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Trump Says He Won't Approve Covid-19 Package Without Tax Cut That Offers Zero Relief for 30 Million Newly Unemployed

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/04/trump-says-he-wont-approve-covid-19-package-without-tax-cut-offers-zero-relief-30


No one seems to want to take in to account that unemployment is a lagging indicator. The true effects of a sudden and severe drop in employment won’t be experienced for months yet. Most folks have only missed 1 or 2 rent or mortgage payments thus far. They are only a month or so behind on their gas, credit card, or electric bills. But come July, when businesses have re hired only a certain percentage of workers, and many others are still laboring for lower wages and disappeared benefits (most businesses have cut raises and eliminated 401k contributions for the remainder of the year) and there are shortages of food at the grocery store because packing plants remain closed, the spring harvest sits rotting on the ground, and the spring planting season is a fraction of its normal capacity because of the border being closed, only then will the true impact of this Covid economic downturn be experienced.
Trump, and nearly everyone else, don’t seem to realize the tsunami that is coming ashore.


Diabolical monsters playing hardball with peoples lives.

This is a time when Labour must rise, together, everywhere along with the larger communities across all generations by supporting them.

Please get involved in your communities.

These moral monsters are preparing for massive deaths of people while not providing adequate PPEs and financial support for frontline workers and the 30 million unemployed workers while scapegoating the disabled and elderly:

Money for body bags but NOT PPEs, tests, research for a vaccine… Now we know why the 200, 000 number of COVID-19 deaths in US America was acceptable to this cretin

Amid back-to-work drive and state reopenings

US government prepares for hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 deaths

Friday, May 1 marked a new stage in the social crime being perpetrated against the American people, as President Trump allowed federal guidelines recommending “sheltering in place” during the coronavirus pandemic to expire. Dozens of state governments, with Washington’s blessing, have lifted lockdown orders, allowing stores, restaurants and even movie theaters to reopen, and ordering workers to go back to their jobs on pain of having their unemployment benefits cut off.

The loosening of restrictions is being justified with claims that the COVID-19 pandemic is waning and people can now begin to work, shop, dine out, travel and go to church as they once did, without undue risk. But that is not actually the expectation of the Trump administration. On the contrary, press inquiries have found that the federal government expects an enormous spike in the death toll and is making preparations accordingly.



Democrats must stand strong

Blah, blah, blah.

Stop the nonsense. Dems/Repubs are one in the same.

We do not have a meaningful opposition party in the US. It’s time we started one in earnest.


I told Steve just today, we’re not doing anything unless we get a payroll tax cut

Then I hope you will be doing nothing. Any Democrats who support this are shameful


Every time there is a crisis, the taxpayer and the needy are called on to bail out the banks and the major financial institutions. If you had a real capitalist economy in place, that would not be happening. Capitalists who made risky investments and failed would be wiped out. But the rich and powerful do not want a capitalist system. They want to be able to run the nanny state so when they are in trouble the taxpayer will bail them out. The conventional phrase is “too big to fail.”


‘Democrats must remain strong’… I thought April Fool Day was last month?


“Democrats must”…the article reads. Why, it begs the question, must democrats do anything at all. Democrats have a voting base that would vote for them no matter what they do, and corporate funding that will only support them if they stick to a right wing neoliberal agenda that includes massive handouts to the rich and no deferance or fealty whatsoever to working Americans. The idea that democrats could be elected under these conditions and then pressured to act on our behalf as citizens in and always was ludicrous.


This begs the question of what is happening with trumpś “base” ? It would be interesting to remind them of talking points on the realities of Stockholm Syndrome.


If Biden, Pelosi and Schumer are unable to use Trump’s position to arouse the population and even Trump supproters against him then not only are they all useless, they are toxic.


Amongst His Pestilency’s surreal musing about “one or two million” deaths (all China’s fault), the world sees public-health precautions withdrawn at gunpoint in Oklahoma (6.2% case-fatality), sidearmed skinheads invading the legislature of Michigan (one of every 2,500 residents of Michigan have perished, so far)… in general, sufficient turbulence to resemble banana-republic style “instability” – as they say. Maybe it’s all political theater. For many of the actors it’ll turn out to be not only their finest, but their final role.

If there are any standards of judgement whatever connected to financial markets, they can’t possibly like the resounding street-fascist drumbeats coming from USA. I have no idea what principles govern so-called markets anymore. Maybe they’ll appreciate that now the gloves are off and the predators don’t have to hide their sadism anymore.


