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Trump Says He Wants US Troops in Iraq to "Watch Iran." Iraqis' Response: Get Out

Trump Says He Wants US Troops in Iraq to "Watch Iran." Iraqis' Response: Get Out

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Baghdad is firing back on Monday with calls to potentially boot U.S. troops out of Iraq in response to President Donald Trump's comments that he wants to keep them there to "watch Iran."

Speaking to CBS's "Face the Nation" in an interview that aired Sunday, Trump said he wants the continued military presence


About time. Throw the bums out.


i pray the Iraqi parliament has the guts to vote to end the US military presence in their country.


From “shock and awe” to aw shucks…get the hell out of Iraq and leave Iran alone! NO MORE wars for Israeli racist expansionism anywhere, especially in the Occupied Territories! Say NO to Israeli subversion of US foreign policy and elections and extremist supremacist agenda!



That is nothing new and that is why I claim Amerika has been a military dictatorship ever since Congress abdicated it’s Constitutional authority for the Korean war.


America has given up any pretense of caring about international laws or any existing prior agreements.
They won’t leave just because no one wants them there, and a vote wont change that.


i know, that’s why i wrote “vote to end” rather than “end.”

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So are we supposed to feel bad when US troops are killed by hit and run attacks in Iraq?

Cuz guess what? If they weren’t there meddling, they wouldn’t be targets.


As in: Get the fuck out!


Regime Change Wars never end & create failed states.

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It is so wonderful to be a part of a Country that elected a babbling lying bigoted idiot and Republican and Democratic Congress People that take bribes from Israel to go to WAR in the Middle East to protect Israel from outside interference of their Horrific Mistreatment of the Palestinians.

Thanks American voters for Making America Great.

I have never been more ashamed of being an American. What a blood thirsty warmongering Nation the Empire has become.

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This is the attitude of “empire.” trump thinks he owns Iraq now. Everything the U.S. puts its hands into, becomes U.S. property. Nope! Other countries are not on the same page…

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One can delight in hearing global governments resisting oosa but unless their efforts hold some punch the powerful grip will not change.

Punch might be like if ten or twenty governments in the area said get out of Iraq, not just them alone. They spoke with class, but they spoke alone.

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