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Trump Skips G20 Pandemic Preparedness Meeting as Covid-19 Cases Surpass 12 Million in US

So you’re suffering from both, CDS, and ODS!

In a complex society, a lot will go wrong, beyond the shadow of a doubt.

What is your point ?

I agree. His fire-breather son, that one that always seems high on cocaine will try his grift, carry on in daddy’s name. His sick cultists will be waiting with torches in hand come 2024.

I guess I was asking if you saw any down side to this level of inquiry? This is a complex society within what is now being defined globally right down to a pathogenic level.

And Jamie Dimon, one of the architects of the subprime mortgage fiasco, from which we’ve never recovered, thanks to RE Vultures.

There is always a downside, like waves in the sea. That is the way the universe operates, as far as I can see, as far as science can see.

You take the good with the bad - like marriage and children.

Climbing - I always tried to stack the odds in my favor, knowing all the while that the mountain gets a say. Without the downside, the real possibility of death or injury, you are not on a mountain, nor are you climbing.

You can correct this easily - just don’t climb - and like magic, no death or injury from the mountain is possible.

But climbing is just philosophy in action. There is no safe place, anywhere, anytime.

The job is to survive, to learn how to survive better, to learn, and then learn some more.

And while you can decide not to climb mountains, you cannot decide not to live in this universe, unless you commit suicide.

Climbing, like life, is all about living well. Downsides are part and parcel of everything.

Right now we have Perseverance en-route to Mars. Aboard is Ingenuity, a small drone helicopter. If all goes well we may see humankind’ first atmospheric aerial reconnaissance.

The Chinese are set to launch their own sample return mission to the Moon soon.

In that American Scientist magazine, which I almost finished this morning, restoration of coastal wetlands is apparently a good way to naturally draw down CO2 - you just have to allow tidal access to the portions behind the road, so as to allow sulfate to again dominate, this almost stopping freshwater methane emissions, and drawing down CO2 - a best practice environmental solution, fairly easily accomplished - stacking the odds in our favor in other words.

Venus has phosphine in its atmosphere - a possible sign of life -

By adding a polymer to dental water reservoirs, we may be able to all but eliminate the production of aerosols while drilling, which, in a time of Covid - is of immediate practical portent, also easily implemeted as another best practice.

California has a new name - not the Golden State - the Wildfire State, and one scientist is renaming our epoch the Pyrosphere. Diablo and Santa Anna winds are discussed in some detail - once a winter phenomena, they are now present year round, in a tinder dry California.

All this and more for next to nothing in a easily accessed made in America magazine.

And all we talk of is negatives.

Right now, as I see it, the so called duopoly is just another term for a nascent fascist form of governance. If history is any guide, this cannot stand. So either you will become even more a new type of fascism, because that is what plutocracy really is, or you will overcome.

I’m all in for the overcoming part.

What we are experiencing, in this pandemic, is what all societies have experienced in the past. Confusion, fear, mixed messaging.

Truth is the way out.

Here a quote from Thomas Jefferson:

“He who permits himself to tell a lie once, finds it much easier to do it a second and third time, till at length it becomes habitual; he tells lies without attending to it, and truths without the world’s believing him. This falsehood of the tongue leads to that of the heart, and in time depraves all its good dispositions.” ~

“It’s not reality unless it’s shared” is a mental note from a former Delta Force Commander (Pete Blaber).

It is as true in science and politics as it is in the military.

Science can and should reach out and make contact with the public - it is at least as important as publishing, perhaps more so.

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That’s a huge problem. That we are not supposed to pay any attention to the death toll behind the curtain brought on by trump’s inaction and irresponsibility.
Let’s all just go golfing. Hmmm, trump said he wouldn’t be golfing because he would want to be in the WH all of the time watching TV.

Donald J. Trump is America’s number one mass murderer via his utter failure to contain this pandemic. May he rot in hell sooner rather than later.


Thank you for that thoughtful response.

Indeed the good with bad is usually how it turns out. Life is a learning experience and if we really had full information there are probably a lot of things we would do differently.

I am aware of attempts to restore wetlands, the ACE have been working on it for a long time. Miserably at first. I guess my issue here is nature is much better at restoration that science, science should have understood this before they destroyed them. An artificial replacement as substantial equivalence is not the same thing. I guess “first do no harm” is problematic all things considered.

i forgot you are Canadian so you probably didn’t fully understand my post regarding the vaccine, its funding from a non-traditional source (Department of Defense), that it is novel in that it has never been approved for use in humans before, and there hasn’t been full disclosure. In other words, there are pros and cons as you said.

