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Trump Self-Incriminates, Draws Rebuke With Latest 'Unhinged' Twitter Rant


Trump Self-Incriminates, Draws Rebuke With Latest 'Unhinged' Twitter Rant

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As commentators considered how a "normal" U.S.


I thought he called it a ban on Muslim immigration during his campaign?


And he can certainly do that. His fascist goons at Customs and Border Protection will do Trump's, not some judge's bidding - and there is really no way to stop them. In fact, based of stories from the Canadian border crossing, the Muslim travel ban is already being strictly enforced - and we are talking Canadian Muslims here...


Yeah, your top quality Muslims are the Canadians.

Spoken like a leftist. Who leans a little rightward.

And that headline? Trump is guilty of being a moron but how did incriminate himself in an actual crime?


Obviously no one feels up to saying Mr President, it might help if you came off Twitter to concentrate on the work in hand. 'Not normal'? Surrrrrrrrreeeal!


If in conversation you had described a hypothetical individual like Trump with all his shortcomings, flaws and instability, everyone would be opposed to such a person ever becoming president.

Guess what?


Anyone taking bets the Supremes will sure as shhht split on party lines supporting the Trumpster???!!!


At this point they are just throwing shit at the wall and hoping something will stick.


Andre Gide, a French philosopher and Vaclav Havel said:

Follow the man who seeks the truth; run from the man who has found it.

Believe the man who seeks the truth, doubt the man who says he found it.

Seek the company of those who search for truth; run from those who have found it.

In any case, DJT has his own truth and does not seek to find the real truth...he continues to undermine himself while being compelled by his pathological narcissism to first, make everything about him and next, to shout his lies over and over again until they sound like some kind of "truth."

He is digging his own grave.


Trump might be qualified to be on a third tier high school debate team. Even then, I don't think he would have the intellectual capacity to hold up in a legitimate debate. Things should have stopped with his reality TV show which was mediocre at best. Instead, he becomes the president of the United States. I guess they mean it when they say "anyone" can become President.


It's long past time to call in the men in white coats. That should have been done months ago.


Donald, you obviously aren't enjoying this gig. Wouldn't you rather take it easy for your last decade or two? I bet if you took a day off and let your fevered brain settle, you might realize how chaotic and agonizing your life is.

Geez, could somebody please slip this guy a batch of magic brownies?


Everyone who still has rational thinking faculties would be opposed...

But guess what? A majority or everyone I encounter in my workplace rather like and agree with the things he says - he sounds perfectly sane to them.


Not sure he would even qualify to be on a third tier debate team. You do have to read in order to debate.


Yeah, he's a dick. By now everyone in the world knows that, even his supporters know it - they just think what the world needs is a dick to lead the lone SuperPower. But one nugget of internet wisdom seems pertinent right now. Don't feed the troll. Trump's tweets here are awful and pathetic, but also diversionary. Let's focus our attention on his administration's policies - policies that are more far-reaching than these spasmodic tweets.


It is disappointing that people are still trying to compare Trump to a "normal" president. By now they should realize that he should be compared to a "normal" dictator. I think Trump is behaving normally, as a dictator that is. People should be fairer to Trump and stop comparing him to presidents because he clearly has no real interest in that position. He just wants to rule and have his word be the law of the land.


It was on immigration and any traveling from the countries he named. It is both.


It isn't a crime, but what he is trying to do is illegal constitutionally. Thus his ban can be struck down on those grounds.


This is why I enjoy watching "Life Without People".


"Not Normal" is not sufficient to describe this So-called President.

Ask some Mental Health Professionals what the proper terminology is to describe this sub-human being is.