As far as these monsters go, most who are dying are of their “useless eaters” category, so perhaps the “I Really Don’t Care, Do U” jacket of the First Stripper was perhaps a bellwether of things that are now coming to fruition. We know that SS and other safety net items have had bullseyes on them for several administrations now, let’s pick on the class that is doing this rather than just focusing on the Orange Pustule, which that class would love for us to do. Shoveling trillions to the top and pittances to the poor will usher in feudalism on steroids, which is not what this country resembled when it built things that people used. Slaves to debt with basically no financial security the People are desperate. Unfortunately, those in Trump’s cult that desperation will just make them lock and load all the more swiftly for their master. I expect pockets of chaos to break out soon. The pump is primed and Trump is also desperate–and he thrives emotionally on chaos. Hang on tight folks.


Here’s the thing.

Congress has barely addressed meaningful relief so far, nor will it.
Instead, we have massive corporate bail outs, and tax cuts designed to destroy the safety net.

So it’s fairly easy to see what the federal government’s priorities are.
What is less clear is the extent to which average Americans are going to remain loyal to capitalism.

Not that I have faith in their resolve, but this another transfer of wealth upward of massive proportions.
And climate chaos is going to make this pandemic seem like a mosquito bite.


There is no way in hell that Americas economy has even begun to feel the repercussions of this shutdown. The halls of government, (all of them), immediately set about figuring out how select individuals could divide up trillions of dollars, and while they were doing that, nobody was evaluating and considering the actual economic needs of the nation. Now they want to reopen the economy because they only now have started to see the effects of their inaction and are concerned for themselves looking forward.


So much chaos and organized disorganization. Spikes in infection rates, lockdowns, dysfunctional USPS, closed borders, potential hyperinflation, militant brown shirt types, detention camps, feeble political opposition, pervasive propaganda, scapegoats, massive unemployment and hunger, anger and desperation, all for one purpose. To usher in the authoritarian saver and final transition to full fledged fascist state. Heil Hair Trump.


This is what the Republican Party stands for, Corporate profit comes before the common good.


There is a Movement for a People’s Party – look it up. There are also alternative parties from the Greens to the Communist and Socialist parties. The obstacles are time (we don’t have it), corporate embedded media, and state laws which make ballot access a daunting challenge. Combine that with massive citizen ignorance and fear and it seems a pipe dream.


The constant growth model of capitalism is now being exposed. Capitalism is a shark. It must constantly move forward, constantly eat, or it will perish.
But what happens the day your tail falls off?


There is an entire science of semiotics that, like the alphabet, ought to be taught at an early age. Keep in mind the messaging methods brought in by Bannon, Conway and the Mercers: a doubling down of greased verbiage, constantly massaged by duopoly “Citizens (ahem) United” corporate raider puppets.

There are times when apt descriptives, absent from daily discourse, simply make one’s skin crawl. I would encourage CD and readership to pick up where Joshua Cho left off yesterday in his essay here on CD: Corporate Looting as ‘Rescue Plan,’ Robber Barons as ‘Saviors’.

For any who might be interested in using some of the shut-in time for some brain calisthenics, the following poem has used as an example of the wrench potential of ‘semiotics’ as a toolbox. The term for core structures known as ‘canonical’ is itself some fun. We are in the age of the cannonical being weaponized as ‘cannons’ against meaning.

"The Crow and the Fox"
Jean de La Fontaine

At the top of a tree perched Master Crow;
In his beak he was holding a cheese.
Drawn by the smell, Master Fox spoke, below.
The words, more or less, were these:
Hey, now, Sir Crow! Good day, good day!
How very handsome you do look, how grandly distingué!
No lie, if those songs you sing
Match the plumage of your wing,
You’re the phoenix of these woods, our choice."
Hearing this, the Crow was all rapture and wonder.
To show off his handsome voice,
He opened beak wide and let go of his plunder.
The Fox snapped it up and then said, “My Good Sir ,
Learn that each flatterer
Lives at the cost of those who heed.
This lesson is well worth the cheese, indeed.”
The Crow, ashamed and sick,
Swore, a bit late, not to fall again for that trick.

Read the introductory outline or scroll down to #3 with graphics

tee hee hee … have fun!

Nancy will stand strong for the people…when she finally gets around to returning congress to work. How is it possible to expect Dems to do anything from home. We didn’t get test at my work even though people have been positive yet I’m here everyday! Dem leadership has really let us down but it happens every time so we are just used to it. Vote everyone from the duopoly out this fall…if we have an election!