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Trump Says Frederick Douglass Is Doing An Amazing Job Making All His Friends Rich In Nambia


Trump Says Frederick Douglass Is Doing An Amazing Job Making All His Friends Rich In Nambia

With death lurking daily - either from un-health care or North Korea getting back at our "deranged" leader by setting off a hydrogen bomb - we're thinking about moving to Nambia, which doesn't exist but didn't stop Trump from praising it to African leaders at the U.N., probably for its great covfefe. He also commended them for Africa's "tremendous business potential,” smilingly adding, in his best King Leopold imitation, “I have so many friends going to your countries trying to get rich!" What can we say? Pray for Nambia, and us.


I love the North Africa designation on the map, as well as the tentative status of Israel’s status.
“Damn those imperialists”

And, most people fail to objectively realize that Africa is largely third-world and corrupt because its foreign overlords incite dissent and foment rebellions, chaos and rampant corruption in order to pillage and plunder. That is why a continent with so much mineral wealth perpetuates such extreme poverty, sickness, misery and the rock-bottom woes of humanity.

That said, Abby Zimet has enabled comments? "Say it ain’t so, Joe!"
I had better check to see if Hell has frozen over.
If so, it could not possibly be attributed to the climate-change phenomenon. (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.)
Regardless, hmmm… I wonder if the writer’s enabled-comments decision will be a permanent trend.


What an utter imbecile. What a moronic twat. What a complete waste of cells. For God’s sake, have a coronary already.


The map at the bottom of the article is AWESOME! MAGAgascar! Hilarious!! Switzerland, NORTH Africa, Sue Dan, Israel (where Egypt is). And now we can all move to that haven of eternal bliss, Utopia!


Idiocracy on steroids.


This jerk makes me want to throw away my American flag pin…oh, wait I don’t have one.


To be fair, Trump lives in the invisible country of Nambia. In fact, he was born there. Everyone knows it , it’s true , it’s fantastic . Nambia first, Nambia first!!


i’ll add nambia to my prayer list right after the victims of the bowling green massacre. may they rest in peace.


…and always with the blue or red dick extension tied snugly around his red neck.


Why would we move there, it’s right next to Kennedia where President Hussein is from?../s


Such silliness reminds me of former representative (and soon to be jail bird) Corine Brown who talked on the house floor about “Fredonia”, until somebody finally told her that there was no such place. How instructive to see that imbecility knows no age, ethnic, or racial bounds.