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‘Trump Says…’: The Journalistic Scourge of Echo-Chamber Headlines


‘Trump Says…’: The Journalistic Scourge of Echo-Chamber Headlines

Reed Richardson

The most basic tenet of professional physicians is the Hippocratic Oath: “First, do no harm.” Its intent is clear, simple: When practicing medicine, the fundamental ethical consideration should be to not make things worse. All decisions on treatment—including whether to treat a patient in the first place—flow from that starting point.


Journalistic culture in the mass media, when it comes to politics, has adopted rather than rejected the ‘embedded’ notions. How is the hierarchy among say, the ‘career’ WH crews?

The system - yes, I do think the problems are systemic - is based on the virtually inscrutable manipulations of agribusiness, mining, pharma, insurance and others in those spheres AND the now fully compromised criminal financial hedge hogs in cahoots with MIC. They each take turns in scratching out the tune the system is supposed to dance to.
Unfortunately they all seem utterly unaware that it is the danse macabre

unfortunately its not cartoon


“Extra! Extra! Read nothing about it!”

And I’d like to know when the corpress ever deserved “a healthy reputation”, and why there’s any hope that it would do what’s necessary to deserve one in future.