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Trump Slammed for 'Mere Allegation' Remark After Second Staffer Resigns Amid Reports of Domestic Violence

Trump Slammed for 'Mere Allegation' Remark After Second Staffer Resigns Amid Reports of Domestic Violence

Common Dreams staff

After a second staffer in the Trump administration stepped down following allegations of domestic violence, President Donald Trump—who provoked outrage Friday when he praised an alleged male abuser without mentioning the female victims—took to


Perhaps it is time for Patriarchy to be terminated?! To me, heaven is an Egalitarian, Ecologically balanced culture where the Golden Rule is the only rule.


The human race has been subjected to profound fragmentation by violence/violation based systems for thousands of years. We now face exponential intensification of pressures from the consequences of these practices being forced down the throats of societies by sectors that cannot survive without engaging and intensifying those practices.

I keep bedside reading of some of the world’s most beloved philosophers and justice and spiritual thinkers to re-center my mind with food for dreaming. When chaos is pounded like a war drum, make time for volunteering in some small way with community and hold spirit and conscience as the treasures that they are. We need these now more than ever.


Keep the pressure on Trump. Anyone in position to do so, ask him about his misogyny and violence. Keep focus on this through all possible media. Drive him out.

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Anyone know anything about any lawsuits pending against trump for sexual assault or harassment?

Thank you, oldgoat, for your wise observations.


This administration is like scum, scrape off a layer and another quickly rises to the surface. Scum, all the way from the bottom to the top.

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This article’s final paragraph, wherein Corbett bemoans lost opportunities with the GOP and fascist clients doesn’t exactly help the me too movement any. She obviously doesn’t get it and will likely find herself in serial abusive relationships (romantic and otherwise) unless she wakes up and redirects her life post haste.

You beat me to it!

As I said yesterday (and before the news of this bloated perv surfaced), misogyny loves company!

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Trump demands due process… when he’s not inciting chants of “lock her up.”


Trump is going to win this one again. The media is saturated with saccharin preachy talking heads full of imaginary junk about marriage. It is absolutely true that men shouldn’t use wives or woman as punching bags, full stop, but every marriage has its yelling matches.
“So-called” abusive language goes to ways. I have personally known some very creative woman and the hurt is a two-way high-speed highway. Marriage isn’t a Walt Disney movie, fade to sunset. Any marriage older than three years has had its share of yelling.

Jessica Corbett also steps forward with courage to war us of her ex-husband’s
predatory behavior towards females.

Do you see Trump or Pence “cooperating” anywhere in the world to end violence?

Or our Congress and its multiples of “illegal wars of aggression” which look like Crusades against
Muslims and stealing OIL for the US/Christian Empire.

This story is about MALE violence against females as part of an overall oppression of women all over
the world.

Do you have anything specific to say about male violence against females?

Think of the endless deception and violence involved in moving what were once spiritual movements
of the people based in NATURE …

Nature had to become something to be feared.

Same for animals – “eat your enemy”?

Likely this began as “animal sacrifice.”

And a renewal of the vile propaganda seen against Jews in the Papal States by the Vatican.
This allowed the Vatican to hold Jews in Ghettoes for 1,100 years, forcing them to wear yellow
stars, isolating them from society, barring them from education and the professions.

in order to create religions based in one-all-male god who vouched for the “superiority” of males
and the “inferiority” of females. And from that point to create Christian armies to persecute for
thousands of years the enemies of the Church … i.e., Jews, Women, Homosexuals, Africans.
Within the Papal States, the Vatican soaked the soil of Europe with the blood of these "inferior"
human beings in The Crusades, The Inquisition, and the “Hammer of Witches” and Burning at the

Sadly, when Columbus arrived here he brought “Christianity” with him and their Papal Edicts which
called for the “enslavement or killing” of the Native American here they labelled “pagans … only fit
to be fed to the dogs.” Same for the African being enslaved here.
In other words, “Christianity” began a new round of vile propaganda, cruel and brutal torture and
spilling of blood on this land, paralleling their Crusades/Inquisition/Burning at the Stake violence.

Thus, the Genocide here and the long term System of Enslavement of Africans here –
to steal land and for free labor. Our Founders saved and protected these systems over hundreds of
years. This war on the Native American and the War on the AA continue by our Congress even today.
Again – for purposes of theft.

Our US government immediately looked to the Catholic Church and the Mormon Church to run
"Church Schools" here Native American children were held by force, kidnapped from their parents,
forced to wear Western-style clothing, their braids cut – and NOT permitted to speak their own
language. Children in the “Church schools” were abused physically and sexually in every way possible.
And murdered. Their parents were not permitted to visit them.


Security Clearance was denied to Porter because a “restraining order” to protect your wife
from your abuse and violence isn’t something “alleged” – it’s fact.

Also, Trump is a liar and hypocrite – perpetually – with women accusing him of aggressive
sexual behavior towards them reaching beyond 15 or more.

There’s also Trump’s very clearly stated outline of his approach to women …
“Grab 'em by the pussy” – and needless to say his disrespect for women on constant display
as he continues to attack women’s rights - including reproductive freedom.

You might also explore Ivana’s testimony in regard to the Donald … who attacked her pulling
out clumps of her hair an then raped her.

Good luck on that “alleged” thing.


In other cases like the “alleged” Central Park group consisting Hispanics and AA males,
despite the fact that new evidence cleared them of the rape of the Central Park jogger,
Trump spent $84,000 to run ads in newspapers calling for them to be executed for a
crime they didn’t commit. Like now, he continued to repeat the original findings of the
investigators who had coerced the witnesses.

The real “Witch Hunts” had to do with the Hammer of Witches which was a Vatican
propaganda campaign of violence and persecution of women – ending in their labeling
women “witches” and burning them at the stake.

We also have a pervert on our Supreme Court - Clarence Thomas – who we need to be
giving some attention to. Even friends identified “quotes” which were gross and sexually
based as just Clarence Thomas being himself.


The break with reality is clearly manifest in Trump’s narcissistic sociopathy.
He is immune to the contradictions, brutality and nihilisms of his words due to his fundamental, centralized ego distortion. The perfect symbol of american politics!!!

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Yes Greenwich, all that history is a condemnation on our so called “Christian” nation. And yet, when I read the words of Jesus, they sound nothing like what has been done is His name. I think, when I read back into the historical events, it was the Catholic Church and the Pope who perpetrated such horror on this world. That for sure was about power and money. I’ve heard this said, and I believe it, if Jesus were here today, the powers that be, would kill him once again.


Yes, think about how many heads were lopped off in the name of Christ during the crusades.

Jesus’ works have been co-opted to serve the devious needs of many organized religions.

Political parties and organized religion have too often proven to be just different spins on organized crime. If we outlawed them, we could solve at least half of the world’s most pressing problems post haste.

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