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"Trump Says Go Home, Ilhan's Community Says Welcome Home": Rep. Omar Greeted With Cheers of Love and Support in Return to Minnesota

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/19/trump-says-go-home-ilhans-community-says-welcome-home-rep-omar-greeted-cheers-love

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I find that photo somewhat strange. Rep Omar seems to be the only one smiling.

WELCOME HOME IIHAN! To the United States of America.


Not to make excuses, but she’s talking into a megaphone, most likely talking about the treatment she and the others received in DC. Just a guess.

The people of Minnesota, take a bow, you did great.


Yes, I second that emotion. Now I see why the good people of Minnesota chose Jesse Ventura as their Governor and Paul Wellstone as their Senator!


Outpouring of love like this is the true bane of hate.

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I imagine the people around her are her bodyguards.

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I was going to say, not exactly unconditional love. But still a authentic gesture of support. I’m sure she is a smarter and wiser person from her experience.

Looking at the photo, I see the assembled audience is listening to her speak. They look intent on her message.

Thank You, Minnesota!

Thank You for electing Representative Ilhan Omar and sending her to Congress, and for welcoming her home for this Medicare For All event!

Seeing this makes my day!