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Trump SOTU Didn't Mention Climate Crisis Once. Sadly, Neither Did Democratic Response

Trump SOTU Didn't Mention Climate Crisis Once. Sadly, Neither Did Democratic Response

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Despite the fact that President Donald Trump used his first State of the Union address Tuesday night to celebrate "beautiful, clean coal" and further his war on the environment, the Democratic Party's official rebuttal to Trump's speech—delivered by Rep.


The future of Planet Earth now rests with the People’s Republic of China.


Tragically, that was so. Did he have to pass the DNC scrutiny? Who knows. I found his last sentence about his generation fighting for its future to be a very indirect way, if at all, to address this issue. He is still young enough to get radicalized–let’s hope. In the meantime, we organize leftward.

Just called him and asked to know why he did not mention this especially since he is young and one would hope has an eye on the future.

You can ask him too:

Washington, DC Office
434 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
phone: 202-225-5931
fax: 202-225-0182


Once again, mainstream Dems are clueless.


He is all they got, tragically, and perhaps they were hoping to interest the youth. I am growing weary of these obtuse politicians.


The future of the planet now rests with the sixth extinction. Ain’t no government gonna deflect, mitigate, or lessen the inevitable evolutionary change now under way.


Bernie says Trump is dead wrong about global environmental collapse.

The Kennedy dynasty is old and decrepit even though it presents a young face. Young oligarchs in congress are a big problem.

Bernie could have pointed out that being dead wrong means Trump may well live long enough to see his family go extinct along with the rest of life on Earth.


Given the relative populations, it always has.

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You probably have not noticed that the US is a little over 200 years old and became rich off slavery and stealing from dead indians.

Did you also miss that China has been the richest and most cultured center of science and human civilization since humans stood on two feet and then somehow made it through the last ice age?

The US has been around for only the brief down time between one of several civilizational ebbs and flows in the Chinese cultural tide. Pentogonians occupy the US and they want to control Cosmos.


Politics has always been a dynastic game. Kennedys, Bushes, Chafees, Cuomos, Gores, the list goes on and on and on.

Too many Americans are secret monarchists


Partisan politics fits your description better.

Autonomous democracy that focuses distributed human intelligence outside of corporatist governments will make dynastic political movements less productive in cash for the predator types that claim to be for the people.


If only that were true… We’d probably have a better chance of survival.


Wondering if Common Dreams is going to post the Green Party SOTU too.

Would be interesting to listen to all three SOTUs - Dem, Sanders, and Green and compare them. Which has the most progressive (just, eequitable, regenerative) vision?


The Democrats made a poor choice in having Kennedy deliver their response–he’s a TERRIBLE speaker!

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Could it be simply a matter of the power of name recognition?

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When that exists, let me know. Every political system in every country encourages dynasticism because it allows the accumulation of power.

It could be. Unfortunately, we live in an age where people care more about name brands than accomplishments.


More like not being well-informed enough on my part, though that is not a good excuse.

Yes, by all means add Maxine Waters’ SOTU response to the mix as well. There may be other less known ones that would be informative from a comparitive perspective.


What the hell is that obscene, bloated, greenhouse-gas emitting “musclecar” doing behind Rep. Kennedy?


DemocracyNow! had some good commentary on the SOTU this morning.