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Trump, Social Media and “Orwellian” Bullshit

I take the stories of ‘Russian’ influence with a few grains of salt. The primary evidence seems to be the hackers used some name like ‘Fuzzy-Bear’ or ‘Siberian Sally’ so they must be Russian, as if American hackers always use ‘Screaming Eagle’ or ‘Farmer’s Daughter’. Yes the Russians try to influence foreign election but so do we. The Obama administration spent huge amounts (through surrogates) to try to defeat Netanyahu - not to mention the many other interferences like Egypt (remember Morsi?) Honduras, Libya, et.al. Russian just doesn’t have the money - china on the other hand spends billions to advance their plan for world domination.

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Who were the people warning us for decades about the excessive power of centralized corporate control over media and information? About the threats of this centralized control to democracy? “Libertarian” Trumpites now complaining so vociferously? Reagan Republicans? European Conservatives? No. It was academics and the political left, saying that the excessive power of news organizations such as Fox News, CNN and the New York Times, and the excessive power of social media platforms, are dangerous.

This article seems rather obtuse. While the “left” has decried Fox News and Breitbart, it has staunchly defended the NYT and the MSM. The right was way ahead of us on that. Further, the author seems to be arguing that the right missed its chance to complain about corporate media. That they should have done so earlier. That’s it’s hypocritical of them to do so now.

So does it follow that we should now support media censorship of voices we don’t like? I find the author’s point hard to follow.

Personally I find it embarrassing that Sarah Palin was much more right than wrong about “lamestream media” and that so many on the “left” still haven’t caught up.

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i think it isn’t that we think they don’t exist. it’s just that they seem unreachable, immune to facts and logic, so we’ve given up!

So if you watched Tucker Carlson last night ------it is Democrats who have created chaos------and Republicans have been working for calm???

It was Laura Ingraham who stated it was Antifa attacking the Capitol???

I watched fox late night all Summer -----they were pushing violence in the streets------a set up for Trump to send in the military.

NYT—MSM —omit and twist------but they don’t outright lie on a daily basis the way fake fox news does on a daily basis. Wallace is the exception----

I would censor incendiary right-wing demagoguery that advocate lies.
I would not provide voice to fascists who advocate violence for a supposed motive to ameliorate economic conditions.