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Trump Solely and Unequivocally to Blame for Fresh US-Iranian Tensions

Trump Solely and Unequivocally to Blame for Fresh US-Iranian Tensions

Paul Pillar

The current crisis atmosphere in U.S.-Iranian relations, in which the risk of open warfare appears greater than it has been in years, is solely and unequivocally due to the policies and actions of the Trump administration. To point this out does not mean that actions of the Iranian regime have not come to be part of the crisis atmosphere as well.

Ghouls like Bolton and Pompeo drool at the prospect of “serving” under incompetents such as the accidental president. Forty-five does not have the skill set to understand geopolitics and can be easily manipulated via flattery and assurances that his base will be placated. Such a simpleton is indeed a ghoul’s dream come true. Let’s hope that for whatever reason the dynamite duo displease him and he applies the only oratory at which he has ever demonstrated any panache–“you’re fired”.

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President Caligula thinks he needs a war to get reelected. He thought Obama was going to do it - he didn’t. But Caligula still thinks it’s a good idea.

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When it comes to aggression against Iran, Trump is standing on the shoulders of Obama & Bush.

Obama foolishly continued the Bush regime policy of baiting & demonizing Iran, reinforcing & expanding the intellectual & emotional preconditions for war.

Obama should have called bullshit on everything Bush did, reversed every Bush policy, & he would have been a hero.

But instead, Obama was the 3rd & 4th term for Bush, paving the way for Trump.

Now we’re doomed for sure.

This generation of youth haven’t yet begun to understand the consequences of the Military Industrial Complex’s need to flex their muscle in interfering in other nations affairs when the opportunity to profit from it in weapons use and natural resources to be had are available as we are now witnessing.

Our window of affecting the future for our children and future generations is closing.

Our youth are not united in fighting the fascism within our government that is now flagrantly unfurling it’s wings.

We all have much to lose if action isn’t taken soon.

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Come on the republicons get left off the hook. Remember McCain “Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran” rant.
Republicons and our good buddies dictators of Israel and Saudi Arabia want Iran’s oil. Just another Venezuela, Ecuador, Chile, et al and if you don’t march to the tune of US Empire they will sanctions then bomb.