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Trump Signs Measure Enabling Establishment of a U.S. Space Force

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/12/28/trump-signs-measure-enabling-establishment-us-space-force

I’m glad I’m not a young person having such a nightmarish future ahead that just keeps getting crazier.


I’m not endorsing a “space force”, but RT.com has an article that’s relevant to this subject. The Russians now have hypersonic weapons known as “Avangard” that supposedly cannot be destroyed once they’re on their ballistic trajectory because they travel too fast. The only defense is to destroy them immediately after launch, and that can be done only from space. Here’s the relevant paragraph from the RT article:

"Avangard’s existence also puts more urgency into developing space-based interceptors that could theoretically target missiles during the boost phase, before the hypersonic warheads can be unleashed. This may be the mission of the newly established ‘Space Force.’ " [emphasis added]

This is the article’s title:

“Avangard changes everything: What Russia’s hypersonic warhead deployment means for the global arms race”

The Pentagon will address this issue from the usual deter-defend-destroy perspective, but prevention of war seems (obviously!) to be a more desirable approach.

P. S. - Happy New Year!

But wait carlmarks:
This could work out well. TRUMP could be the first president to go into space, and the first president to tweet from space------ we could have BOEING build him a special rocket built from left over 737 parts-----------and--------o.k----.he might not come back but hey, it would be a first for him as First President of the Space Force. MAYBE the 1st Space Force rocket plane could circle the planet for a while too-----and the world would sing----"-and the rockets red glare, the thing bursting in air—gave proof to the RIGHT —that the trump is no where." It would be a word wide event before sanity COULD reign once more. : )


(This is a follow-up to my post at #2.)

The USA probably doesn’t need a “space force” to counter the Russian hypersonic weapons - surveillance satellites will do, if they are augmented by a “launch on warning” policy. In this situation the Pentagon would assume that any missile launch by the Russians was an attack with hypersonic weapons, unless known otherwise to be benign. To avoid the imminent destruction of its retaliatory capabilities by those very fast hypersonic weapons, the US would have to launch a massive missile attack immediately upon detecting the Russian launch.

This policy would require no “space force”, it would probably deter a Russian attack, and it wouldn’t cost very much as long as no one made any stupid mistakes. Problem solved! I’ll bet that you feel a lot better now!

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Assistant Secretary of the Navy (1922):

“The day of the battleship has not passed, and it is highly unlikely that an airplane, or fleet of them, could ever successfully sink a fleet of Navy vessels under battle conditions.”

Some guy named Bruce Gagnon, the coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space (2019)
“The idea that the U.S. thinks it can fight and ‘win’ a war in space is indeed the height of insanity”


Russia spends a fraction of what the USA does on its Military and it looks like they have leap frogged the USA technologically here. It was not too long ago that the US was claiming that Putin boasting about weapons he did not have when references made to Avanguard by the Russians. Well they are already being deployed.

Note the Ukraine has recently signed a gas deal with Russia. I think they see the writing on the wall and that being typing their fortunes to NATO and the USA will not be result in a future worth having.

The US space force as a counter to Avanguard will no doubt result in trillions more spending . For every dollar Russia spends on such systems the US and NATO try and spend 50 dollars to counter it.


starburstBID, my friend…THANK YOU! I surely needed that! (-:


Now that was funny. Thanks.


NOT a Space Force BUT a Space Farce .


Thanks for posting the link to the article, SDP! (I think that I finally figured out how to do it.)

The obstacle to hypersonic weapons has been the need for a casing material that could withstand the heat and friction of re-entry. Spock and Kirk ran across such materials - “Harder than anything known to the Federation” - more than once, but I guess that the leapfrogging Russians watch Star Trek, and the Pentagon watches Star Wars. That was a big mistake.

P. S. - Which side in Star Wars does the Pentagon root for?

Speaking of “space,” a group of scientists should be tasked with investigating the deep space between Trump’s ears.

Talk about "Black Holes."


From the article:
“The Space Force authorization marks a huge political victory for Trump, who started championing the idea of a space service in early 2018 and directed the Pentagon in June 2018 to figure out a plan to make it happen,” said Space News, quoting Barrett as saying: “The president’s vision has become a reality with overwhelming bipartisan and bicameral support from Congress.” [emphasis mine]

So, a week after the Democrats in the House impeach Trump for risking “national security” they give him this…


The side with the Death Star.


I think that they’d find a white hole. In a black hole, everything goes in, and nothing comes out. With Trump, nothing goes in and too much comes out.


Excellent article. It does touch on the geo-strategic advantages that Russia enjoys from its being the single largest entity on the Eurasian Continent thus dominating its center. This has long been alluded to as the key to world power and why the US has been so intent on trying to disintegrate Russia and break that nation state up.

The book “The Grand Chessboard” is focused on this and in my opinion this the single largest factor in all of US foreign policy. Virtually everything they do has the ultimate goal of isolating and destroying Russia.

The old British Empire was built around dominating the sea. The future of World power is dominating the Eurasian land mass and the weapons Russia and China develop will neutralize Western advantages of sea power.

There a good many in Western Europe that recognize this which why there an initiative for Countries like France , Italy and Germany to restore relations with Russia. The USA will do anything it can to try and stop this.

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Let us just say that Emperor Trump makes an excellent Palpatine.May the space farce be with him!

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