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Trump Slammed for 'Mere Allegation' Remark After Second Staffer Resigns Amid Reports of Domestic Violence


So your lynch mob mentality offers a better solution? Good luck with that.


The break with reality is clearly manifest in Trump’s narcissistic sociopathy.
He is immune to the contradictions, brutality and nihilisms of his words due to his fundamental, centralized ego distortion. The perfect symbol of american politics!!!


Yes Greenwich, all that history is a condemnation on our so called “Christian” nation. And yet, when I read the words of Jesus, they sound nothing like what has been done is His name. I think, when I read back into the historical events, it was the Catholic Church and the Pope who perpetrated such horror on this world. That for sure was about power and money. I’ve heard this said, and I believe it, if Jesus were here today, the powers that be, would kill him once again.


Yes, think about how many heads were lopped off in the name of Christ during the crusades.

Jesus’ works have been co-opted to serve the devious needs of many organized religions.

Political parties and organized religion have too often proven to be just different spins on organized crime. If we outlawed them, we could solve at least half of the world’s most pressing problems post haste.


I like to read Kahlil Gibran and Paulo Coelho. :o)


The entire topic of “metoo” is about oppression of women by sexual aggression,
rape and violence …

Not just one woman …

Not just a handful of women in Hollywood …

Not just 100’s of women accusing one powerful man in Hollywood …

This is sexual aggression by males being used all over the world …
evidence of which you can read every day.

When we have 100’s of women making clear their sexual abuse by males in power –
and when you have the proof of a Restraining Order against Porter, it would be sheer
hypocrisy to suggest these are “allegations” as Trump does.

On the other hand, when Trump tosses “allegations” at others he expects to be believed.

Granted, for Trump, “allegations” are also a very sensitive issue as he is accused by 15
and more women of sexual aggressiveness. The use of pay-offs by his lawyers and GAG
orders has allowed a cover up. Thus, no investigations and no convictions.

The fact that these instances of sexual aggressiveness are committed in dark corners and
away from witnesses by choice of the abuser does tend to leave us with a “he said”/"she said"
situation where the statements of women and children have too often sadly been dismissed.
But “pay-offs” by lawyers and GAG Orders continue to pile up as evidence, as well.


August –

So your lynch mob mentality offers a better solution? Good luck with that.

Show me where there is “lynch mob” mentality in my reply to you …

Did a lynch mob create the “Restraining Order” … ?

Was Porter permitted to work more than a year in the Trump administration DESPITE
the fact that he had not qualified for Security Clearance because of the Restraining Order?

Has Trump’s lawyers made “pay-offs” to women and added GAG Orders to the arrangements?

Is Trump willing to testify UNDER OATH to any of the 15 accusations?

And again, there is Trump speaking of his own nature and inclinations towards females …

There’s also Trump’s very clearly stated outline of his approach to women …
“Grab 'em by the pussy” – and needless to say his disrespect for women on constant display
as he continues to attack women’s rights - including reproductive freedom.

Actually that’s a TAPE which he at first confirmed was him – and then tried to deny.
Maybe you also think that the tape is simply an “allegation” of who Trump really is?

and Again –

You might also explore Ivana’s testimony in regard to the Donald … who attacked her pulling
out clumps of her hair an then raped her.

Maybe you also want to suggest that Ivana’s testimony of being beaten and then raped byTrump
were mere “allegations”?

Again – this isn’t simply about patriarchal society here in the US – it’s about patriarchal societies
all over the world which are held in place by violence against women.


There are pictures of at least one of the women with a black eye. That is ABUSE and not normal.


Yes, and great post as usual. Organized religion seems to be the basis for ongoing wars and greed.


There was even DNA evidence which cleared them. DNA did not matter to sociopath racist Dump.


This is not about Dump- it’s about an aids’ “alleged” abuse of his ex wives. Have you seen the pictures of at least one with a black eye ? Do you think she gave that to herself? As usual people made this all about Dump which feeds his ego, and not about women who have endured abuse.


What about the poor female victims? Did anyone even bother looking at the woman who had a black eye?


Finally someone who recognizes the “alleged” victim- not just rattling on about Dump.


That’s nice- but what does it have to do with women who have suffered through fear, and abuse?


“rump is going to win this one again.”

Sure he is, lerenarde. Explains why Republican leadership with an eye to midterms are telling rank and file to STFU about anything but tax cuts.

“‘For members or anybody else who cares about keeping control of Congress, if you find yourself talking about anything but the middle-class tax cut, shut up and stop talking,’ fumed Corry Bliss, who runs the primary House Republican ‘super PAC,’ the Congressional Leadership Fund.”


"Peoples lives are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation. Some are true and some are false. Some are old and some are new. There is no recovery for someone falsely accused - life and career are gone. Is there no such thing any longer as Due Process?"
This is the tweet I referred to, and on which the article is based. I believe this tweet is 100% correct. He mentions no one in particular, only the climate of accusation which finds many guilty by circumstance, without giving the accused their day in court. Yes, of course a restraining order is a part of due process. I never argued that it was not. Yes, Trump is a pig and I have read Ivana’s account of her “rape”. Why do you assume I hadn’t? My comments stand; every dog, and pig, must have his/her day in court before absolute guilt is pronounced. Otherwise, yes, you are guilty of promoting lynch mob mentality,


Yes, I saw that picture. Did she take the accused to court for assault? If so, did she offer any corroborating evidence to back up the assault charge? Was she believed?Was he convicted? I’m asking because I don’t know the answers.


I certainly do not know either. Only saw whatever was reported on msm.


I was responding to theoldgoat.


21+ years of marriage and never a raised voice. When there is mutual respect, yelling is unnecessary.