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Trump Sons Hosting Hunting-Themed Inauguration Party


Trump Sons Hosting Hunting-Themed Inauguration Party

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Hunting enthusiasts Donald Jr. and Eric Trump will be ringing in their father's ascent to power with a fundraiser and bash dubbed "Opening Day 2017," according to an invitation obtained by TMZ and reported on Monday.


Fundraising to fund t-dump family future trophy hunting trips...how nefarious. Satan is proud.

Trophy hunting endangered species for sport...a dark, stark reflection of their black hearts and soul-less vessels of regurgitation.

What is even more disturbing is that there are many others like them who have the money and malevolence and will giddily bid while fighting each other for the "prize." Jackals all.


Apparently the entire trump clan are depraved, deriving pleasure from the pain and suffering of innocent threatened animals, killed for trump ego.

If this despicable cluster farce doesn't bring real, radical changes in American politics and the total reformation, or formation, of an actual opposition party to R'Con politics (and DINO Dem politics) represented by the odious trump & co, all the pain and suffering we all will experience will have been for naught.........and we are all buggered.......


And I thought I was clinical before. I don't even have words to describe how pathetic this family is.
I would have preferred a different out come in this hunt. No justice. Sickening!


Jackal is too nice a word for them, and canned hunting in fact hunting in general has nothing to d o with conservation. This country has gone to hell. Biggest state for canned hunting? Texas. Second biggest? Florida- both solid red states in the South.


Wow, isn't that manly? Shows how entitled pieces of sh-t can act when daddy buys them whatever they want.


I imagine you meant cynical. And by the way shooting a bald eagle is a federal offense.


Why don't we all contact PETA and HSUS to have them post articles and reach out to members and non members a like about this.


thanks for correcting me. Maybe I should run for president with my excellent spelling and proof reading skills.



If you shoot a Billionaire you get their money.

Now we'll see some fun!


Yes! I'll join you for vice. In the mean time let's be a voice for the wonderful innocent animals who have been abused. misused, and had their habitats stolen . Hey, in FL elites laugh when they strike a manatee with their yachts.And in Tx and FL they have canned hunts so that rich perverts can kill trapped "wild animals." Yes, that is what money does in the wrong hands. Then there are people like Robert Redford who work for the environment.


I love that.


Four years of this? Depressing!


I guess Kelly Ann hates animals also.


I wonder if any of them will shoot a man dead thinking they are a deer.


That photo is horrifying as is what it says about our new leader and many of his supporters. The "Island of Dr. Moreau" no longer sci-fi but revealed as reality.


All the dystopian fiction novels are soon going to be considered prolific guides to the future. It is sad that the same couldn't be said about any Utopian novels and stories, except maybe faux utopias like "Brave New World".


Congrats, Don Jr, and Eric. We all know that leopard meat is mighty tasty! Kudos to your "conservation" work - you assholes.


21st century version of empire gluttony and vomitorium. Only this time in an era where human presence on Earth has hit the inversion layer where its "science" which holds Nature as inanimate and 'background' is beginning to make her presence known by becoming a multi-dimensional infusion to the system as 'immune response'.
It will be interesting to see how the insensate Trump boys encounter the true scale of karmic blow back from sucking on the tit of such testsoterone laden retrogression. Its not nice to try and fire Mother Nature.


I can't imagine real hunters who actually hunt just to feed their family can have any respect for these spoiled rotten boys. They couldn't pay me enough to want to hunt with them. I might consider being paid to have coffee with their sister if they paid me enough but let's just see how fast I can drink a cup of coffee. That would surely be sooo boring... there's no way I'd ever pay to hang out with those little spoiled shits.