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Trump, Sessions, and Wiretaps: Spicer Refuses to Go Down the 'Rabbit Hole'


Trump, Sessions, and Wiretaps: Spicer Refuses to Go Down the 'Rabbit Hole'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

While White House press secretary Sean Spicer continued to deflect questions about President Donald Trump's groundless wiretapping claims on Monday—going as far as to say that discussing them would involve going down "a rabbit hole"—at least one U.S. lawmaker wants to know whether Attorney General Jeff Sessions is behind the U.S. Department of Justice's failure to weigh in on the matter.


Because they have no evidence...OR, they are stalling because they need more time to manufacture some. "Rabbit hole"...nah, more like a rat hole or snake pit for Spicer and his ilk.


Something happened? Trump was very specific in his 5 am tweet. Where is the evidence?


You know it is really nice just to be able to say anything you like without consequences. You can make a pile of stuff with a new box of play dough. Try reading and informing yourself before sharing your theory on why the world is the way it is. Links to facts is always helpful.


You just might want to pay attention to this article. It is not the only one on the subject in fact it is the same information given to us all by Ed Snowden, Thanks ED. NSA collects all metadata and content 24/7. That is all phone calls, emails twitts, you write you speak it over electronic media NSA has a copy.

So Sea tower you have now been notified that all your electronic communications are wiretapped. Why you might ask have they not gotten a warrant? They do not need one unless they go to court. Seeing as they want to know what DJT is up to they will not get a fisa wiretap. They just leak it to the fake news outlets. Only foolish Obama asked for two hoping to scoop up some dirt and go to court.

I get it that you hate all things not Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders but grow up. If you are going to attack have some evidence it leads to credibility instead ending up as an angry rant.


Deirdre, the White House cannot "order Congress to investigate" anything. They can only request.


Very good points as always, Chicken. Glad you are back to balance my stealth Trump support!



Okay I fell for it. Down the rabbit hole. I actually clicked on the link in the brief summary of this article. That link is named

So I fell for it. I clicked. I am soft. It turns out to be the article with the rabbit hole comments of zero. This could be a netflix, nah its too good. So CD put out a story/article to which we could not respond and we certainly would have, in fact I heard from one good poster that his comment disappeared into that same hole. Now I am telling you folks to watch your step. Now it is used as a reference. Wow how to build fake news.

So it seems during the election DJT called the president of Mexico. Something about a wall and who was going to pay for it. The news of this conversation did not come as a press release from DJT but from the main polluted stream media. One just might wonder how the media got a transcript of that call. Let me think, hemm.

It also turns out that:


It seems that conversations between a Russian Ambassador and General Flynn is caught up in an intelligence leaks and he was forced to resign. Unprecedented.

It also seems that Comey has just gone a little to far in his I control everything cause I am J Edgar Hoover and is now being addressed by Senator Grassley.


Just might be that a lot of hooey was spread by Comey in all directions.

Last but certainly not least, there is this because there always seems to be a Clinton around when things go south.

So I really really find it interesting that Common Dreams would put out an article but then block comments that would correct what was presented and I guess we are waiting for an answer. It might just be that once a story is posted it is too hard to pull even after you find out it is fake news.

But hey surf the the net and the majority of the major news outlets are saying that DJT is crazy talking about wiretapping without any proof. There are people out there that love to play with your reality.


And just like Nixon and Watergate, Trump is getting paranoid that maytbe they heard half his skeletons discussed on supposedly "secure" lines.

With NSA Space Command, there is no such thing as a "secure line". They will crack every code eventually, even if they have to blackmail and run out of business CEO's running those telecommunication designs. The big question is did Obama really do it? Naw. NSA maybe handed Obama some tapes of the Donald doing worse than Pee-Parties.

And then there's FBI's Comley? He thinks he's going to pick and control who the president is, just like his predecessor J. Edgar Hoover!

Man, get out the popcorn. This show is going to be GOOD!


Part of this is purely a tactic to distract from his fuster-cluck first month.

Part of it a matter of feeding some red meat to his base.

But more worrying is the likely actual cause for Trump's allegations of wiretapping:

Remember the key Rove tactic from the Republican playbook -- which Trump's gang constantly uses: accuse others of your own faults.

With one finger pointing at supposed wiretapping by the previous White House, you just know there are three fingers pointing back at himself.

Wanna bet he tweeted his accusations against Obama within minutes of ordering wiretaps on his political opponents. ???



