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Trump Simply Can’t Pull Anything Off—Even His Most Nefarious Plots


Trump Simply Can’t Pull Anything Off—Even His Most Nefarious Plots

Thom Hartmann

Trump just can’t get things done, and we need to stop having conversations predicated on the assumption that maybe he can. His dangerous incompetence is currently risking war in the Middle East and Asia, while pitting American against American in ways we haven’t seen in this country since the days of George Wallace.

For example, while citizens and leaders of the western world try to figure out what happened in Helsinki, Trump supporters are in plaintive wail mode: “He just wants better relations with Russia,” they say. “What’s wrong with that?”


Well somebody is competent! Competently loading the federal judiciary with Federalist right-wingers, rolling back EPA regulations, completely messing up the border situation (yes, it’s going as planned)–Is there a “deep Trump state”?–What’s surprising for so “lazy” a president, is how busy he is, constantly attacking, having rallies, and he seems to always be everywhere on the news media–It may be a case of controlled or out-of-control chaos, but in spite of the putative incompetence, things are getting done that the Repubs are happy with!


Things are “getting done,” but just how lasting will it be?

Take just the EPA for instance. How long will we be able to return to the factories belching smoke that blocks the sun, to lakes and rivers with dead fish covering the surface, to public dumps that fester like open sores, before people say “Wait a minute! Is this what I voted for?” Since Nixon established the EPA (Nixon!) we have re-learned how valuable clean air and water is, and I don’t see us giving all that up so that a handful of multimillionaires selling buggy whips can expand their fortunes.

Most of what Trump has “accomplished” was done by executive order and can be overturned the same way. Yes, cleaning up the mess will take time, but it will also be a good lesson about what can happen when apathy overtakes half the population.


Apathy—and its ugly twin, alienation—have been assiduoulsy cultivated by the 1% since the inception of the New Deal. Since the so-called Banker’s Plot against FDR failed, subtler means had to be employed, at least for a while.

But now, after stacking the courts with Federalist Society crackpots while corporate media worked their propaganda magic, the economic royalists feel confident in stepping out from behind the curtain, imagining an army of the desperate and the duped at their backs.

I can only hope that their hubris will do to them what our bought-and-sold political process can’t seem to.


Trump’s main accomplishments are political. He has succeeded in overthrowing the Republican establishment and replacing it with a party that has more in common with neo-Nazis than Reagan, Dole, and the Bush family. He has channeled the hate for immigrants, particularly if they arrive in large numbers from south of the border, into a functioning political party. The Republican Party of only two years ago is gone, almost without a trace. The new Republican Party consists mainly of Tea Party libertarians, courtesy of Koch Brothers funding, and white nationalists. People like Steve Bannon and Roger Stone now are the mainstream Republicans. David Duke is cheering the new Republicans on, as is Richard Spencer. The energy of the party is created from seething hate of immigrants and also racism and antisemitism. This is what keeps Trump’s approval ratings intact no matter what he does. These Trump supporters have no place in a liberal democracy. They need to destroy democracy and create a country that is for them.


Sorry Tom, I think you missed the mark on this one. You and a lot of other people took what Trump said at face value when he was on the campaign trail. Big mistake, Trump has always been, and will always be, a first class liar and con artist. That’s been Trumps method of operation since daddy was wiping his ass.


"early outreach to Trump from a number of Democrats, from Bernie to Chuck Schumer to Nancy Pelosi, right after the election. They each said, in various ways, “Where he’s wrong, we’ll fight him—but when he’s right, like on TRADE, … we’re prepared to work with him.”

Dear Mr. Hartmann, in just what alternative universe do YOU live? Schumer and Pelosi were looking for face-saving ways of getting the TPP ratified in a lame-duck session when Trump unexpectedly won, and even if Bernie had won I’d be surprised if things had gone differently. Let alone Hilary.


Hartmann can be such an idiot. With last January’s “Tax Cut and Jobs Bill” - that alone, that massive redistribution of wealth upwards - Trump could spend the rest of his term (and second term too) golfing and still be more admired by the .01% than all the presidents since Reagan. Trump is a distraction. The GOP are having the greatest snatch-and-grab of their lifetimes.


Can you tell us what elected official has followed through on campaign “promises” ? You can exclude local pols, I’m interested in those in higher offices.


Thom Hartmann trashes Trump much like the rest of the liberal media does, but he overlooks the fact that Trump keeps rising in popularity, and is now at 45-48%, which is where Obama was at this time in his term. Unless the Dems can field a candidate like Bernie Sanders, or preferably Bernie himself, Trump will no doubt win again in 2020…Incumbency is a huge advantage, and so are foreign wars and we’ll have at least one or more wars going by 2020…


I often wonder if that Bankers plot actually failed. The only person who came out on the losing end was the one man who did his duty and reported it. All the others eventually got appointed to top jobs in the defense industries and government efforts toward the war. they all, except general Butler, seemed to make a lot of money after the plot was uncovered. Quite a few of the things they wanted actually happened and are still happening. So did the plot fail, or just go under the table and continue?


Wow, Mr Hartman thinks Reagan did a good job and understood things…what? He was awful as a governor and was an idiot president just waving his hand in the air and smiling like a loon—with alzheimer’s already.
According to some horrified insiders, he was a lot like Trump bessie he had no skills, no clue, no idea. It was almost as if he thought he was in another movie------and all of them were pretty awful too.