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Trump Set to Take Backwards Step on Cuba Policy


Trump Set to Take Backwards Step on Cuba Policy

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

President Donald Trump on Friday is set to put a chill on the thawed relations between the U.S. and Cuba his predecessor put in place just three years ago.


Trump and US violence back on the effort to destroy Cuba if they can't rule it.


Upon returning from a visit to Cuba several years ago, I worried that the biggest challenge to what Cuba has accomplished would come from the US fully opening up relations with it and the corporate capitalists trying to move in. Obama's moves could have accomplished that. Trump's moves may actually protect it from the US.

And anyone who thinks Cuba is isolated from the world because of the US embargo has got it all wrong. Cuba operates just fine with the rest of the world and does not need the US. In fact, it is better off without the US.


This is, of course, ignorant and mean spirited but so is almost everything else this guy does. We the people did not elect him and yet he acts as if he has a mandate. When will we the people rise up and let this guy know that he did not receive a mandate? Unfortunately, between baseball games, NBA play-offs, concerts and facebook, we the people - or at least a large majority don't seem to have time or ability to face up to this guy. Theodore Roosevelt said that Americans don't learn from experience - only from catastrophes. Isn't this guy a catastrophe?


That is so true. It is interesting that the citizens of the United States will be restricted under this measure from travelling as a "free" person to where we want to. It doesn't only cut off Cuba - it cuts off the people of the United States as well. But, of course, this guy doesn't give one damn about our freedoms and rights.


But some of us did help throw the election to him, though we rarely like to admit our role. The courts, DOJ, EPA, none of it mattered. I remember being told multiple times to be concerned about those institutions was "fear voting," as if those fears weren't warranted. Such forward thinking "progressives."


Up here in Canada where many folks have come, gone and totally loved Cuba for decades this is the best news since Trump took office.


Trump + Russia = investigations and press scrutiny!

Trump + Cuba = distractions and press diversions!

To look less soft and chummy with Putin and the Russians, Trump diverts our focus on to Cuba. Did Cuba do something recently? It is just a ploy and diversion while Trump is in the 'pro russian' hot seat.

The thing is that with Repub control of government and corporate control of the press, even though Trump's con jobs are so blatantly obvious that he expects to get away with them.


I've heard, contrary to the standard narrative concerning Cuban exiles, that many exiles have already invested money in Cuban business. This could backfire on The Donald.


Guess Cuba rejected the Trump Corp. plans for a mega resort along the beachfront in Havana or in outlying areas and this is payback for that slight. Or, Putin is laughing his arse off thinking how reckless DJT is when it comes to international relations...Vlad would love to have a vacation home in Cuba while cozying up to Fidel's brother...close access to the demon democracy due north ala Kruschev. Adn there is no way that DJT and his cabal would be able to handle a situation like the Cuban Missile Crisis during the Kennedy presidency, which Putin knows all to well.

Just sayin'

And there will definitely be "blowback" on this disastrous decision by the demented dimwit.

I also do not find it amusing that this diabolical despot is summarily undoing everything that Obama managed to accomplish in spite of a totally dysfunctional, obstreperous Congress...DJT's sick penchant for revenge fueled by his sick jealousy of his predecessor.


Yes, they would denounce voting for Clinton out of fear (note hope!) but then claim that Clinton had to be defeated because she wanted nuclear war with Russia. Trump was a man of peace. We still hear echoes of that here.


The glorious USA Empire spreading misery and killing across the planet in defense of Sacred Capitalism. Trump is a monster, but so are the rest of the Rethugricans and many of the DINOs.


I vote my conscious and principles, always have, always will...



Exactly what I've been thinking; US embassies serve primarily as centers of subversion inside countries that refuse to knuckle under to US hegemony.

The best thing that Trump could do for Cuba would be to shut down the US embassy.


Hillary was a corrupt monster and deserved to loose, unfortunately Trump and the Rethrugricas are worse.
"....everyone complains about politicians. Everyone says they suck. But where do people think these politicians come from? They don’t fall out of the sky; they don’t pass through a membrane from a separate reality. They come from American homes, American families, American schools, American churches, and American businesses. And they’re elected by American voters. This is what our system produces, folks." G Carlin


I always speculated that the reason the US came down so hard on Fidel Castro after the revolution was that organized crime lost all their casinos, hotels, and other illicit businesses. The Bautista regime was probably worse than anything the Castros ever came up with. Rather than extending a hand of friendship to the new government, the US engaged in subversion and assassination attempts. All abetted by organized crime, Now that the friend and confidant of organized crime is POTUS what would on expect than for him to tighten the screws on this small nation. Some how I think organized crime and the other oligarchs who ruled Cuba before the revolution just want their STUFF back !


The Trumpmobile only has one gear: REVERSE!


Good post! Obama did some good things despite a Republican Congress, mainly via Executive Orders. It is painfully obvious the Trump and the Republicans top priority is to reverse every single positive thing that he did. They are obsessed with it!


Hillary does look better all the time, as "Trump and the Rethrugricas are worse," Trump's Cuba Policy is craziness and it fits neatly with all of his other policies.


Trump Set to Do WhateverTF he's Told to Do.