Cutting Climate Funds Would Save $100 Billion. Climate Reality Says Otherwise


Trump Says Cutting Climate Funds Would Save $100 Billion. Climate Reality Says Otherwise.

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has claimed that cutting climate funding would save the U.S. $100 billion over eight years, in another remark that observers say demonstrates the dangers of a potential Trump presidency.


I'd remind people how Eddie Glaude characterized a Trump presidency: "a deadly combination of arrogance and ignorance." That says it all.


Whose surprised he's a Real Estate developer. He thinks the solution to every problem is a bulldozer.


There's got to be permanency in climate funding legislation placing that funding beyond the reach of denial. We must remove our heads from the darkness of burial in sand, conceiving of a civilized reality around the responsibility we bear for the planet and all its symbiotic populations.


Come on, guys. Trump needs your help! Say something awful about Hillary.


She'll be exactly the same. I mean, she's just as racist and sexist as him! Plus, who doesn't want Rudy Giuliani, Chris Christie, Roger Ailes, and Steve Bannon running the executive branch? They are truth tellers at least, and Trump will only be in there four years, just long enough to appoint Senator Jeff Sessions, a man with affinities for the Jim Crow era, to the Supreme Court.


In the US keep me alive to pick up the pieces...


$6 trillion in extra tax revenue over 30 years? Even if true, and it's not, that is peanuts.

The wealth of the wealthiest 1/10th of 1% in the U.S. now stands at about $20 trillion. Their share of total U.S. personal wealth has tripled from 7% in 1980 to 22% today. Per Pikkety and Saez, the wealth of this group has grown at 6% compounded since 1980.

If their wealth continues to grow at 6% compounded then it will grow from $20 trillion today to $120 trillion 30 years from now. With a 2% annual tax on this wealth, it will still grow to $94 trillion in 30 years.........and $26 trillion would have been collected in extra tax revenue.

Theoretically, the government could give away 100 million rooftop solar panel systems (with batteries) worth $30,000 apiece (there are currently only 75 million occupied houses in the U.S.) and that would only use up $3 trillion of that $26 trillion. They could give $40,000 rebates to the purchase of 300 million hybrid and electric cars and that would only use up $12 trillion of that $26 trillion.


Better get your Chevy Bolt before January 20...


Were Trump to become "our" next President, and were he to implement his energy ideas, he would be committed "crimes against humanity," and should be PROSECUTED for those crimes, before it's too late. (However, it may ALREADY be too late--which BROADENS the field of who is guilty of "crimes against humanity"!)


The "committed" should be "committing," of course.


so let me get this straight.. Trump wants to cut off all funding for climate change and build more infrastructure?? if so this guy is a fking idiot.

By the way, you send a business man to the white house. Of course he's going to make money for the country anyway he can no matter the cost.