I didn't see that you already said the exact same Hoover thing. Great minds think alike! For some reason, I didn't see your message until later????? Weird electrons going on, these days!


Its our time frame. Thinking head of FBI what comes to mind for us? J Edgar Hoover in a boa.


more bs to distract americans from paying attention to what the orange man and his nazi comrades are really doing to destroy the nation and the rest of us. resist! forget the tweets, it's how demagogues distract their citizens from paying heed to what they do. forget what they say. just watch what they do!


IMO, Thierry Meyssan is nothing more than a politically active blogger and his voltairnet.org is not unlike Breitbart News in its modus operandi. Speaking of one-sided and perhaps even fake news.... And it does not take a rocket scientist to "discredit Donald Trump" an inveterate prevaricator who would not know the truth to save his useless life.

Nothing like the president of the U.S. tweeting in the pre-dawn hours.... Who needs wire or phone-tapping to find out what witless one is saying? He does nothing without an audience, the quintessential psychopathic narcissist he is. Since the Nixon WH, many top-security measures are in place and for good reason.

He gets off throwing out red herrings to divert attention from his missteps.


Referring to your comment to 'Seatower': “I get it that you hate all things not Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders....”. diveshopinga, diveshopinga...in what universe do you connect Clinton with Sanders? Doing damage control for Trump is one thing, but conjuring up a fake reality is....oops, silly me. My bad.


And, I thought I had friends in low places. Outside of you, who's ever thought Trumpster had a good reputation, to begin with? Destroying Trumpster/Dumpster and his phony-ass, made for TEEVEE persona, is something you could honestly call a fool's errand. Your viewing habits are on full display, here. What next, Dancing With The Stars?
This guy has a been a lonely racist, desperately searching the woods for a lynching, since he sat on his daddy's knee. He's as paper thin as those cardboard figures his zealots hang out with.
This is part of the long con, and the Trump Circle is just standing on the corner, waitimg for suckers like you. You think you can't be hustled and that is the first, and best part, of sizing up a mark.


"...nah, more like a rat hole or snake pit for Spicer and his ilk."
WWWhhhheeewww Ha!! .. Now you're talkin'


FLASH! Donald Trump was constipated this morning and had to tweet something to get his system moving so he dreamed up the Obama wiretap story which made him have a great dump. This seems to be the extent of the necessary evidence that was passes on to Spicer and we must spend several million dollars investigating this presidential BS for its authenticity!


So, here's a question to you and diveshopingoa:

Given that it's the NSA that is collecting all of this possibly blackmail-actionable material; and, despite Obama's recent executive order to share all NSA-collected material, the NSA still ultimately controls whether it disseminates everything. So, with that in mind, who, or what group, ultimately holds the key to all of this potential power...the Director of the NSA, Mike Rogers? Seems like Comey, regardless of his aspirations, is not in direct control of such material.


All of our comments disappeared; and, if I remember correctly, the number of comments was approaching 100; and, there was a bit of heated dissension between commentors. One particularly involved comment provided some detail regarding Obama's parents' clandestine and not-so-clandestine activities. When the comments to this article were scrubbed, I found myself questioning whether this comment; and, a few others provided that impetus.


Good Question. I don't know the answer. Hoover had files and blackmail on several administrations, which is why they could never get rid of him. The day he died, Nixon sent a squad of "plumbers" over to raid the files at FBI, but when they got to Hoover's office, all the files had already been carted off by his secretary.

So maybe each agency is kinda like a mini government with their own source of spies and listening devices. This thing this week seems like FBI vs. See-Eye-Aye and NSA but there's gotta be a lot of overlap since the 911 fusion group effort. Maincore or CommonCore is a rumored government computer system that has everything you ever did in you life in there. It now can be accessed by all law enforcement, making them judge, jury and executioner without any trial.

The old KGB would be jealous as hell with these kinds of capabilities.

NSA is under the US Military, and they do much of their spying from space, snatching signals out of the air. So I would guess they have the most powerful keys to the Kingdom. All told I've read their are 269 intelligence agencies not even including the Fortune 500 ones like Stratfor.

I've even read that most NASA launches are really devices pointed not at space, but at us. The overlapping missions and DOD budgets/payloads seem to confirm this.

You might have heard if you listened to the audio I linked that Russel Tice said his guys never discuss anything using electrons. My defense is that I bore them to death. I've got more long-winded stories I tell my refrigerator than they have brain cells to stand them!