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Trump Says Gary Cohn Might 'Go Out and Make Another Couple Hundred Million' and Then Come Back


Trump Says Gary Cohn Might 'Go Out and Make Another Couple Hundred Million' and Then Come Back

Jake Johnson, staff writer

While chief White House economic adviser Gary Cohn is set to leave his post in the coming weeks, President Donald Trump suggested during a cabinet meeting on Thursday that he may eventually return to the administration—but only after he spends some time in the private sector reaping the benefits of the massive tax cuts he helped craft.

"Cohn delivered bigly for Goldman Sachs."
—Gary Rivlin


Yeah baby, it’s all good.


I think I’m gonna vomit…


Insanity is now the ACCEPTED rule in the Fascist State of (a)merica.


I am still rooting for the giant meteor shower that takes out the White House, the Capitol, the Supreme Court ( sorry RBG - hope you are home that day) and every financial house in the country. Jebus this crowd disgusts me …


They really love America.


I think they love money more than their country.


Just look at that photo. He’s even picking his own pocket!

Goodbye, Gary. Don’t let the door hit you in the arse.


He should try a speech tour.


Me too, not to mention the Congressional Republican$ who share that love.


Power corrupts. Always.


Yeah he doesn’t have to put him in the same position, a good spot might be white house janitor. Jesus Christ, can it get any fucking worse?? YES!!!


The only problem with that is in this country there is always some evil grifter that will be more than happy to take their places. USA, USA, USA!!!


Not if he’s smart, he won’t return.

Nobody returns to a sinking ship.

Even the rats don’t.


I’m thinking a college level classes on civics and ethics should be a requirement to run for public office.


All essay questions on tests.


Also a soul, a heart, an IQ of at least 110, and an intense psychological exam so that narcissists, BPD and sociopaths are excluded from running.

Also no douchebags.


Upon further reflection, that would mean an awful lot of vacant offices…


I would love to see him pelted with rotten eggs at an event.


For two years. It’s quite a nice gig I’ve heard.