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Trump Seeks to Take Wrecking Ball to Division Between Church and State


Trump Seeks to Take Wrecking Ball to Division Between Church and State

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

President Donald Trump appears intent on demolishing the wall between church and state, telling an audience on Thursday that he will "totally destroy" an amendment that bars religious tax-exempt organizations from engaging in political activity—while his administration reportedly circulates a far-reaching draft executive order on "religious freedom" that effectively legalizes discrimination.


I don't want to bring religion into this, but Jesus Christ! If the "wall" between Church and State really does get knocked down, we're back to the 50s - the 1550s. Various "religions" and "religious organizations have accrued a great deal of power since the Reagan years, and the destruction of the 2nd Amendment would go very far in destroying what's left of the Republic, laying to waste what the corporations haven't quite wrecked, yet....The Mango Mussolini has never really been that religious, being twice-(so far) divorced. Now, He's pandering, with a capital P.


Trump has knocked down the wall separating Church and State, and built a bridge connecting Religious Extremism and Legality.


Churches today seem to get around this tax-exempt law by advocating specific issues such as pro-life. That is kind of a big hint who to vote for. I wonder if Trump realizes that many of the churches and synagogues in the wealthiest portions of this country would most likely support Democratic candidates. I doubt if Trump would like to see money form Episcopalians and other mainline Protestant denominations as well as most synagogues going to support political candidates.in they would be most like be progressive candidates.


Every day it seems I am reduced to profanity and name-calling as I watch this mental case extremist destroy the fabric of society and my head explodes again. A the rate he and his neonazi regime are going there will be little or nothing left to protest or protect. Zeig Heil to the mad-emperor and destroyer of worlds...................even R'Con's should be disturbed and oppose this nightmarish contemptible creature!


There needs to be a wrecking ball to this administration along with the Republican and Democratic parties. The Republicans say they will destroy everything that is good for people and they follow through and do it. You know where they stand. The Democrats say they will help people and do nothing, or worse are underhanded, which makes them useless as well as clueless. Enough of the ping pong game of going back and forth between these two parties each having gone off the rails in their own unique way. Out of the ashes needs to grow a powerful third party of integrity that can strengthen the USA to the benefit of all its citizens...to make it the wonderful country it can be.


Emphyrio: This is a test for all politicians, but (of course) especially the Republicans.
Will they put country over party? This should be a rhetorical question, but we can never tell with these flag-pinned system gamers.


Fine, but eliminate their tax exemption.


You give me a good idea about sicking the Presbyterian Office of Public Witness on him, er, I mean calling his attention to the resource right there in DC to educate him on the positions of the denomination he's claimed.

I just signed a petition circulating among Presbyterians from the New York Avenue PC (Lincoln's church) to the Presbyterian members of Congress, calling for resistance to the EO on immigration.

I also have to note that the words "new regulations" appear 3 times in the draft order as linked here, in addition to a call for an "interim final rule," which sounds like the same thing, only without a public comment period.


Fire all your guns at once,
Explode into space!

Well, they're different from Rove's Bushism - reel it out slowly, one after another, never let the opposition catch its breath. Bannon's Trumpism leaves little to the imagination of ultimate intent - destroy everything. Now I understand his face.


There will be no separation of anything when Trump's next executive order declares himself, "God".


i In 2011 I wrote the following (you'll have to take my word for it):
(((By the election of 2016, or 2020 at the latest, the declining economic situation in the USA will throw up a fascist dictator, or more likely a theo-fascist dictator)))
When I'd written it---I read it and thought "that's ridiculous"
But here we are.
Just in the first days of insanity the business of the nation has been subverted into the hands of men whose only concerned is business itself, and total control of USA Inc.
The great leader is removing healthcare protection, something all other civilized nations take for granted. He is removing environmental protections on air and water. Opening lands to the rapists he is so fond of castigating, only these rapists will rape the Earth itself.
Full employment is promised but there is no possible way that employment can be brought back, machines do all the real work now.
There is no interest in religion, but to get the godbotherers onside, they too must be led to believe that “others” are responsible for the sickness of the nation.
So those who do not conform must be discriminated against. Be in no doubt that they will eventually be disposed of.
A political speech from 1933:
"I will employ my strength for the welfare of the German people, protect the Constitution and laws of the German people, conscientiously discharge the duties imposed on me, and conduct my affairs of office impartially and with justice to everyone," Adolf Hitler. January 30th 1933
when you’ve digested that, take the trouble to watch this video:


send it to others, and be very afraid…..it offers the reality of what we face as fascism stirs again.
Be assured that the list of “disposable” people will get longer.
The new Fuh-rer and his cronies are beginning to take control on their terms. Already the press is being vilified. Wrong voters wrong people—there are always others to use as scapegoats.
Sycophants are being hired who will agree that his new clothes are a wonder to behold, and generals who will command his military bidding.
That part is critical, because when his promises are seen to be empty, and his ‘restructured’ economy falls apart, the economy itself will crash and the result will be widespread civil unrest.
That will require military intervention, who better to command that than the generals already hired to do his bidding, under the leadership of the ‘’inner circle’’ closest to the great leader.
Just as with the last fuh-rer, the generals are dependent on the leader’s favour.
With the economy shattered, soldiers will fall in behind whoever pays their wages---they have no option.
In no time at all you have a dictator installed.
Then Krystallnacht can really begin.
The thousand-year Reich promised of eternal prosperity, and millions believed to be true as they cheered him on to ravage europe,
His promises of infinite "More" turned out to be a Ponzi scheme that lasted just 12 years and brought the nation to literal ruin.
There is no more to be had, we've picked the Earth clean, and voting for prosperity won't make it happen
The book, “The End of More” (Pagett Amazon) explains why there is no more. The new fuh-rer will not be held responsible of course, but insane religious fervor will no doubt identify those who are.

The founding father kept god out of government---now we know why.


I quote Voltaire, who lived and died just before the French Revolution, "The Best Government Is A Benevolent Tyranny Tempered By An Occasional Assassination."

What do you think he meant to say? Anyone?


Churches have been allowed to advocate for issues, just not partisan candidates. Politics with a lower case p but not a capital P.


Really inappropriate, though that was what it sounded like this morning at the prayer breakfast.


ABSOLUTELY NOT! Our country was founded on religious FREEDOM. To guarantee this freedom our founding fathers made the separation of church and state primary in our constitution. I don't think Trump or the Christian right would be very smart to push for this idiocy. Today in America secular people outnumber the evangelical right. I for one will fight for the continued constitutionally protected separation of church and state. Keep pushing this BS and we secular agnostics, atheists, pagans, buddhists and hindus plus will go after ALL three of the Abrahamic religions. Historically these three religions have been a fundamental cause of hatred, intolerance, torture, war, genocide, murder and mayhem since their inception.


Don't go overboard, please, or place us all in the box with the zionists of one kind or another. Some of us are working right beside you to preserve expansive (i.e., beyond inclusive) religious practice. If you were able to get rid of all of us, you'd really have a mess on your hands. Take it from one who's worked in the trenches of the very mainstream Christian denomination that djt claims (with little knowledge what he means).


Don't forget, if somehow Trump steps down from the Presidency, the right-wing Dominionist Pence will step into the position. He would be only too happy to implement the Seven Mountains philosophy to establish Christian rule over all aspects of modern society.

One of my friends, a liberal social worker (retired) who was a fanatic Hillary supporter, became friends with a woman from her senior citizen center during this last year. My friend Mary never hesitated to promote Hillary and how great it would be to have her be the first woman President. Her new friend was quiet about her political stances, and was a regular member of the Assembly of God church here in town, very evangelical-based. Mary thought it was odd that her friend never mentioned who she supported in the election.

A week after the election, at a birthday lunch for my friend Mary, her new acquaintance finally had had enough. Mary was going on about how awful it was that Trump had won the election and we were all doomed. Her evangelical friend twisted off and told her through clenched teeth that Trump was her church's choice, and the minister had even told his "flock" to lie to pollsters about who they were really supporting, and now that he was in office, "He was going to do EXACTLY WHAT WE WANT HIM TO DO!" With that, she stomped out of the restaurant, leaving her unfinished meal behind.

The Republican party has cultivated the evangelical right for decades, realizing that they are a well-organized, formidable opponent who can motivate millions to write letters and call their representatives about any issue they want promoted. If the Dems and Progressives ever want to return to positions of power, they'd better get equally organized or the liberal agenda is over for all practical purposes.


The Donald at a prayer breakfast - moron or oxymoron?


I cheered up considerably (sarcasm) on reading that ABC reported, "the draft appears to be among the hundreds of executive orders that are circulating ... " Sooner or later he will just sit in a big high-chair with a plastic-spoon scepter and make proclamations one after another. And then there is Pence, backed by Ryan, backed by more oily pols than Texas ever pumped. What's not to be gay about??? (yes on the pun, on old meaning of gay as cheery, bubbly, etc).