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Trump Signs Executive Order Greenlighting 'Corporate Takeover of Our Oceans While They Hope We Aren't Paying Attention'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/08/trump-signs-executive-order-greenlighting-corporate-takeover-our-oceans-while-they

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Ok so this was 2008 but just shows another aspect of these unatural farms:



Trump is just doing his job. Exactly the job he was elected to do. The exact job republicans and democrats and corporate America put him in office to do. It’s not a surprise, it was long planned for, deliberate, premeditated, and popularly supported. It may be time we stopped pretending otherwise. The fact is that if he had not been elected, its not a job he would be doing. Instead of looking at what he is doing specifically as if in some state of shock or surprise, which seems to me to be a mere distraction, perhaps its worth looking at who he’s doing it for; which voter blocks, which corporations, which religious organizations. If we retaliate in the most extreme way imaginable against them, perhaps they will ultimately come to see that they themselves do not benefit from their own actions.


While we’ve been somewhat distracted by a little problem with virulence on the surface, the pace of ocean warming continues apace. Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is going down for the third time. There’s still Deepwater Horizon contamination of Gulf sealife: A light, sweet, crude shrimp harvest. COVID-19 might have temporarily dialed back on air pollution, simultaneously spawning untold megatons of additional plastic waste. Also: cleaning the sky like this will make for a string of record hot months. (March was already +1.2 C over the 1951-1980 mean.)

Find me an uncollapsed “fishery” please. Heat, pollution, eutrophication, scraping the bottom clean, forever and ever until the perpetrators stumble – have bequeathed us and future generations a nearly sterile global ocean, already. Nothing but jellyfish anymore.


Gaslighting the people, greenlighting the corporations. Those are the two functions of neoliberal government.


Gotta love the humans. The only species known to consciously destroy the very environment upon which their lives depend. I have reached the point in my life where I actually hope we all go extinct as soon as possible. I know that not all people, especially some of the indigenous cultures are responsible, but far too many want to live in a manner that far exceeds the capacity of the earth. Humans are a cancer raging on earth now. It’s time to go away and give other species a chance to live in harmony with their environment.


Hope those “grassy knoll guys” aren’t late.

“Sustainable seafood”: that’s a joke. The only thing large seafood companies know how to do is exploit the oceans. If you don’t let them have their caged offshore farms they’ll just fish the ocean clean of aquatic life. The smarter approach to this if people are REALLY concerned about marine life is just to quit eating seafood altogether. I quit eating seafood (and other meat) over 30 years ago and I don’t miss it in the least bit. Not eating meat opens up your taste buds to all kinds of new ways to be stimulated, and after you have quit eating meat for a while you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. If a farm boy from Kansas like me can do it anyone can!

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I feel much the same having quit smoking 35 years ago after 20 years of yellow finger, rasping, and wallet draining smoking enjoyment. I quit when I could still find crappy Merits for a dollar a pack.
It’s hard being poor enough that I could only afford those Merits, Buckhorn beer, and a bottle of Mad Dog 20-20 once in a while. Glad there was good weed though.
Will all of these insane exec. orders be reversed in time?

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Me too. Haven’t touched dead animals/fish in over 35 years.

TTOB - “I know that not all people, especially some of the indigenous cultures are responsible, but far too many want to live in a manner that far exceeds the capacity of the earth. Humans are a cancer raging on earth now.”

You are a person after my own heart. If you sometimes feel that you are alone in thinking this way (I know that I do) please know there is one more among the nearly EIGHT BILLION humans who feels the same.

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There are a few others that I know of, but it is good to know you are there too.

A little rotenone in the fish farm tanks will do wonders.

“BREAKING: In the middle of a public health pandemic, Trump just issued an executive order to bolster aquaculture – an industry that has pumped antibiotics, chemicals, disease and fish waste into our oceans”
Is too vague and the ocean has had fish waste in it since there were fish in the ocean.

When was the seafood industry accused of pumping antibiotics into the ocean? I don’t even understand how this would work?

Are you talking about farm raising saltwater fish?