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Trump Signs Bill to Roll Back Privacy Rules into Law


Trump Signs Bill to Roll Back Privacy Rules into Law

Kate Tummarello

A measure to roll back crucial privacy protections has crossed the finish line, and Internet users are worse off for it.


This article makes it painfully obvious as to why the Dems are unable to generate either enthusiasm for their supposed 'leadership' of the working class nor even functional recognition as the opposition to the Repubs. Where were the Dems calling for families, working people, the middle class, seniors and students or whomever to garner support for opposing the Repubs foresight on this issue - an issue very much concerning what constitutes being a free country, back when we might have avoided this evidently step by step charade where now that it is done there is nothing that we can do to UNDO this corporate fascism and loss of human rights (in favor of corporate rights)?

Where were the Dems back then? Did they seek support from their base? Yeah sure they did. Doesn't it look like it?

To me it looks like the Dems are the bait and switch political party that talks about representing 'we the people' but in the end they always seem to 'just narrowly' get outvoted by the Repubs who get their way at the people's expense. The Dems play a role in ensuring the corporate coup proceeds apace. We watch the economically privileged class become installed as the privileged political/corporate elite that our grandchildren will be oppressed by. If you don't believe me consider that this is information about your life and what you do but for the unborn as yet... there whole lives will be lived with the concrete understanding that from the day of their birth a privileged elite will monitor them, watch what they do, where and what they buy, ...what films they view including that one that is banned at their school, what books they read and everything else which came back on them when they sent in a resume for a job and so forth.

We lost this time...too bad it was for all time.


Howard Zinn said in The People's History of the United States that the Democratic Party exists to show the country only how far to the left we are allowed to go. I am in my 70s and have watched Democrats join Republicans on the same side of supporting our wars and fleecing the public by the banks, even the treatment of our public education system. Democrats today are almost to the right of Eisenhower!


Not a fair representation of reality. Dems moved in the direction of the country, especially in the 1980s. The Bernie Sanders of 1984 was a man who ran on a neoliberal platform, a "different" democrat, who came way closer to knocking out the traditional labor-backed establishment candidate in the primary than Sanders did Clinton. This was the same type of Democrat that some on here seem to think the party left, but was really just beat horribly. The fact is the people themselves changed, not just the party. The party moved in the direction of the youth vote after that primary, which went to the neoliberal candidate. Why progressives want to lie to themselves about this is beyond me. I know it's tough to admit, but historians call Reagan's huge election in 1980 followed by his massive landslide win in 1984 a "revolution" for a reason. It was the death of the FDR coalition. In fact, I believe the party has continued to climb out of its old form, slowly, ever since.