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Trump Son-in-Law Jared Kushner Named as 'Very Senior Member' Who Instructed Flynn on Russia


Trump Son-in-Law Jared Kushner Named as 'Very Senior Member' Who Instructed Flynn on Russia

Julia Conley, staff writer

"The investigation has progressed from the campaign, to the White House, and now inside Donald Trump's family."


Now I understand why the Drumph has been so amicable with all the world’s dictators. Who needs enemies when we have the full spectrum dominance of hammers clanking each other’s sack?

Stay tuned for the Full Monty on delusional oligarchs claiming turf in the US of Asses. The latter being very nearly fulfilled campaign promise of being made ‘great’ again. Definitely broader and wider with more visible cracks than a line of celebratory ‘moonings’… You cannot make this effluent up.


The Trump Trash Tribe (JK is in that orbit) has taken prevarication to an all time deep, dark, detestable, and abysmally low level and their criminal behavior is all part of their “grand designs” (business, personal and now presidential) throughout their adult lives (and probably even before). JK’s male DNA donor is currently in prison where his precious son may just well join him…Ryker’s Island awaits you JK. (That way, Ivanka will not have too far to travel for visits…that is, until the divorce is finalized.)


My guess is that the average Trump voter does not see this as a problem, threat or issue.


What kind of sword is he to fal on? Gold plated pardon incrusted?


To them, the means do not count, just the end…no holds barred and anything goes just as long as they “win.”


Right, even at their literal expense.


The fake president will cling desperately to the fake news that will choke him and his ilk asap.
Trump really is so special - he’s the only one who has never lied! No wonder the fundamentalists love his purity and virtue. Maybe he will attain sainthood.
The over-taut orange guitar string is erratically struck incessantly, stretching ever more tightly with that rising, expanding, straining, soon-snapping sound - irritable, chaotic, random. Multitimbral sociopathy invades our ears. Snap!


Why do I get the feeling this, Trump and his band of criminals, is going to be worse than Watergate? Then we will still have McConnell and Ryan.


I can’t wait to see if the president is prepared to sacrifice his son-in-law as he has done with several previous Trump associates who have become a threat to his presidency, in order to preserve himself.


And a couple of wives.


Only if he is charged with federal crimes can Tdump pardon Kush. That is why Schniederman, the NY AG, is involved. Donnyboy can’t pardon a conviction of a state crime.


He who wins last wins best–bigly, at that. Trump has no idea how transparent he is, nor how naked. There is no “pretty” ending to this mess. I just hope “they” can keep the easy (nuclear) button away from him. At least I still loved Old Yeller when he was shot. Trump’s rabid legacy is going to deplete the world of its last asterisks.


So, Bibi asks Flynn to intercede on Israel’s behalf to persuade Russia to veto a UN resolution which condemns Israeli settlements.

And we’re talking about Russian collusion here?


This White House of cards can’t fall fast enough.
How low can Amerikkkan politics go. Seems ,We the People, are seeing it in action daily.
The People need to levitate the entire Washington, D.C., area. Let the shitheads, fall where they will. Allah will sort them out, one by one.
Sorry, I was not responding to your post. Just the article, in general.
My anger is seething. Time to walk the dog!:dog2:


As soon as t rump signs this tax scam they don’t need him anymore and would be wise to dump him.


Perhaps Jared can occupy the same prison cell that his father did.


Remember when son in law Jared Kushner was appointed the United States chief middle east peace maker? It now seems that he broke the law, and our sovereign rights, by ordering Flynn to lobby on behalf on Israel before Trump even took office. All this being admitted to by an Israeli official, it now only needs Flynn’s testimony in court to send this would be American prince to jail.

Every day I thank the heavens that our republic is resilient enough, and our public servants strong enough, to withstand the insidious assaults of those who would harm her.


Jared was appointed our point man in the middle east. Imagine his potential to sell us out, if he were not put under the legal microscope in time. This is the Israeli-Trump collusion chapter. Russia-trump collusion is another chapter in this sordid story. Read on.


You are right … Most .only listen to snippets of news… and that news is Fox . I would like to know how much the average Trump supporter reads in a day…week .month … Mmmm I wonder