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Trump Slammed for 'Mere Allegation' Remark After Second Staffer Resigns Amid Reports of Domestic Violence


Exactly right – in theory.  But the sensation-seeking media on both the left and the right are quick to exploit any conflict that can enhance their audience.  Even worse, due process is obviously thwarted quite often by the ab­ility of the rich and powerful to hire high-priced lawyers liars to get them off, and in many cases it’s the rich and powerful taking advantage of lower-level female employees who have no recourse to effective legal protection.  When are Tweetle-Dumb’s many accusers – not just women he’s harassed (or worse), but also the contractors he’s stiffed, etc., etc. – going to get the ‘Due Process’ that they deserve?   Trump would have been sent to the penitentiary decades ago if his legal fees hadn’t been covered by his father’s millions.  America’s legal system, like everything else in our “democracy”, is stacked heavily against us ordinary citizens.


Again, the article is about an issue which overall pertains to the oppression of females.

And it is a worldwide oppression of females by male violence.


The article “relates” to the broader subject you mention, but is specifically about one particular remark/tweet (please read the title). Many men abuse women, but not every man. You simply can not extrapolate. I understand your anger, but not every man is guilty.




I agree with your commentary, but what is your proffered solution? If we abandon due process because its application is often flawed, or because it is denied to so many, so routinely, what is left? Perhaps theoretical justice has already been abandoned and it simply is what it is?


I wish I knew.   Due Process is the foundation of equitable law and fair government, but how to resurrect it?   I am feeling more and more guilty every day for fathering a daughter into this downward-spiraling world, and now she and her husband have a son to worry about . . .

We need a new “Magna Carta”, strictly limiting the wealth and power of both individuals and their konspiracies (aka korporations), but how to achieve this is beyond me.   The size and complexity of our social institutions & technologies have grown unimaginably in the last 5,000 years, but we ourselves have scarcely evolved a milli­meter beyond the tribalism of our chimpanzee-like ancestors.  Our “Civilization” is but a thin veneer.


August –

Again – that is the information conveyed in the article concern male violence which is
used the world over to oppress females – and that has long been true.

Again – “wife-beating” was recommended by “Christianity” … in their efforts to oppress
and persecute females.

The broader subject IS the subject.


August –

The broader subject IS the subject.

Many men abuse women, but not every man. You simply can not extrapolate.>

How many males still support “Christianity” and male-supremacist religion?

You’re correct NOT every male abuses women …
True also to say that many men speak out against this male violence and sexual violence
against females. But more are needed.

Notice that what began with Our Founders in their creation of organized Elite-patriarchy
here … runs through the industry of organized pornography which is merely propaganda to
encourage violence against women, disrespect for women, and sexual abuse of females.
And you see this organization CLEARLY here in the new lawsuit by NY Attorney General …

N.Y. Attorney General Suit Details Culture of ‘Harassment and Intimidation’ at Weinstein Co.

Whole societies have been built on a CULTURE of male-supremacy.
Again – Patriarchy is as much a political system as Colonialism was a political system.
NOT everyone supported Colonialism as undoubtedly not everyone supports patriarchy.
But as we’ve seen with other oppressions of other groups – Homosexuals – African Americans –
Native Americans – it requires an ORGANIZED effort to keep these oppressions in place.

Many “white” men and women stood against the system of Slavery.
Many men and women stood with homosexuals to gain their human and civil rights.
We must all stand together now against this continuing organized oppression of females.

I understand your anger, but not every man is guilty.>

It’s more a passion for justice –
but, as for anger, WHY wouldn’t you be angry at sexual harassment and sexual
abuse of females? Most men have women in the lives who they wouldn’t want
see threatened by male sexual aggression and violence.

I don’t think you have to be a female to be angry with what is going on with fascists
running our government today and their desire to renew these age old oppressions.

WHY aren’t you angry is more the question.


Conservatives are now completely unhinged. People’s lives are being destroyed by simple allegations, rumors and outright lies from corporate backers of conservative politicians who are only concerned about their profit margin vs the public good. Do conservatives no longer believe in public dialogue, democracy and representing the majority of americans rather than the selfish greed of the few? Obviously, conservatives have no interest in proof and accurate information everytime they scream “fake news!” when the information being presented is a threat to their profit margin. Conservatives have such an emotional investment in hating “the left” that anyone not spitting out conservative propaganda is automatically guilty since any resemblance of a fair trial would quickly expose the corruption that is “the right”.


You are so very quick to assume. Of course I’m angry; I’m just not letting myself be consumed by it, as are you. Throw rationality and the rule of law out the window, and I’m sorry, but women and people of color lose, even more so than now. Don’t let your anger overwhelm you; you are mainly preaching to the choir on this site. Go out and do something constructive about the situation!


When Trump begins to “be rational” and when he decides to obey “the rule of law” then
I might find what you are saying believable. Otherwise, all Americans are being harmed
and losing because of his recklessness, failure to acknowledge the will of the people,
and failure to respect and enforce existing law. Trump is challenging the human rights
of women, children, AA’s and all people of color. Trump is a threat to peace in the world
on the level of threatening nuclear war.

Trump represents the fascist will to overthrow human and civil rights of a majority of
Americans. As one Supreme Court Judge put it at one time – I think it was Brennan –
it is always time to INCREASE the freedom and human rights of Americans, but no one
should be allowed to LIMIT their freedoms. And that’s where Trump is a danger to all of
us and to the cause of democracy.

Trump, of course, is only accelerating the work of fascists controlling our government to
limit our freedom and to overturn newly gained human and civil rights. This is a project
Elites have been working on since the Constitution was written – and specifically by those
who we might say have actually “bought” our government today (Koch Bros./John Birch
Society) over the last 100 years.

The faces change, the fascist instincts don’t.


And here you are making up fake assumptions. What makes you soooo certain that those men didn’t commit any crimes? You are evidence that MeToo continues to be relevant.


Tell that to your conservatives who love to brand demonstrators as terrorists. Your conservatives slander anyone they don’t like in the public arena all the time and call it free speach. Yet, when people place deserved allegations against conservatives, the conservatives suddenly start crying out for privacy. TOUGH SHIT HYPOCRITES!!!
Ask me if I know the US Constitution? As soon as conservatives start acting like they do, which by the looks of it is when hell will freeze over.