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You are right - thanks for the clarification.

One of my very best articles is by Naomi Orestes - “How to Break the Climate Deadlock”. In it she points out that pretty much everything we have hi tech is because of government funding, R & D, and of course that includes the Department of Defense. OK - the DoD has their own agenda, but it is also true that we have the Internet, GPS and the Moon - and a huge long list - because of big government.

In our system - we then hand over the results of this R&D to the private sector, which does the marketing and the selling.

Good and bad - as always.

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I read an article by Robert Kennedy Jr. that raised some important questions for me. I’m always reluctant when major issues result from crisis programing and for good reason. I think sometimes these are created on purpose. So I’ve been checking up on the info.

In my research on this issue I also learned that China has a goal for all cars to be electric by 2030 and that most already are. This maybe a good thing, or it may just be different.

Thanks for being patient. I always appreciate your insight.

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I’m certainly not in a hurry to get this vaccine Fern. It’s an entirely new kind - messenger DNA as I understand. I’ll be listening to Dr. Fauci - he seems a straight shooter.

As for the electric cars - as someone said - they are still cars. I am sure that the Green New Deal is mostly geared to capitalism and not the environment.

I don’t see capitalism as the problem. For me it is unchecked capitalism. Even Adam Smith said this I believe.

This is a time when we can let our imaginations loose - because what we are doing is not working - therefore try something different.

BUT - there is the baby with the bathwater parable.

We used to tax the super wealthy at 90%. Corporations could likewise be taxed for the common good.

But this presupposes a government ‘for the people’.

Right now tax havens are another dodge, and offshoring etc…

None of this is written in stone, and can be changed.

I personally think Medicare for All and Science Education for All would go a long way towards preparation for the long term.

We have already entered irrevocably a new world both physically, with climate change, population at unsustainable levels, and biodiversity and wildlife habitat destruction at all time highs.

And we are now all interconnected at the speed of the Internet.

In such a dramatically transformed world, we need scenario planning for various possible futures, because the past is not a guide other than in those things that change very little, such as human nature.

Even there, Harari posits that the merger of info-tech and bio-tech may make democracy impossible.

I don’t know if that is true - but that is the very point. Things are possible now that were never even remotely possible for all of our 300,000 years as homo sapiens.

The future is one big black swan, in other words.

Resilience and adaptability - openness to new ideas - never more important than now for global society as a whole.

Nothing is off the table - we may all be out of a job soon with AI, to cite just one example.

Are driverless cars safer - probably. But what are the downsides there? Many - the loss of usefulness of the human being - the atrophy of skills, etc…

We are going to have to play this by ear. What works - what doesn’t.

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Messenger RNA - not DNA - sorry !

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Thailand, now 3,600 cases and 60 deaths in a population of 70 million.


I agree with you in this regard, I will need a little more information before I decide. Everyone has different considerations, I’m in a high risk group. No pressure. s/

Actually, I pretty much agree with all of that. Maybe except Fauci, some of his behavior is a bit questionable.

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BocaCat: I agreed about voting for Hillary. I voted for her despite even progressive shows like Democracy Now! who kept bashing her yet NOT one negative word was mentioned about Dump?

It was insane to me to watch DN! bring on Glen Greenwald and Jeremy Scahill and even Noam Chomsky (atleast Noam came to his senses this election) throughout 2015 and tear Hillary apart when that was the only candidate left who could have kept us from this sociopathic/narcissist maniac. I got so pissed off at Free Speech TV that I called and told them I don’t want to even hear from Glen and Jeremy this go-round. America could not afford another 4+ years of this dangerous cult head. How stupid some progressives can be!

And here, some lefty bloggers refused to even vote–this after 4 beyond nightmarish years?!! One said that that he/she believed politicians have to beg for their vote before they will even consider voting. Thank the universe that 80 million people disagreed with that stupidity!

This might help - just found it this morning. The interviewer is I believe, an emergency room doctor:


Hmm, if memory serves, at Hill’s convention, acceptance speech, she all but flipped progressives the bird, not a single fucking word or gesture of reconciliation, not even eye contact. In other words she was stating she didn’t want or need progressive’s vote. Yeah, talk about liking things just the way they are. She torpedoed Bernie and then flipped off progressives, and she already had a high unfavorable rating. It was easy peasy to see that she was going to put drumpf in the WH.


‘Only chickens run away.’

But this coward can’t run away from the reality that’s closing in on him. With any luck reality will catch up with all of his enablers as well.

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